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The news about the Tianying Gang was still a hot topic on the Internet, but it didnt attract much more attention as time went by.

It was almost 5 pm when Gu Ning arrived at the capital.

She was alone today, so she dined outside.

And because her car was parked at the parking lot of the airport, she drove by herself this time.

However, shortly after she came back, she encountered trouble.

Gu Ning wanted to have steak, so she went to a western restaurant.

Because the parking spaces were limited outside the restaurant, there was only one parking space left when Gu Ning went over.

Right when she was about to back her car into the parking space, a middle-aged woman suddenly stood in her way and stopped her car from moving inside.

“Hey, this parking space is already occupied.

Go somewhere else!” shouted the middle-aged woman to Gu Ning in a very unkind tone.

Given Gu Nings temper, she was quite displeased.

If the middle-aged woman showed a good attitude towards her, she wouldnt be mad.

However, the middle-aged woman was rude and unkind.

Gu Ning opened the door car and got out of it.

She walked to the middle-aged woman with a cold expression.

“Maam, I dont understand why this parking space is already occupied.

I arrived here before you.”

There was a car stopped not far from them, and the middle-aged woman came out of it.

The car was also a luxurious car and was worth about two million yuan.

It was obvious that the middle-aged woman was rich, but it wouldnt change the fact that she was acting like a barbarian.

This middle-aged woman probably planned to bully Gu Ning because she thought that Gu Nings car wasnt as expensive as hers.

However, not every super-rich person would drive a very luxurious car, because most super-rich people kept a low profile.

In addition, Gu Nings car wasnt cheap at all; it was a Hummer which cost her over a million yuan.

However, her car wasnt as expensive as the middle-aged womans car.

Unfortunately, it was useless in Gu Nings eyes.

“I told you that its occupied, and you should go to park your car somewhere else!” The middle-aged woman was still very rude.

“Why dont you go to park your car somewhere else” Gu Ning was mad.

“Dont you have any manners” The middle-aged woman criticized Gu Ning.

Many people walked by them, and they heard the middle-aged womans loud voice.

“What Its ridiculous! You were rude to me first, so I dont think I should be polite to you,” said Gu Ning.

“If you showed a good attitude towards me, Id let you take the parking space, but your terrible attitude has ruined everything.”

“You…” The middle-aged woman didnt know what to say now.

Onlookers also looked at the middle-aged woman with disdain.

“Shes so shameless.”

“Its obvious that this young girl arrived here before the woman.”

“I agree.”


“Shut your mouth! Do you know who I am” The middle-aged woman was angry from the humiliation.

Nevertheless, before she could say something else, a female voice interrupted her.


After that, a young woman walked to the middle-aged woman.

She then turned to look at Gu Ning.

She wasnt as arrogant or aggressive as the middle-aged woman, but was quite gentle.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning still saw the jealousy in her eyes.

“Miss, Im sorry.

My mom has an appointment with her friend, and were already late.

My mom just wants to see her friend as soon as possible,” said the young woman.

This young woman was actually Shen Zhilin, and the middle-aged woman was her mother, Chen Qiuyin.

Shen Zhilin knew that Leng Shaoting had a very beautiful girlfriend, but she didnt know that the stunning girl standing in front of her right now was Leng Shaotings girlfriend.

If she knew that, she wouldnt be so calm.

“Even though youre in a hurry, you cant steal other peoples parking spaces,” said Gu Ning.

Although Shen Zhilin had a good attitude, Gu Ning saw that she wasnt a good person.

She must agree with her mother otherwise she wouldnt come to help her mother.

Besides, she apologized to Gu Ning simply because she noticed that the situation wasnt to their advantage.

“Youre right, and please accept my sincere apologies.

Miss, please forgive us this time,” said Shen Zhilin.

In fact, she was full of anger and hatred towards Gu Ning at this moment, but she had to pretend to be nice.

After all, it was their fault.

Most importantly, they were in a public place.

“Zhilin.” Chen Qiuyin was dissatisfied with Shen Zhilins behavior.

She didnt think that they needed to apologize.

“Fine, forget it,” said Gu Ning.

She was unwilling to waste time arguing with them.

After that, Shen Zhilin pulled Chen Qiuyin away, and left the parking space to Gu Ning.

Gu Ning then got in her car and backed it into the parking space.

“Zhilin, how could you give the parking space to her,” said Chen Qiuyin in annoyance.

Shen Zhilin was displeased.

“Mom, you should change your personality towards other people.

Didnt you see everyone was blaming you Its super embarrassing! Dont make us a joke in public.”


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