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He was the leader of the Tianying Gang after all, and no one knew it more clearly than him.

Huang Haihao struggled, trying to say something, but his mouth was sealed.

“Pull off the tape on his mouth,” said Gu Ning to Qiao Ya.

Since Gu Ning planned to stir them up, she had her own plan, and she needed Huang Haihao to talk with her.

Besides, there was no one else around them within hundreds of meters, so it was impossible for him to ask for help.

In addition, she used her Jade Eyes to look around once in a while, and would find any strangers if anyone came here.

Qiao Ya obeyed her order and pulled off the tape on Huang Haihaos mouth.

Huang Haihao asked Gu Ning at once, “Since you know nobody cares about my safety, why did you abduct me You have a long-standing grudge against Tang Bingsen, not me.” Huang Haihao hoped that Gu Ning could let him go.

“Youre right, but youre Tang Bingsens man,” said Gu Ning.

“If I dont prove my ability to you by exploding Tanglong Winery, youll help him scheme against me, right”

“Youre right.” Huang Haihao was quite honest.

If “Tang Aining” wasnt able to abduct him, he would certainly help Tang Bingsen get rid of her.

He didnt believe that Tang Bingsen would be so ruthless until he was caught today.

It turned out that Tang Bingsen didnt care about his life at all.

Tang Bingsen was simply making full use of him, and he would be abandoned once he was useless.

Actually, the Tianying Gang had helped Tang Bingsen a lot, but Tang Bingsen had done nothing for it.

“I like your honesty.” Gu Ning smiled.

She didnt feel displeased when Huang Haihao said that he would help Tang Bingsen hurt her.

“So, youre my potential enemy, so I should definitely abduct you.”

Huang Haihao fell in silence again, because he would do the exact same thing if he were “Tang Aining”.

“Let me ask you another question.

Will you still risk your life for Tang Bingsen after knowing that he can easily abandon you” said Gu Ning.

Huang Haihao didnt answer that question, because he didnt know the answer.

Although Tang Bingsen indeed hadnt asked about his condition just then, he couldnt turn his back on Tang Bingsen right away.

Maybe Tang Bingsen was too angry to ask about him.

It was a very normal thought, because Tang Bingsen was really angry during the call.

“Well, I can call Tang Bingsen again and try to make a deal with him.

If hes willing to give me five billion yuan to have you back, Ill let you go.

Youve made a lot more money than that for him, so I think he should be willing to protect you, right” said Gu Ning.

“If he refuses, why dont you make a deal with me then”

Gu Ning would really let Huang Haihao go if Tang Bingsen was willing to give her five billion yuan.

If not, she would actualize the plan in her mind right now.

“What deal” asked Huang Haihao.

He had indeed made more than five billion yuan for Tang Bingsen, so he didnt think it was a big deal.

Instead, he was curious about the deal Gu Ning wanted to make with him.

“Well see,” said Gu Ning and called Tang Bingsen again.

Tang Bingsen picked it up after a few seconds.

Although he didnt know why “Tang Aining” called him, he wanted to figure it out.


Tang, I would like to have a deal with you,” said Gu Ning.

“What deal” asked Tang Bingsen.

“Huang Haihao is in my hands now, and hes fine and safe for the time being, but I want five billion yuan for him.

What do you think” asked Gu Ning.

“What Five billion yuan” Tang Bingsen was shocked.

Even though five billion yuan wasnt much in his eyes, it wasnt little either and he just suffered a great loss, so he was reluctant to give “Tang Aining” so much money.

“Isnt Huang Haihao worth five billion yuan in your eyes I heard that hes made a lot more money than that for you,” said Gu Ning on purpose.

“He works for me, and its his job to make money for me,” said Tang Bingsen and took it for granted.

Hearing that, Huang Haihao felt disappointed.

Although it was true that he worked for Tang Bingsen and it was his job to make money for him, he still felt uncomfortable when Tang Bingsen took it for granted.

“Are you willing to pay five billion yuan” Gu Ning asked again.

Tang Bingsen was silent.

It wasnt an easy decision for him to make at this moment.

However, his silence broke Huang Haihaos heart.

Actually, if Tang Bingsen was willing to pay five billion yuan for him, he would still be loyal to him.

“Ridiculous, hes replaceable and isnt worth five billion yuan at all.

I have countless useful men to work for me, and I dont need him,” said Tang Bingsen all of a sudden and hung up on “Tang Aining” once more.

He was indeed cold-blooded.

In fact, although Tang Bingsen was indeed unwilling to pay five billion yuan to free Huang Haihao, he purposely said that trying to lower the ransom.


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