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“Sure.” The elite manager took the order.

Although all the senior managers had the ambition to become the leader of their gang, they lacked good leadership skills and an agile mind, so they still had to do their own jobs well for the time being.

They didnt come up with any good ideas until the deputy leader showed up, but all of them basically wanted to steal greater power.

Even though they had to work together now, they wouldnt stop scheming against each other.

The intelligence manager and the task manager kept on searching for Huang Haihao.

The deputy leader then reported subsequent news to Tang Bingsen, and Tang Bingsen was full of anger again.

Without delay, he called “Tang Aining”.

At this time, Gu Ning and Qiao Ya were waiting in an abandoned warehouse with Huang Haihao, while Gao Yi left to follow the Tianying Gang.

Huang Haihao was awake at this time, but couldnt move or say a word.

He was in great despair.

Gu Ning also told him what happened to Tanglong Winery and Tanglong Bar after he was abducted.

He was furious, but couldnt do anything about it right now.

Because Gu Ning didnt put her phone away in the telepathic eye space, she saw Tang Bingsens call and put it on speaker so that Huang Haihao could hear their conversation.

“Hi, Mr.

Tang,” said Gu Ning lazily, as if there was no grudge between them at all.

Tang Bingsen was angry the second he heard the voice of “Tang Aining” on the phone.

If it was possible, he wished to tear her to pieces.

Unfortunately, it was impossible.

“What do you want” Tang Bingsen clenched his teeth.


Tang, dont be so mad at me.

Were old friends, right” Gu Ning joked.

“You…” Tang Bingsen didnt know what to say.

“Tell me when will you stop” asked Tang Bingsen.

“I need to think about it,” said Gu Ning.

“I can give you compensation as long as you can stop right now,” said Tang Bingsen.

If he didnt do that, he would lose even more money.

“Compensation What is it” asked Gu Ning.

“I can give you a billion yuan,” said Tang Bingsen.

It wasnt easy for him to make that generous offer.

“A billion yuan Im a billionaire myself, so I dont want your money,” said Gu Ning with disdain.

She didnt lack money at all.

“What” Tang Bingsen was surprised.

To his astonishment, “Tang Aining” was richer than him.

“So what do you want” he asked again.

“I dont know yet, but I want the Tang Organization right now,” said Gu Ning.

“Both of us clearly know how it became so successful today.”

The Tang Organization became very successful mostly because of Tang Ainings effort.

Although Tang Aining wasnt involved in running the business, the Tang Organization wouldnt have developed so quickly and smoothly without her help.

“Ridiculous, youre too greedy!” Tang Bingsen was furious.

“Well, of course you have the right to choose, but Ill steal it from you if you refuse to give it to me right now,” said Gu Ning with confidence and pride.

“You…” Tang Bingsen didnt want to talk with her any second longer, so he directly hung up on her.

He even forgot to ask about Huang Haihaos condition.

Given what “Tang Aining” had done till now, Tang Bingsen believed that she indeed had the ability to steal the Tang Organization from him.

However, it was impossible for him to give it to her right now.

Gu Ning laughed out loud when Tang Bingsen hung up on her.

“Leader Huang, did you hear what he said He only cares about his own business, and he didnt even ask anything about you.

Do you still want to be loyal to him”

From the beginning to the end, Huang Haihao listened to their conversation in silence, and he felt quite uncomfortable when their call ended.

“You should know Tang Ainings relationship with Tang Bingsen, right As his biological daughter, Tang Aining never lived a good day after her birth.

She was simply a helpful tool in Tang Bingsens eyes, and was dumped once she was useless.

Tang Bingsen is cruel and cold-blooded.

Youre also just a pawn for him.

I bet you wont be surprised if I tell you that your people are busy scheming against each other for your position in the gang while youre absent.”

Gu Ning was stirring them up on purpose, although it actually was the truth.

Huang Haihao had his loyal supporters in the Tianying Gang, but more of the members didnt care about him.

Besides, it was impossible for them to find Huang Haihao as long as Gu Ning wanted to hide him.

Huang Haihao remained silent, but he knew that Gu Ning was telling the truth.


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