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It seemed to be impossible to remove an illegal gang unless it made serious mistakes.

Many Internet users believed that the person exposed the Tianying Gangs base in order to attract a lot of attention from the media.

Only when the dirty secrets were exposed in public could the illegal gang be punished according to the law.

Under great pressure, the government and the police might take action to deal with the problem.

The government must protect its reputation.

If it did nothing when the dirty secrets were already exposed, it would lose its peoples support.

After all, most citizens couldnt accept the existence of an illegal gang.

In fact, although the base and two bars of the Tianying Gang were destroyed, it still had great influence in City C, so it wasnt easy to deal with it.

Social media, however, were out of the Tianying Gangs ambit.

Moreover, the post and the news already went viral on the Internet.

The moment the deputy leaders car entered the city center and stopped in front of traffic lights, a big truck behind directly rushed towards it.

Because there were cars at the other three sides of the deputy leaders car, he had no way to escape.

Right when the big truck was about to hit his car, he and his driver jumped and ran away.

Both of them were good at fighting, so it wasnt difficult for them to avoid the big truck, but innocent people around them would be in big trouble.

They were members of an illegal gang and didnt have any kindness or sympathy for other people.

The next second, the big truck crashed into the deputy leaders car along with several other cars.

Luckily, the big truck soon came to a halt, and didnt cause a more serious car accident.

Witnessing the scene, the deputy leader squinted.

He didnt think it was simply an accident.

Someone probably didnt want him to go back.

He had that idea because he clearly knew that there was no real harmony inside the Tianying Gang.

Huang Haihao was abducted at this key moment, and other senior managers could get an advantage if he was in trouble as well.

The deputy leader had to go back to deal with the emergency the Tianying Gang was in right now, so he quickly took a taxi and left right away.

He told his chauffeur to stay and find out the truth of this car accident.

His chauffeur was also his henchman, so he trusted him.

Before long, the traffic police along with an ambulance came.

Luckily, although many people were injured, no one was killed.

As for the driver of the big truck, he claimed that he was too tired and mistook the accelerator for the brakes.

Because the driver of the big truck apologized with sincerity and was willing to take responsibility, the other people agreed to settle it out of court.

The deputy leaders chauffeur agreed too, but he paid special attention to the driver.

When the deputy leader arrived at the hotel and finally met the other senior managers, he observed their reactions then saw a surprised look flash across the intelligence managers face.

He was sure that the car accident must have something to do with the intelligence manager.

He was right.

The intelligence manager had indeed planned the car accident to kill him.

And although the intelligence manager was disappointed when his plan failed, he didnt show much of his emotions on his face.

He had no idea that the deputy leader already noticed his reaction.

Either way, he would be fine as long as there was no solid evidence.

Many of them had schemed against each other in the Tianying Gang, and it was one of their unspoken rules not to leave any evidence.

The deputy leader needed to deal with something more important now, so he didnt bother to argue with the intelligence manager right now.

“Have you heard anything about our leader yet” asked the deputy leader.

“We have no clue, because the woman left no trace and we cant find her at all.

The house exploded and the surveillance cameras were all damaged too,” said the elite manager.

Even though the deputy leader didnt get along with Huang Haihao, he had to show his concern in front of the others.

“Well, there is another thing I think you should know,” said the finance manager and handed the deputy leader his phone.

The news about the explosion of Tanglong Winery was shown on the screen.

The deputy leader was furious the second he read the news.

He became even angrier when he learned that they had already called the police.

“Idiots!” The deputy leader didnt know what else he could say now.

It was useless even if they called the police.

To their surprise, “Tang Aining” exposed their dirty secrets on social media, and the police had to be involved in that case.

Before long, the deputy leader had an idea and said, “Release an official explanation on the Weibo account of Tanglong Winery.

Deny the rumor that illegal objects like guns and drugs were hidden in the underground room of the house owned by Tanglong Winery.

It exploded, so no one will know whether the news is the truth.”

“No problem.” The finance manager went to do that at once.

He was the general manager of the Tianying Gangs businesses, so he had to deal with the crisis in person.

“Elite manager, take some people to check the underground room to see whether any evidence was left there.

If there is any, remove it right away.” The deputy leader gave another order.


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