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Chapter 1624: A Cunning Woman

A series of bad things happened one after another today, and he didnt believe that it was simply a coincidence.

It must be a well-made plan.

However, he didnt know that the above three accidents were all done by the same woman.

Only some senior managers of the Tianying Gang were aware of “Tang Aining”, but they didnt know her grudge against Tang Bingsen.

They simply obeyed their leaders orders.

Therefore, they couldnt connect the accidents with “Tang Aining”.

The finance manager didnt understand why all the terrible accidents happened within a day, but it was obvious that the Tianying Gang was in great danger now.

Either way, they had to be very careful from now on.

In a few minutes, all the bars owned by the Tianying Gang were closed.

They had to chase their customers out today in case anyone was injured or killed in their bars.

All the familiar customers were aware that the bars were owned by the Tianying Gang, so none of them dared to cause any trouble.

The finance manager then reported it to their deputy leader.

The deputy leader clenched his teeth in anger when he heard the third piece of bad news in a day, but he couldnt do anything about it now, because he wasnt in City C.

He wished that he could fly to City C with a pair of wings.

The deputy leader told the finance manager to set a trap in another bar to catch the mysterious woman.

As a result, Gu Ning found the bar was empty when she entered another Tanglong Bar.

She soon realized that all the bars owned by the Tianying Gang were closed today because of the sudden explosion.

However, it wouldnt affect her plan.

Before she walked inside, she used her Jade Eyes to look around in the bar.

Within seconds, she found the trap and the members of the Tianying Gang holding guns pointing at the door.

Once she stepped inside, she would be the target.

Gu Ning sneered with disdain.

She wasnt dumb, and wouldnt risk her life by casually walking into the bar.

After thinking for a while, Gu Ning drew a bag of explosives from her satchel (telepathic eye space).

All the men in the bar were frightened when they saw Gu Nings movement from the surveillance camera.

“Damn, this woman is cunning! She didnt open the door and walk inside!”

“What should we do now” If Gu Ning threw the explosive into the bar, they could die in the explosion.

“Withdraw now!” said the manager.

Without delay, they walked backwards to the back door.

Gu Ning watched their action with a smile on her lips.

She had no intention to catch or hurt them, so it was a better result that they withdrew.

Because they tried to catch Gu Ning, the door wasnt closed and nobody dared to close it when they decided to leave.

Gu Ning pushed the door open and walked into the bar later.

At the same time, she put the explosives away.

Since there was no one else in the bar, Gu Ning let the flood dragon out.

She told the flood dragon to smash everything it could see.

It was quite easy for the flood dragon to do that, so it finished its job within seconds.

Although there were surveillance cameras in the bar, Gu Ning could damage them along with the computer.

When everything was done, Gu Ning walked out.


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