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Chapter 1623: The Huge Explosion

Gu Ning directly dumped the two unconscious men on the ground and went to attack the five men at once.

She easily grabbed their guns away, which scared them.

“The bombs in the underground room will explode in four minutes.

If you dont want to die here, run away now,” said Gu Ning and continued to pull the two unconscious men outside.

Hearing that, the five men were frightened.

None of them dared to check whether Gu Ning was telling the truth, because they knew that there were indeed bombs in the underground room.

Although they were members of an illegal gang, it didnt mean that they didnt cherish their life.

No one would choose to die if there was a possibility to stay alive.

Therefore, they immediately ran towards the door, and pressed the alarm bell at the same time.

Once the bell rang, all the people in the office building ran outside.

Gu Ning dropped the two unconscious men far from the house and left them under the wall before she left.

The explosion wouldnt hurt them now.

Members of the Tianying Gang wanted to catch Gu Ning, but she soon disappeared from their sight.

They didnt bother to chase her, because they were no match for her.

Hu Ge and Gang Zi ran to gather with them in a hurry.

“Whats going on here”

“A woman just sneaked into the underground room and told us that the bombs in it will explode in five minutes,” said someone.

“What” Hu He was shocked.

If the underground room exploded, they would suffer a great loss.

“Lets withdraw now,” said Hu Ge.

Afterwards, they ran together towards the office area.

When they were running, Hu Ge asked, “Is it a beautiful woman in black with a high ponytail”

“Yes,” said a man.

“Shes quite aggressive and strong.

We surrounded her at first, but she easily grabbed our guns away.”

Knowing that, the others were all surprised.

They couldnt believe that a woman was able to beat a bunch of men.

“Its the same woman who abducted our leader,” said Hu Ge.

“Where is she”

“She disappeared in a second,” said another man.

As they were talking about the mysterious woman, the house exploded with a loud sound.

It was a huge explosion, but wasnt as huge as they imagined, because most of the bombs were put away in Gu Nings telepathic eye space.

However, the house was totally ruined, and the office building beside it was seriously damaged too.

Luckily, all the staff ran outside, so no one was hurt.

The huge explosion of Tanglong Winery shocked everyone around it.

Hu Ge called their deputy leader at once and told him the terrible news.

The deputy leader was angry again.

He thought it was already enough that Huang Haihao was missing, but their house also exploded! Without delay, he reported it to Tang Bingsen, and Tang Bingsen was full of anger too.

Their base exploded!

Unfortunately, it wasnt over yet, because Gu Ning left for the Tanglong Bar later.

She didnt go there with Gao Yi and Qiao Ya in order to protect them and because she could handle it alone.

Even if she was exposed, she was confident that the police couldnt find her.

No one knew that “Tang Aining” was exactly Gu Ning.

It was 1 pm, but the bar was still half occupied.

In fact, it was just the beginning of their nightlife for some people.

The Tanglong Bar was always full of activity, so it was quite noisy.

Gu Ning immediately went to cut off the electricity so the bar fell into darkness.

The loud music stopped as well.

Everyone was displeased when the lights and music all stopped all of a sudden, but they didnt move and waited while complaining.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning lit up the wires.

Once the wires were on fire, everyone in the bar was scared and swarmed outside.

The bar could explode too! Even though they were reluctant to end their night life right now, they didnt want to die.

Gu Ning apologized to the innocent guests in her heart, but that was the only thing she could do now.

The staff of the bar did everything to pull out the fire, but the wires were already ruined, so they had to close the bar for the night.

Right when the staff was about to leave too, the equipment in the bar suddenly exploded.

It wasnt a huge explosion, but the bar was a total mess now.

They had to fix it if they wanted to open again.

The manager of the bar reported the accident to its supervisor at once.

When their finance manager heard the news, he was shocked.


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