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Chapter 1621: Abduct Huang Haihao

Actually, almost every illegal gang had support in the government, so it would be safe as long as it didnt cause a lot of trouble.

In addition to guns, there were many gold bars and notes.

Illegal gangs made dirty money, so they didnt dare to put it in a bank, and instead stored it in their bases.

However, it was impossible for Gu Ning not to take the stuff away since she already found it.

It was illegal anyway, so she wouldnt be punished.

She could use a part of the money to do charity.

“Wait for me here, Ill go to abduct Huang Haihao,” said Gu Ning.

She was able to do that alone.

“Are you sure” Qiao Ya was slightly worried.

“Its my order,” said Gu Ning in a serious tone.

She knew that they were worried about her safety, but she was confident to catch Huang Haihao by herself.

“If youre exposed, leave before me, Ill be fine.”

Since it was an order, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya had to listen to Gu Ning.

After that, Gu Ning sneaked inside.

There were bright lights at the front yard, so she accessed the backyard under the cover of the lush trees.

Gu Ning moved like lightning, so no one was able to see her.

She successfully found Huang Haihaos room and climbed up towards it.

It was very easy for Gu Ning to climb up three floors.

She jumped into the room without making any sounds.

However, Huang Haihao still found her and coldly said, “Get out now.”

Gu Ning was struck dumb for a second.

Actually, Huang Haihao saw her from the screen of his computer and the surveillance cameras showed everything she did in the backyard.

Huang Haihao was quite shocked when Gu Ning climbed up only using her hands.

However, he wasnt afraid of her, nor did he summon his people, because Gu Ning was merely a young girl in his eyes.

Since Huang Haihao already found her, Gu Ning didnt bother to hide herself and came out to meet Huang Haihaos eyes.

Gu Ning stood there with a calm face, and didnt look frightened at all.

“Its you!” Huang Haihao was surprised and squinted at Gu Ning.

To his astonishment, the unwanted visitor was Gu Ning.

Huang Haihao recognized Gu Ning, or “Tang Aining” to be specific, and he also knew her relationship with Tang Bingsen, so he was alert when she showed up out of blue.

Gu Ning was also surprised when Huang Haihao recognized her, but soon figured out why.

Tang Bingsen must have told him about her.

“Well, it seems that Tang Bingsen has already talked to you about me,” said Gu Ning.

“What do you want to do” asked Huang Haihao.

He also stayed calm.

“Tang Aining” had a long-standing grudge against Tang Bingsen, so she wouldnt be nice to him.

Nevertheless, he was surprised that “Tang Aining” was aware of the Tianying Gangs connection with Tang Bingsen.

It was always kept a secret from outsiders.

“I think you have the answer in your heart,” said Gu Ning as she steadily walked towards Huang Haihao.

“Stop there,” said Huang Haihao and raised his hand with a gun pointing at Gu Ning.

“Its useless.” Gu Ning pulled her lips with disdain, then dashed to Huang Haihao and grabbed his hand before he could make any reactions.

Unfortunately, although Gu Ning moved surprisingly fast, Huang Haihao still shot the gun at the last second.

Gu Ning avoided the bullet, but the gunshot attracted the attention of other people in the house.

In that case, she would have trouble on her way out of here.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning heavily hit the back of Huang Haihaos neck and he sank down to the ground at once.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya also heard the gunshot from the house.

They frowned and felt anxious about Gu Nings safety.

There were two bodyguards standing by the door of Huang Haihaos room, but they failed to find Gu Ning when she sneaked inside.

However, they didnt miss the gunshot.

“Leader Huang, do you need our help” asked a bodyguard.

Huang Haihao had told them not to come inside without his permission.

They could only break into the room when they heard no response after calling him several times.

Gu Ning let the flood dragon out right away and told it to carry them away.

The flood dragon left the back yard with a quick jump and escaped to the planting land.

The two bodyguards waited anxiously for a few seconds, but still heard no response from Huang Haihao.

They soon realized that something terrible must have happened and immediately broke into the room.


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