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Chapter 1620: Tanglong Winery

Gu Ning had no plan to use the law to deal with an illegal gang, because she knew it wasnt realistic.

The Tianying Gang had great influence in City C, so it was useless even if she reported its illegal activities to the local government.

Therefore, Gu Ning chose to solve this problem with violence.

After reading the email, Gu Ning sent Gao Yi a message and told him to station himself in the winery to see whether Huang Haihao was there.

She wouldnt allow Gao Yi to take action by himself, because they needed to work as a team.

In addition, Gao Yi needed to damage all the surveillance cameras he could find.

Gao Yi was an ace killer, so it was very easy for him to do that.

Gu Ning then sent Qiao Ya a message and told her where they were heading to.

They would separately take a taxi there.

Tanglong Winery was located in a suburb, but it didnt mean it was remote and didnt have activity.

It was only much quieter than the city center.

Gu Ning and Qiao Ya would meet at the nearby hotel.

Because she still had some time, Gu Ning called Gu Man and greeted her family.

She also chatted with her friends in the WeChat group for a while before she boarded.

This was the longest time she had chatted with them.

Gu Ning was actually inclined to take on the adventure of becoming a cultivator, and many of her thoughts were changed now.

She started to cherish her family and friends more than ever.

Although she hoped that she could survive the adventure, she had to be mentally-prepared for the worst result.

The capital wasnt near City C, so the flight lasted for nearly two hours.

Gu Ning and Qiao Ya arrived at the airport at 11:30 am.

Once they stepped out of the plane, they left the airport, and Gu Ning directly took a taxi to the hotel near the winery.

Qiao Ya, on the other hand, went to change her clothes first before she went to meet Gu Ning at the hotel.

She had to keep their relationship a secret.

About half an hour later, Gu Ning arrived outside the hotel, and Qiao Ya came 10 minutes later.

After they met each other, they walked to Tanglong Winery together.

Tanglong Winery was very large, and was divided into three areas.

A villa area, an office area, and a farm area.

The villa area was on the left, covering an area of more than two thousand square meters with a garden of more than a thousand square meters and a large villa of about a thousand square meters.

The construction of the villa was like a European castle and it only had three stories.

The villa area was surrounded by a two-meter-high fence.

Along the edge of the fence, there was a circle of firmiana simplex [1.

Commonly known as the Chinese parasol tree.] with lush branches and leaves.

From the outside, no one could see anything on the inside.

There was only a wall between the villa area and the office area.

The office area was much larger than the villa area because it was integrated with the factory.

The farm area behind the villa area and office area was even bigger.

It covered an area of tens of thousands of square meters, planted with grapes, blueberries, strawberries and other fruits, which are used for wine-making.

It was impossible for the winery to grow enough fruits on this tens of thousands of square meters farm to make wine, so they had a separate orchard in another place.

Although the Tianying Gang used this winery as a cover, they were also doing serious business.

There were hundreds of people in their gang after all.

They needed to make a lot of money to support the whole gang.

Because trees around the fence were lush, the surveillance cameras around werent very clear, and many of them were blocked by leaves.

Moreover, Gao Yi also had removed the surveillance cameras by the wall, so it would be more convenient for them to take action later.

When Gao Yi heard that Gu Ning and Qiao Ya were coming, he went to wait for them by the wall.

Gao Yi said to Gu Ning once they gathered together, “Boss, the surveillance cameras by this wall have all been removed, but the surveillance cameras outside the villa are too far.

Huang Haihao is in the winery.

I saw him coming back about an hour ago, but I dont know his specific location.”

“Great, I need to think about our plan next,” said Gu Ning.

Since this was an illegal gangs base, this villa couldnt be simple.

In fact, there were shifts of security guards walking around the villa with guns.

It wasnt easy for ordinary people to break into the house.

However, Gu Ning didnt think it was a problem.

Besides, the windows around the villa were bullet-proof glasses, so they couldnt break them with a gun.

Huang Haihaos room was on the third floor in the middle, and the window faced the backyard.

Luckily, the window wasnt closed, so it wouldnt be difficult for Gu Ning to get into his room.

If it was possible, Gu Ning wanted to abduct Huang Haihao without making any sounds.

Gu Ning used her Jade Eyes to see the villa, then she saw a spacious underground room.

Many illegal items like guns were stored there.

It wasnt surprising that an illegal gang had different guns.


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