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Given what had happened, Ji Yijing had to talk to Tang Bingsen.

Tang Bingsen was angry when “Tang Aining” wouldnt stop harassing Tang Yaxin.

Even though he wasnt surprised that “Tang Aining” would continue to do that, he was still full of anger.

His people couldnt find her at all, but she was able to appear and disappear out of the blue as she wanted.

Tang Bingsen thought for a while, then told Ji Yijing to bring Tang Yaxin home tomorrow.

They could hire a family doctor to take care of her.

Their home was safer than the hospital, and he was confident to catch “Tang Aining” as long as “Tang Aining” dared to come.

He didnt come up with that idea until now, or he would have done that earlier on.

He was too busy recently to think of a good idea.

Because it was too late tonight, Tang Yaxin had to stay in the hospital till tomorrow.

The ward was damaged, so she was moved into another ward.

The Tang family would pay for the damage of the ward, because they failed to catch “Tang Aining”.

It was nothing for the Tang family, but they felt unhappy about it.

Gu Ning was about to take a taxi and went back to Leng Shaotings house, but she suddenly noticed that someone was following her.

Therefore, she decided to walk for a while.

When she walked, she felt the man still followed her.

The man also realized that he was already exposed, because Gu Ning gave up taking a taxi all of a sudden, but he didnt stop following her.

Although the capital was a crowded advanced city, it wasnt bright and full of people everywhere.

There were dark alleys too.

Gu Ning found a dark and narrow alley without anyone inside, then walked straight into it.

She didnt go far, and stopped three meters from the entrance.

The man met Gu Nings eyes once he followed her and walked into the alley.

He was a strong muscular man about 30 years old, and it was quite obvious that he had the habit of practicing his fighting skills.

Besides, Gu Ning had a feeling that he could be a killer.

“Who are you Why are you following me” Gu Ning asked.

Although she already had the answer, she still wanted to hear it from the mans mouth.

“Ive been paid to kill you,” said the man.

The next second, he dashed forward to attack Gu Ning, and Gu Ning fought back at once.

He was eager to kill Gu Ning, so each of his movements aimed to hurt her badly.

However, it wasnt easy to hurt Gu Ning at all.

Within seconds, Gu Ning controlled the situation.

It wasnt a surprising result, because the man was aware of Gu Nings ability, but he had to do his job.

He did the best of his ability, but still failed to catch Gu Ning.

In the end, he realized that it was impossible for him to catch her right now, and he wanted to get out while the goings good.

However, Gu Ning wouldnt let him escape.

“Tell me, who sent you” asked Gu Ning.

Gu Ning thought the person must be Tang Bingsen or Qi Ziyue, because she only had conflict against them recently.

The man refused to tell her.

Gu Ning didnt bother to force him to tell her, because she already had the answer in her mind.

Whether the person was Tang Bingsen or Qi Ziyue, she wouldnt allow them to get away with it.

Without hesitation, Gu Ning disabled the man.

He wanted to kill her after all, so she had to teach him a lesson.

She didnt kill him simply because she didnt want someone to die in her hands, which might cause her bad luck.

Gu Ning left after the man was disabled.

In the early morning, Leng Shaoting and Shangguan Yang got up at 5 am, then drove to a suburb.

Gu Ning also got up early to run.

She ran into Jiang Ruiqin and Tang Qingyang when she was running that morning.

“Hi, Gu Ning, what a coincidence!” Both Jiang Ruiqin and Tang Qingyang were happy to see Gu Ning.

Although Jiang Ruiqin couldnt win Gu Nings heart, he already got over it so they could still be friends.

In addition, Leng Shaoting was a very outstanding young man, so it wasnt humiliating to lose to him.

As long as they were friends, he could still see Gu Ning and care about her.

“Hi, morning!” Gu Ning smiled at them.

After that, they began to run together.

“Gu Ning, I heard a piece of big news about you the other day,” said Jiang Ruiqin.

He was talking about Gufan.

He paid a lot of attention to Gu Ning, so he knew what she was doing these days and he had also sent her a message to congratulate her on the opening ceremony of Gufan.

“Well, its not a big thing,” said Gu Ning.

She was being modest and a new clothing brand was literally nothing in her eyes.

Gufan was a newly-established clothing brand, and it gained a lot of fame within a few days because of Gu Nings influence.

Nevertheless, Gufan was of high quality among other clothing brands at the same level as it.

In the clothing industry, more and more businessmen valued profits above quality, so it wasnt easy for customers to find a clothing brand with good quality and reasonable prices.

“Of course its a big thing.

You dont need to be modest.

Not many people can do what youve achieved,” said Jiang Ruiqin.

He sincerely admired Gu Nings abilities and ambition.

Gu Ning smiled and said nothing further about it.

“Oh, Qingyang, hows your work going” Gu Ning asked Tang Qingyang all of a sudden.

“Not bad, I just became the head of a new project and I have support from several directors,” said Tang Qingyang.

Jiang Ruiqin was very smart and he somehow felt that Gu Ning had a special relationship with Tang Qingyang.


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