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She hoped her real friends would understand her instead of questioning her decisions.

Gu Ning decided to talk to Yu Mixi later about that.

It was the first time that Yu Mixi had seen Gu Ning being so aggressive and brave.

She closed her mouth and stayed quiet.

Facing Shao Feifei and her two helpers, Gu Ning stayed calm, “Then you tell me why did you look at me all the time while you were telling the story”

Gu Ning did it on purpose to irritate Shao Feifei.

Shao Feifei immediately argued back with intense dislike, “Because the somebody was you! Do you want to deny it Youre poor and you dare to walk in a jewelry store.

You couldnt afford anything in there, and you were jealous of those who could.

If you want a piece of jewelry, take my advice and find yourself a sugar daddy, probably your sugar daddy…”

Shao Feifei stopped all of a sudden, because her mouth was stuck by a ball of paper.

The paper ball was exactly thrown by Gu Ning in a quick, violent and accurate way.

Everyone was struck dumb with amazement.

“What What has happened Did Gu Ning just throw a paper ball into Shao Feifeis mouth from three meters away”

“Yes, Im sure youre right.”

“Really It couldnt be true! It must be a coincidence.”


The rest remained speechless..

Everyone was shocked, but believed it was merely a coincidence.

Shao Feifei almost swallowed the paper ball down, and felt disgusted.

She spat the ball out at once, roaring in anger to Gu Ning, “You bitch! How dare you!”

Gu Ning didnt say a word, but approached Shao Feifei step by step.

She stared straight at Shao Feifei, which frightened Shao Feifei.

Gu Ning walked to Shao Feifei and soon shes in front of her.

Before Shao Feifei was able to react, she raised her hand and slapped Shao Feifei across the face.

“Bam.” A loud snap sound.

Everyone was more than shocked now.

Gu Ning beat Shao Feifei

Not only had Gu Ning hit Shao Feifei, she also had hit her with great force.

Shao Feifei was slapped dumb with a mark of palm on her face.

“Gu Ning, youre so rude and unkind.

How could you hit Shao Feifei!” At that moment, Yang Chengjun argued, like it was all Gu Nings fault.

Everybody knew Yang Chengjun liked Shao Feifei, and he would stand up for her no matter what she had done.

Unfortunately, Shao Feifei didnt like him.

Though Yang Chengjun was tall and handsome, he was from an ordinary family.

Shao Feifei wouldnt like a boy from a much poorer family than hers.

But Shao Feifei enjoyed the feeling that she was protected by somebody, which showed she was charismatic.

Shao Feifei would not reject Yang Chengjun neither.

Probably Yang Chengjun still believed he had a chance, or he was merely enjoying chasing.

He never gave up on Shao Feifei.

“Wasnt she being so rude to humiliate me” Gu Ning asked back.

“But she didnt hit you,” Yang Chengjun argued.

“Then I can humiliate her as well” Gu Ning sneered.


Suddenly, Shao Feifei shouted out, “Gu Ning, how dare you beat me! Youre a bitch!”

Shao Feifei swore at Gu Ning and raised her hand.

Before her hand fell down, Gu Ning caught it in the air.

Everyone was astonished by Gu Nings speed.

She was able to catch Shao Feifeis hand so quickly.


“If you dare to call me bitch any more, Ill let you suffer more than a slap.” Gu Ning warned coldly.

Shao Feifei felt the pressure immediately.

She looked at Gu Ning with her mouth shut.

The rest of the students in the classroom all remained silent.

Nobody dared to utter a word.

Gu Ning loosened Shao Feifeis hand, returning back to her seat.

After a few seconds, Shao Feifei realized she had been hit and humiliated by Gu Ning.

She tried to win back.

“Gu Ning, do you want to get away with it like that” Shao Feifei shouted again.

She threw a bottle of water on her desk to Gu Nings head.

Seeing this, almost everyone waited to witness another drama.

Though they found Gu Ning was different and became brave as well as persuasive, they still had a very low opinion of her.

In their eyes, no matter how Gu Ning had changed, she wasnt able to change the fact that she was from a poor family without any influence.

As for Shao Feifei, she was born in a rich powerful family.

Gu Ning was doomed to fail in the end.

It was so easy for Shao Feifeis family to deal with such a little trouble like Gu Ning.

So, what Gu Ning had done only raised dislike.

Unexpectedly, Gu Ning turned around, hitting the bottle of water back at Shao Feifei.

The bottle knocked straight on Shao Feifeis forehead.

Her forehead was already starting to swell.

Once again, everyone was amazed.

If Gu Ning had done it by chance the last time, then she must has aimed at Shao Feifei this time.

Now, everyones opinion of Gu Ning began to change.

At short notice, Shao Feifei cried out.

“Feifei…” Yang Yulu and Wu Qingya ran to check Shao Feifeis injury.

“Gu Ning, you…” Yang Chengjun was annoyed.

He clenched his fists, and was likely to fight with Gu Ning.

Right at this moment, the head teacher came in.

“What happened” the head teacher asked seriously.

Seeing the head teacher was here, Yang Chengjun immediately replied, “Its Gu Ning.

She slapped and hit Shao Feifei!”


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