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“No problem,” said Shangguan Yang.

After accommodating Shangguan Yang, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting left.

There were two garages in this siheyuan.

One was open, while the other was closed.

The car Stone drove was in the open garage, and the closed garage was empty.

Because nobody knew whether there was a car in the closed garage, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting secretly put their ORV which they bought in City Ge into it before they drove it towards the Leng familys old house.

The clothes Gu Ning prepared for Master Leng were placed on the rear seats in the car.

Gu Ning had also prepared new clothing for Leng Yuanzhens family and Leng Yuanqian, but she had no gifts for Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia.

Leng Shaoming wasnt in the capital, and Gu Ning had never seen him before, so she didnt prepare a gift for him either.

She only prepared a gift for Leng Yuanqian because she didnt have direct conflict with him, and there was no need for her to blame him for what Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia had done.

Although she disliked him, she couldnt forget her manners.

However, when they left the siheyuan, Leng Shaoting looked unhappy.

Gu Ning understood his thoughts and said, “Dont you want to improve your level as a cultivator”

“I do, but I also want to have some private time with you,” Leng Shaoting said and sounded upset.

It wasnt easy for him to see Gu Ning after all.

“I want to stay alone together with you too, but your practice is more important.

We can finish dinner earlier and go have a date before we go back to the siheyuan,” Gu Ning said.

“Great.” Leng Shaoting nodded.

Gu Ning didnt tell Master Leng that she would go to visit him with Leng Shaoting in order to surprise him.

When they arrived at the Leng familys old house, it wasnt 6 pm yet, and only Master Leng was in the house.

He was reading in his study, and didnt know that Gu Ning came back with Leng Shaoting until Leng Changzhi reported it to him.

Master Leng was excited when he heard that both Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were back, but the broad smile suddenly disappeared from his face once he thought of something.

“I dont care whether theyre back or not.

Dont call me until dinner is ready!” Master Leng said and pouted.

Leng Changzhi didnt know what to say at this moment.

He understood that Master Leng was still annoyed at Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

Since Master Leng was unwilling to come out, he had to welcome Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning alone.

“Lord Leng, Lady Ning, welcome home!” Leng Changzhi smiled at Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning.

“Where is my grandfather” asked Leng Shaoting.

“Master Leng is in his study now, and I already told him that youre back home,” said Leng Changzhi.

“He refused to come out.”

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning exchanged a glance.

“Why dont you go to see grandpa” Gu Ning asked Leng Shaoting.

“Its fine.

Dinner is about to begin, and hell come out later,” said Leng Shaoting.

He knew his grandfathers personality very well, and he believed that his grandfather would come out soon.

Gu Ning agreed.

Master Leng refused to come out right now in order to wait for Leng Shaoting to see him, but Leng Shaoting was absent for a long time.

He wanted to go outside right now, but felt it would be embarrassing.

At this time, he was in no mood for reading, and regretted venting his annoyance on them.

Afterwards, Master Leng slightly opened the door of his room, trying to hear what they were talking about.

When Yu Yin came home her face lit up with happiness once she saw Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

“Hi, Shaoting, Ningning!”

“Hi, Aunt Yin.” Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting smiled at her.

“Aunt Yin, I just founded a new clothing brand, so Ive prepared new clothes for all of you.

Although its a new brand, it has great quality and I hope youll like it,” Gu Ning said and handed Yu Yin a box.

“Thank you so much, Ningning! You always come with gifts for us,” Yu Yin said and beamed.

“I read the news about your new clothing brand.

To be honest, I like Gufans designs.”

Hearing that Gu Ning had gifts for all of them, Master Leng ached to go outside.

“Oh, where is your grandfather Isnt he home” Yu Yin asked all of a sudden.

“Grandfather is in his study now, and doesnt want to come out until dinner is ready,” said Leng Shaoting.

Master Leng was angry again when Leng Shaoting said that, because he knew that Leng Shaoting did it on purpose.

“Fine.” Yu Yin felt it was strange, but said nothing further about it.

“Where is Shaoxi and Shaoxun” Yu Yin asked.

It was during the winter vacation, so Leng Shaoxun and Leng Shaoxi didnt need to go to their schools.

“Theyre playing games upstairs.

Its my fault.

I forgot to tell them that Lord Leng and Lady Ning are home,” Leng Changzhi said.


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