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Chapter 1589: Lets Fly Together

During these days, his people still couldnt find where “Tang Aining” was, which proved her unbelievable ability.

Even if she was spying on him all the time, he wouldnt know.

Thinking of that, Tang Bingsen felt frightened.

Maybe “Tang Aining” was waiting for him to make a mistake!

In that case, Tang Bingsen had to think twice before he made the decision to kill Qi Ziyue.

It wasnt necessary for him to kill Qi Ziyue right now, and he had many other ways to shut Qi Ziyues mouth.

“Fine, I may not kill you, but can you tolerate the pain of being alive” Tang Bingsen said.

Qi Ziyue changed his expression, because it was indeed great torture when he had an attack of his drug addiction.

Tang Bingsen said nothing to Qi Ziyue and left afterwards.

Actually, he regretted coming here tonight, because his real enemy was “Tang Aining”.

Qi Ziyue was already under his control now, so he should focus on “Tang Aining”.

He couldnt sleep well these days, because “Tang Aining” was still nowhere to be found.

What was worse, Tang Qingyang performed great in the company at the same time, and won support from more and more directors.

If he was in trouble, Tang Qingyang could replace him and become the new leader of the company, which was totally unacceptable in his eyes.

Although he had an illegitimate son, his illegitimate son was still very young, and he couldnt bring him back to his family at this moment.

Tang Bingsen was anxious and restless once he thought about those problems.

He was the final decision-maker of the company, but those directors wouldnt obey his orders when his decisions werent good for their own benefits.

Tang Qingyang wanted to make Tang Qingyang a mere figurehead, but Tang Qingyang was too outstanding at his position.

If he deliberately acted against Tang Qingyang, other directors might be annoyed at him.

So Tang Bingsen was left no choice but to allow Tang Qingyang to do the work.

Because Tang Qingyang made the best plan for the companys future, he would be in charge of the project, which would help him gain more power and support in the company.

Tang Bingsen didnt want to see it happen.

Ji Yijing was also bothering him recently, and they always argued on the phone.

Tang Bingsen was worried about Feng Qiles condition as well, because Feng Qile was still lying in the hospital.

Leng Shaoting received strict training from Shangguan Yang once they entered the tower, but he never complained.

He asked Shangguan Yang whether a mortal could become a cultivator.

Shangguan Yang said, “Of course a mortal can become a cultivator, but its very dangerous, and most mortals will die in the process.

All the people in the cultivation world were born with the talent for becoming a good cultivator.

Mortals, however, dont have the talent.”

Knowing that, Leng Shaoting thought that it probably wasnt a good idea for Gu Ning to risk her life to become a cultivator.

Gu Ning was a mortal after all, and he didnt want her to die.

He couldnt live without her.

Therefore, Leng Shaoting decided not to think about it now.

At the beginning, Leng Shaoting was affected by the bad news and couldnt focus on the practice, but Shangguan Yang criticized him several times so he gradually learned to focus on himself.

Leng Shaoting had no plan to share this bad news with Gu Ning, and he also begged Shangguan Yang not to tell Gu Ning the news.

Shangguan Yang understood Leng Shaotings worries and agreed.

They stayed in the tower for three days.

Three days later, Leng Shaoting finished his training.

It wasnt easy for him to finish the difficult training, but he made great progress afterwards.

He was a talented cultivator anyway, and he was excellent at kung fu.

Although his level wasnt high right now, he was much stronger than other cultivators of the same level as him.

Shangguan Yang was very satisfied with his progress.

He believed that Leng Shaoting could become a better cultivator than him in the future.

Shangguan Yang then gave Leng Shaoting a magic instrument, which was a longsword, but Leng Shaoting wasnt able to use it to fly right now, so he put it into his Qiankun Bag.

Gu Ning prepared a good meal for them when they walked out of the tower.

They enjoyed it together, and were about to leave.

“We dont need to walk.

Lets fly together!” Shangguan Yang said and a sword appeared in the air the next second.


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