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“Alright, I need to go out now.

Bingxi, pay more attention to your younger sister,” Chen Yunlins father said.

“Sure.” Chen Bingxi agreed.

It was only 8 pm and their father sometimes went out to socialize with his friends at this time, so neither of them felt it was strange.

Although Chen Yunlin agreed to cut her relationship with Qi Ziyue, her father still believed that he should deal with it as soon as possible.

He was left no choice but to be a bad guy now, so he decided to report it to the Tang family.

As long as the Tang family found Qi Ziyue, Chen Yunlin and their family would be safe.

The Tang family was too powerful, and he was unwilling to risk their familys future.

In addition, the Tang family might have a good impression of him if he helped them find Qi Ziyue.

Anyway, he hoped that his family could stay safe.

Because there was a huge gap between the Chen family and the Tang family as to their social status, Chen Yunlins father didnt have Tang Bingsens number.

So he had to turn to his friend who was an official in the government for help.

This friend had a close relationship with him, so he didnt bother to hide his intention to contact Tang Bingsen from his friend.

His friend didnt ask further about it and agreed to help him.

However, his friend didnt dare to just give him the number of Tang Bingsens secretary, and needed to ask for permission first.

Chen Yunlins father completely understood.

A few minutes later, his friend called him back and gave him the number of Tang Bingsens secretary.

Without delay, Chen Yunlins father called Tang Bingsens secretary and said that he hoped to have a meeting with Tang Bingsen as soon as possible.

At this time, Tang Bingsen was working overtime in his company and his secretary was by his side, so his secretary reported it to him.

Tang Bingsen was excited when he heard the information about Qi Ziyue.

Once he caught Qi Ziyue, he would go on to catch Tang Aining, which was actually a bigger problem for him.

Tang Bingsen agreed to meet Chen Yunlins father.

His secretary then told Chen Yunlins father to come to the headquarters of the Tang Organization.

Chen Yunlins father was thrilled to see Tang Bingsen.

He was quite nervous in front of Tang Bingsen, but Tang Bingsen was very kind to him.

After that, Chen Yunlins father told Tang Bingsen the name of the hospital that Qi Ziyue stayed in and the number of his ward.

Tang Bingsen didnt doubt his words, because he believed that Chen Yunlins father didnt dare to lie to his face.

Since Tang Bingsen learned where Qi Ziyue hid, he would find out about Chen Yunlins relationship with Qi Ziyue sooner or later.

In order to protect Chen Yunlin and their family, Chen Yunlins father was very honest with Tang Bingsen.

He explained to Tang Bingsen that Chen Yunlin was willing to take care of Qi Ziyue because she had sympathy for him.

Tang Bingsen actually didnt care about Chen Yunlin, because all he wanted to do now was to catch Qi Ziyue.

Because Chen Yunlins father reported it to him, Tang Bingsen should thank Chen Yunlins father in some way, but not right now.

Although the Chen family was much poorer than the Tang family, it didnt lack money.

Besides, Tang Bingsen tended to build a good image in front of other people, especially outsiders.

When they finished the conversation, Tang Bingsen repeatedly thanked Chen Yunlins father, then told his secretary to walk Chen Yunlins father out.

Chen Yunlins father soon left.

Without hesitation, Tang Bingsen arranged for some people to find out whether Qi Ziyue was really staying in the hospital right now.

Once he made sure of it, he decided to take Qi Ziyue away in the night.

There were too many people in the hospital before midnight, so he needed to be patient.

He wanted to attract as little attention as possible.

Because Tang Bingsen had an illegal gang to help him, he didnt need to catch Qi Ziyue himself.

Moreover, those gangsters were used to doing bad deeds, and it was pretty easy for them to catch a man.

Everything went smoothly as Tang Bingsen wanted.

Qi Ziyue was soon taken away by a group of strong men.

Although many nurses and doctors saw them, nobody dared to stop them.

As for other visitors in the hospital, they had already run far away.

It wasnt their fault, because Qi Ziyue was only a stranger to them.

It wasnt their duty to risk their lives to rescue a stranger, especially when they had no idea what was going on.

A doctor called the police after the group of gangsters left, but the police didnt arrive until Qi Ziyue had been taken away for a long time.

So when the police wanted to chase them, they were nowhere to be found.


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