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Leng Shaoting absolutely wanted to get the snow lotus after knowing about its great effect, but he was unwilling to see Gu Ning being so tired because of him.

However, he couldnt stop it, because Gu Ning was determined to do what she planned to do, so Leng Shaoting only reminded her to be careful.

He also wanted to chase for the snow lotus with her the next time, so Gu Ning agreed.

Because of the appearance of the white fox, Gu Ning realized that the Kunlun Sects place was very dangerous, and it was better if they stayed together.

It was safer if they stayed together, because they were stronger together.

Late that night, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to sleep.

In the capital city, Tang Bingsen finally found Qi Ziyue and arranged for some people to catch him.

Actually, Chen Yunlins father leaked the information to Tang Bingsen.

Chen Yunlin had stayed in the hospital to take care of Qi Ziyue these days, but her older brother, Chen Bingxi, found out by accident.

One of Chen Bingxis friends was sick, so he went to visit his friend in the same hospital and coincidentally saw Chen Yunlin.

He didnt greet Chen Yunlin, but instead followed her, because she had been acting very strangely recently and her family was worried about her.

“Ziyue, what did the doctor say” Chen Yunlin asked with concern.

“Im recovering steadily now, and I can leave the hospital in a few days,” Qi Ziyue said.

“Wonderful!” Chen Yunlin was delighted.

“Lets enjoy the meal now.”

She came to the hospital once she got off work and brought many delicious dishes for Qi Ziyue.

Chen Bingxi was stunned when he heard Qi Ziyues voice from the ward.

Because he was familiar with Qi Ziyue, he easily recognized his voice.

Chen Bingxi was mad when he found out that his younger sister was still with Qi Ziyue.

He knew what had happened with Qi Ziyue, and it wasnt a secret that the Tang family was searching for him.

Although Tang Bingsen didnt turn to the police for help, he would find Qi Ziyue sooner or later.

Once Qi Ziyue was caught by the Tang family, he was doomed to be punished severely.

Chen Yunlin was protecting the Tang familys bitter enemy, so the Tang family might get angry at her as well.

Their family could also be affected, which was the last thing Chen Bingxi wanted to see.

Chen Bingxi was aware of Chen Yunlins romantic relationship with Qi Ziyue a few years ago, but he was surprised that the two still kept in touch with each other.

It was a serious matter, and Chen Bingxi had to talk about it with his father.

Chen Bingxis father was frightened when he learned about it, and he was very angry at Chen Yunlins behavior.

The Tang family hadnt hesitated to ruin the Qi family years ago, and the Chen family could be punished too this time.

They wouldnt allow their family to be ruined because of Chen Yunlins stupid behavior, so Chen Yunlins father called her and told her to come back home as soon as possible.

Chen Yunlin tried to deny it when her father questioned her about Qi Ziyue, but her father wasnt dumb.

He severely criticized her and forbade her from acting against the Tang family again.

Chen Yunlin felt like crying, but also realized that she shouldnt have helped Qi Ziyue without thinking about the impact on her family.

She didnt want her family to be ruined for Qi Ziyue.

If her family was ruined, she wouldnt be fine either.

She shouldnt mess with the Tang family.

However, she really loved Qi Ziyue and didnt have the heart to stand aside and watch him being tortured.

“You cant visit Qi Ziyue again from now on, understand” Her father warned her.

“I know.” Chen Yunlin nodded.

Although Chen Yunlin agreed, her father was still worried.

“You can stay home these days.

Dont go anywhere except for your workplace.

Ill arrange for a chauffeur to send you to work and pick you up.”

“Father…” Chen Yunlin wanted her freedom.

“What Didnt you agree with me on that” Her father frowned.

Even though her father wasnt aware of her old romantic relationship with Qi Ziyue, her father knew that they were very close in the past.

“Im sorry.” Chen Yunlin had to apologize to her father.

“Yunlin, dont be so stupid.

You know we cant mess with the Tang family.

What if our family is ruined because of Qi Ziyue” Her father was annoyed.

Chen Yunlin felt scared.

“I understand, father.”

She had to give up the idea of secretly helping Qi Ziyue.


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