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Even though Gu Ning knew that the snow lotus didnt do it on purpose, she was still mad at it.

Right at this moment, a white fox suddenly dashed over.

It threw itself at the snow lotus, which surprised Gu Ning, because her plan would be ruined if this white fox got the snow lotus.

Therefore, Gu Ning ran ahead with a handgun in her hand and she pointed it at the white fox.

The white fox also noticed Gu Ning, but it didnt take her seriously because she was only a mortal in its eyes.

It didnt know what a gun was, so it wasnt prepared at all.

A bullet moved super fast, and the white fox wasnt far from Gu Ning, so it was impossible for the white fox to avoid the bullet.

The bullet hit its tail causing it to scream in pain.

The white fox left the snow lotus behind and began to attack Gu Ning.

Although it felt great pain with a bullet in its tail, it was still strong.

The white fox showed its sharp teeth and howled in great anger.

Although it was just a howl, Gu Ning could understand its language.

The white fox: Damn you, stupid mortal, how dare you hurt me!

The white fox was a monster now, so it disdained mortals.

At this moment, Gu Ning had to withdraw her sight from the snow lotus and focus on the fight against the fox.

Because the Kunlun Temple was far away, Leng Shaoting and the flood dragon didnt hear the gunshot.

When Leng Shaoting was in his practice, he could hear other peoples conversation, so he knew that Gu Ning just left him.

The flood dragon was left to protect him, so he wasnt worried.

The white fox was quite strong, but it was still no match for Gu Ning.

To its astonishment, Gu Ning was unusually powerful and it had the idea to give in.

However, Gu Ning wouldnt allow it to escape, because she knew that foxes harbored bitter resentment and might return to pay her back in the future.

Therefore, Gu Ning seized a chance and put it into her telepathic eye space.

After she solved the problem caused by the white fox, the snow lotus was nowhere to be found.

Gu Ning felt disappointed, but she could do nothing about it now.

All of a sudden, Gu Ning remembered the male ghost in her telepathic eye space.

She had kept it inside for days, and it was time for her to deal with it now.

Gu Ning thought for a while, then let the male ghost out.

The male ghost didnt look surprised when it saw Gu Ning again, but it didnt understand why her clothes were different.

In addition, the surroundings were also different.

When it saw her last time, it was still summer, but now it was winter.

The male ghost was shocked and confused.

There was also thick magical power around them!

“W-What is going on here” The male ghost stared at Gu Ning.

“Do you still remember what I told you last time” Gu Ning said.

“As long as I touch you, youll have to listen to me.”

“Of course I still remember it,” the male ghost said.

“Well, do you still remember the feeling when I touched you last time” Gu Ning continued.

“I just felt that my soul was pulled out of my body, and now Im here at a very strange place,” said the male ghost.

The male ghost had no idea of what had happened after he was put into Gu Nings telepathic eye space.

In its eyes, it was just like a blink of time.

Now, the male ghost finally realized that Gu Ning was much more powerful than it thought.

All of a sudden, it felt scared of her.

“Right, your soul was pulled into my telepathic eye space, and your memory and consciousness stopped at that moment.

Were at a place which is more than three thousand kilometers away from your grave, and days have passed by,” Gu Ning said.

It was necessary for her to let the male ghost know her ability if she wanted it to listen to her, but she wouldnt tell it about her Jade Eyes.

“What” The male ghost was shocked.

It couldnt believe a word Gu Ning just told him.

However, it felt excited once it found out that it was out of the control of the grave.

It was free now!

“Well, do you still want to act against me” Gu Ning asked.

“Of course not!” said the male ghost.

“Great, shouldnt you tell me your obsession now” Gu Ning said.

“Why I already left the grave, and I wont affect you anymore,” the male ghost said.

It was unwilling to leave this world, and even had curiosity about it.

Gu Ning changed her expression, because she was displeased when the male ghost changed its mind.

Although Gu Ning wouldnt force it to go into the next incarnation, it would be a troublemaker if it stayed here.


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