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“I wish it were in the capital, so I could go.”

Hearing that, Wu Shunhua took out his phone at once to search for news about Gu Nings new clothing store, then he found the post about Gufan on Weibo.

After reading it, he knew where Gu Ning would show up today.

Dongfang Ziyu arranged for someone to find out where Gu Ning went yesterday, so she knew that Gu Ning was in City B now, but she still didnt know the specific place until now.

“Drive me to the airport, Im going to City B now,” Dongfang Ziyu said and stood up in a hurry.

Wu Shunhua frowned.

“Its already 7:20 am now, so youll miss the opening ceremony even if you can take the closest flight to City B.

Besides, weve been following her for a long time, but still havent found anything useful.

I dont think this time will be different.”

He didnt dare to stop Dongfang Ziyu from doing what she wanted to do, but he honestly felt it was meaningless.

Dongfang Ziyu was struck dumb for a second.

She had to agree with Wu Shunhua, and she would indeed miss the opening ceremony even if she flew to City B right away.

However, she was unwilling to give up.

Even though they had found nothing useful after following Gu Ning for a long time, she still hoped that she could find something useful in City B.

Therefore, Dongfang Ziyu made up her mind to fly to City B by herself while Wu Shunhua would stay in the capital.

She had already arranged for someone to pay special attention to Gu Nings schedule.

As long as Gu Ning booked a plane ticket, she would know.

In the Tang familys house, Tang Yunhang went to work after breakfast, and other family members waited for the clothes from Gu Nings new brand.

Once the clothes arrived, they were excited and gathered around them.

“Look, there are our names on them!” Tang Jiakai picked up a gift box with his name on it.

Without delay, each of them got their box and opened it with excitement.

It was as if they hadnt seen new clothes in years.

Tang Jiakai opened his gift first.

In it there was a pair of dark gray cropped plaid pants, a black but rather fancy T-shirt, and a pair of white casual shoes inside.

Because it was summer, their clothes were all summer clothing.

Cao Wenxin had a black suit with black high heel sandals.

She also got a bag, which was an extra accessory for the women.

“Ningning, you have great taste, and I like them! I should try them on right now!” Cao Wenxin said with satisfaction before she ran upstairs to her room.

“I want to try them on now too!” Tang Jiakai ran away as well.

When they all had their clothes, they went to try them on too.

A while later, they walked out in their new clothes.

“I like this suit,” Tang Haifeng said.

He was quite satisfied with the clothes Gu Ning chose for him.

Gu Ning also put on her new Gufan clothing, which was a casual suit.

She was very young after all, so there was no need for her to dress like a mature woman.

Both Gu Man and Jiang Lihua were in a dress and looked elegant.

Gu Man was pregnant, so Gu Ning prepared a pair of flat shoes for her.

Gufan had all kinds of clothes for people of different ages.

The opening ceremony would begin at 10 am, and Gu Ning needed to arrive there before 9 am.

So when it was about 8:30 am, Tang Jiakai, Cao Wenxin, and Gu Ning left together.

Tang Haifeng and the others would come later.

Because Gu Man was pregnant, it wasnt good for her to stay in a crowded place for long so they would arrive 10 minutes before the ribbon-cutting.

There was nothing else for them to do at the opening ceremony after all, so they could arrive late.

Neither Tang Jiakai nor Cao Wenxin drove today, so they went in Gu Nings car.

The second Gu Ning got in the car, her phone kept ringing, so Gu Ning told Cao Wenxin to drive her car so that she could have time to deal with the news messages and calls.

Most people congratulated her on the new store, but Qi Tianlin directly scolded her for not informing him earlier.

Gu Ning was displeased with his tone, so she argued.

“Qi Tianlin, I know that were friends, but it isnt my duty to report to you when Im back in City B.”

Qi Tianlin didnt mind Gu Nings unkind attitude, but Cao Wenxin and Tang Jiakai were shocked.

Although their families were the top families in City B, they were still scared of illegal gangs, because they were cruel and violent.


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