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He was a young man with short hair, so it wasnt difficult for him to smooth his hair with hands.

Gu Ning said nothing about it, then they went downstairs together.

At this moment, Tang Haifeng was already exercising in the yard, and he criticized Tang Jiakai the second he saw him.

“Jiakai, you should learn from Ningning and get up early in the morning to run from now on.”

“Sure!” Tang Jiakai agreed at once.

Actually, Tang Jiakai always got up at 6:30 am in his school, so it was easy for him to get up early.

Seeing Tang Jiakais good attitude, Tang Haifeng stopped criticizing him.

After that, Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai went to run around the green strip of the Tang familys house.

There was a lane by the green strip around the Tang familys house, which was used for ambling and running.

Gu Ning never used her magical power when she was exercising, unless she needed it to help her relieve the tiredness.

So after a long time of regular exercise, Gu Ning now had a strong body.

The green strip around the Tang familys house was about 260 meters, and they ran eight laps of it.

Gu Ning didnt feel very tired, but Tang Jiakai was out of strength and was gradually left behind by Gu Ning.

As time went by, Gu Ning ran more laps than Tang Jiakai.

Because Tang Haifeng was an old man, he couldnt exercise for long, so he soon stopped and watched them running from the door.

When Tang Jiakai was left far behind by Gu Ning, Tang Haifeng didnt feel dissatisfied at all, instead he felt very proud of Gu Ning.

He also wouldnt force Tang Jiakai to do as well as Gu Ning, because he knew that every person had different talent.

Moreover, they only needed to do the best of their own ability.

Both Tang Jiakai and Gu Ning were his beloved grandchildren, and he wouldnt treat them unequally.

In the end, Tang Jiakai did 20 laps, while Gu Ning ran 40 laps.

Although Gu Ning wasnt exhausted, she also needed to stop for some fresh air.

“Ningning, how many laps have you done” Tang Jiakai asked Gu Ning.

“Forty,” Gu Ning said.

“What Forty laps Why dont you look more tired” Tang Jiakai was greatly surprised.

“Im already used to it,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“Alright, come back for breakfast now,” Tang Haifeng shouted to them.

After that, Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai went back to take a shower before they enjoyed their breakfast.

When they sat down by the dining table, the other family members gathered together too.

However, before Gu Ning finished her breakfast, Cao Wenxin ran inside and criticized her loudly.

“Ningning, why didnt you tell me that youre in City B now How dare you forget me”

Cao Wenxin didnt know that Gu Ning was back in City B now until she read her post on Weibo.

Gu Ning felt embarrassed and apologized at once.

“Im sorry, its my fault.

Please forgive me this time, and Ill tell you first the next time, alright”

“Fine, I can forgive you because of your good attitude, but it cant happen again.

By the way, you should send me a dress from your new brand as a gift to make it up to me,” Cao Wenxin said.

Since Gufan was owned by Gu Ning, it was very easy for her to prepare a set of clothes for Cao Wenxin.

In addition, it was Gu Nings new company, so she had definitely prepared gifts for her family members.

“Of course I have a gift for you, and actually Ive prepared a gift for every one of you! Each of you will have a set of clothes from my new brand, and you must wear my clothes to attend the opening ceremony!” Gu Ning said.

She planned to use her family as a great ad.

Even though they knew that Gu Ning would give them a gift, they were still surprised when she said it aloud.

“No problem!” Cao Wenxin said with a smile.

“Well, of course well put on your clothes since your new brand has just been established,” Jiang Lihua said.

“Sure! We support you,” Tang Haifeng said.

It was his granddaughters new brand, and he was more than willing to help her advertise it.

The other family members also agreed happily.

In fact, they dressed casually in their daily life, and would only put on designers brands at important events.

After all, everyone liked comfortable clothing.

“Ningning, Im afraid I cant go this morning, because I have something important to deal with today,” Tang Yunhang said, “but I do hope your business can be profitable as always.”

“Thank you, Uncle Yunhang.

Its totally fine if youre busy today,” Gu Ning said.

It was just an opening ceremony, and Gu Ning didnt mind if any of her family members couldnt come.

While the Tang family was enjoying breakfast, Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua were also having their breakfast in the capital, and they overheard some people around them talking about Gu Ning.

“The store of Gu Nings new clothing brand is opening today, and shell be there!”


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