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However, it still had its own style, because it was founded by Gu Ning and she wouldnt copy or plagiarize other designers work.

Even though clothes were basically the same, some were more attractive than others.

Gufan could easily attract peoples attention by a simple glance, so many customers were willing to walk into the store.

Once Gu Ning showed up, a saleswoman greeted her with great respect.

“Nice to see you, Chairman Gu.”

Because Gao Weichao had introduced their boss to them earlier, they were aware that Gu Ning was their boss.

In addition to that, Gu Ning was also their idol, because she had many great achievements at a very young age.

“Where is Manager Zhou” Gu Ning asked.

“Hes in the storeroom now,” the saleswoman said.

“Great, you can go to do your work, and Ill look around by myself,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure.” The saleswoman walked away at once.

Several customers stayed in the store for a long while, and they were quite interested in the clothes.

“Miss, I didnt see much news about Gufan on the Internet.

Is it a new brand Why is the store so luxurious and the prices are very high,” a woman said.

Saleswoman A explained right away.

“Gufan is indeed a new brand, but its a high-end brand, so the quality is guaranteed.

Have you heard of Jade Beauty Jewelry or Kouzi Gufan is built by the same founder.”

“Ive heard of Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi, and Im a fan of them!” said Woman A with excitement.

“Im using Kouzi products as well! If theyre founded by the same person, I believe Gufan can be popular too!” Woman B said.

“Both Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi have gained a lot of fame within a short time, so I think Gufan will be next,” Woman C said.

“I agree.

I think this dress looks beautiful and I like it, but you wont open until tomorrow.

Can I have a discount today if Im going to buy it” Woman A asked.

Saleswoman A replied, “Of course you can, and you can also have a chance to play the lucky draw tomorrow.

Weve prepared 30 gifts for those who can win a prize tomorrow.

In addition, if youre one of the first hundred customers who spend over a thousand yuan in our store, you can have a gift within five hundred yuan from our store for free!”



The three women were excited the second they heard the news.

They could afford expensive clothes, so they werent poor, but no one would say no to discounts and gifts.

“Of course its real, and we have fliers over there.

Please wait a second.” Saleswoman A walked to a nearby coffee table and picked up several fliers.

She walked back to the three women later and shared with them the details of the activity.

The three women took the fliers and began to read it.

After a few minutes, they were sure that the activity was real.

“Oh, I must buy this dress in that case,” said Woman A.

“Can I try on that dress” said Woman B to Saleswoman A.

“Im going to buy some clothes too!” Woman C said.

“Wonderful, lets start shopping now!” Woman A was thrilled.

All of them were eager to buy their favorite dresses.

Once someone paid the bill first, more and more people joined it.

Gao Weichao didnt know that Gu Ning was already in the store, but he knew that she would be here at any second.

Therefore, he left the storeroom and walked to Gu Ning the moment he saw her.

“Hi, boss, Im sorry I was absent for a while,” Gao Weichao said.

“Its fine.

I just arrived,” Gu Ning said with a smile.

“How is everything going now”

“Everything is ready,” Gao Weichao said.

Gu Ning nodded, and she trusted Gao Weichaos ability.

Afterwards, Gao Weichao elaborated on the whole process to Gu Ning.

When it was almost 6 pm, Gu Ning was about to leave, but Gao Weichao asked her whether he could use her fame to advertise the opening ceremony of Gufan.

Gu Ning agreed, because she also wanted to make full use of her fame and popularity.

Gao Weichao then took several photos of Gu Ning looking around in the store.

Without hesitation, he posted the photos on Weibo and Gu Ning reposted it.


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