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An Beibei wasnt dumb, and knew that Gu Ning told her that she was Tang Xiaoxiaos boss for a reason.

Gu Ning must be warning her not to cause Tang Xiaoxiao trouble again.

Because she had an old grudge against Tang Xiaoxiao, and Gu Ning must be worried that she would stand in Tang Xiaoxiaos way.

Actually, although An Beibei indeed disliked Tang Xiaoxiao, she didnt bother to cause Tang Xiaoxiao trouble.

If she really did that, Tang Xiaoxiao wouldnt be able to stay in the entertainment industry now.

It wasnt difficult for her to make Tang Xiaoxiao lose her jobs.

She didnt find fault with Tang Xiaoxiao, not because she felt guilty for what she had done to her, but because Huang Yizhen felt a little guilty.

So he told An Beibei not to pick on Tang Xiaoxiao.

Most importantly, Tang Xiaoxiao didnt fight back when she was amid criticisms, otherwise An Beibei would have tried to ruin her.

An Beibei was unwilling to leave the entertainment industry after all, and her reputation mattered a lot to her career.

In fact, even though An Beibei had no intention to argue with Tang Xiaoxiao again, it didnt mean that other people wouldnt stir things up between them.

There were too many people who were jealous of famous artists in the entertainment industry, and the media also wanted big news.

Therefore, she stopped arguing with Tang Xiaoxiao, but the news about their grudge never disappeared.

However, after Gu Ning had saved her life and told her that she was Tang Xiaoxiaos boss, An Beibei decided to avoid having conflict with Tang Xiaoxiao again.

If it hadnt been for Gu Nings help, she could have died in the plane earlier.

Gu Ning didnt call anyone to pick her up, but took a taxi back to Huafu Hills before she drove towards the store of Gufan.

Her car had been parked there for a long time, so she needed to bring it back to City B.

She wouldnt drive it back, she would directly put it into her telepathic eye space and go back by plane.

Gu Ning wasnt sure whether she would have time for dinner in the Tang familys house, so she didnt tell Gu Man and her other family members that she was back, in case they would be waiting for her.

After that, she called Gao Weichao and asked him whether he was in the store now.

Gao Weichao was in the store now, because the opening ceremony was tomorrow, so he was quite busy today.

He needed to check whether everything was ready and in the right position.

Once Gu Ning arrived at Huafu Hills, she drove her own car to the store of Gufan.

Every time she went out in her Lamborghini, she would always be the focus of peoples attention.

When Gu Ning drove into the parking lot of Fengshang Shopping Mall, a car followed her.

There were two young men in it.

“Come on, lets have a bet.

Do you think the driver is a man or a woman Whoever loses will pay the bill tonight,” the man sitting on the drivers seat said.

“I think its a man.” The second the man sitting on the drivers seat finished what he was saying, the man on the front passengers seat gave his answer.

“Great, then Ill say its a woman,” the man sitting on the drivers seat said.

In order to figure out whether the driver of the luxurious car was a man or a woman, they stopped their car near Gu Nings car.

When Gu Ning got out of her car, the man sitting on the drivers seat laughed.

“I win! Youll pay the bill tonight.”

“Not a big deal!” The man on the front passengers seat didnt mind it at all, because they were close friends.

“By the way, the girl is gorgeous and looks familiar,” the man sitting on the drivers seat added.

“Come on, every beautiful girl looks familiar to you,” his friend joked.

“I mean it!” he argued, but couldnt remember where he had seen the girl before.

“Alright, but you see too many people every day.

Its quite normal that you find a familiar face.

We should go to see your older cousin now,” his friend said.

Afterwards, they left.

Gu Ning left the parking lot, and walked towards the store of Gufan.

It would be opening tomorrow, but everything was already put in place now, and some customers were already shopping inside.

They were open for business, and wouldnt shut their customers out.

Moreover, it was a good sign that some people were already attracted to Gufan.

Although the Gufan store looked luxurious, it was a new brand, so not many people were aware of it.

Many of the customers in the store were attracted by the clothes hanging in the windows.

There were all kinds of international clothing brands in a big shopping mall in a large city, and there actually wasnt a big difference among their designs.

In fact, Gufan wasnt very special when compared with other brands.


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