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Because other passengers didnt recognize Gu Ning, they werent excited.

“Sure.” Gu Ning agreed.

The stewardesses were delighted when Gu Ning agreed to take photos with them, and they took out their phones at once.

“Thank you, Miss Gu!” they thanked Gu Ning afterwards.

“My pleasure,” Gu Ning said.

After that, the stewardesses walked away, and An Beibei asked Gu Ning with curiosity, “Are you an artist as well”

“Im not,” Gu Ning said.

An Beibei frowned.

“What do you do then”

“Im a student,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning looked very young and she indeed seemed to be a student, but An Beibei didnt believe that she was an ordinary student.

Anyway, since Gu Ning was unwilling to tell her more details, An Beibei didnt ask further about it.

When they walked out of the plane, every stewardess politely greeted Gu Ning.

“See you, Miss Gu!”

At the beginning, not every stewardess recognized Gu Ning, but the two stewardesses who were Gu Nings fans introduced Gu Ning to them, so they learned a lot about her.

Although they didnt recognize Gu Ning, they had heard a lot about her companies, especially Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi.

Because all of them were using Kouzi and they agreed that it was the best skincare products they had ever used.

An Beibei was more curious about Gu Nings identity after seeing every stewardess greeting her with a broad smile.

“You cant be an ordinary student if they all know you.

I honestly dont know what other jobs can be as popular among people as artists.”

“Im also a businesswoman,” Gu Ning said.

“A businesswoman” An Beibei and her assistant were both surprised, because Gu Ning looked even younger than 20.

In addition, she must be a successful businesswoman for so many people to be familiar with her face.

However, in An Beibeis eyes, Gu Ning was too young to be a very successful businesswoman.

“Im Tang Xiaoxiaos boss.

Alright, I need to go now,” Gu Ning said and hurried away.

She purposely told An Beibei her identity for Tang Xiaoxiaos sake.

As long as An Beibei went to learn more about her, An Beibei wouldnt dare to disdain Tang Xiaoxiao anymore, which could help Tang Xiaoxiao avoid unnecessary conflict.

Tang Xiaoxiao worked for Gu Ning after all, and Gu Ning would do what she could do to protect her staff.

An Beibei was astonished.

If Gu Ning was Tang Xiaoxiaos boss, she must be the owner of Fenghua Entertainment! To her astonishment, the owner of Fenghua Entertainment was such a young girl.

Even though Fenghua Entertainment was a newly-established company in the entertainment industry, it was still quite unbelievable that a young girl built it up.

“Jesus, the owner of Fenghua Entertainment is a young girl”

“She must be kidding!”

“Lets check it now.”

An Beibeis assistant took out her phone and immediately searched for information about the owner of Fenghua Entertainment on the Internet.

Within seconds, she saw Gu Nings name and photos associated with Fenghua Entertainment.

At this time, they had to accept that the owner of Fenghua Entertainment indeed was a 19-year-old girl.

Without delay, the assistant searched for more news about Gu Ning.

After reading the news, she was totally shocked.

All the famous new companies she had heard of during this year, like Jade Beauty Jewelry, Kouzi, Colaine, Charm, were founded by Gu Ning.

An Beibei was wearing Jade Beauty Jewelry as well, and she liked its designs.

As for Kouzi, both An Beibei and her assistant were its loyal fans.

Even though Kouzi wasnt international, it was quite effective.

An Beibei was an actress and she cared a lot about her appearance, so she loved Kouzi as long as it helped her become prettier.

In fact, Kouzi had gained a lot of fame by now, and its prices werent low either, but it wasnt an international brand yet.

Actually, it was not only An Beibei, many other actresses were using Kouzi too.

All in all, she couldnt live without Kouzi now.

In addition to Kouzi, Colaine medicines were also effective, and An Beibei used them often because she sometimes got injured during filming.

And although An Beibei didnt have Charm gowns, she had a good impression of this brand.

Surprisingly, they were all founded by a young girl!

“Wow, I cant believe that Tang Xiaoxiaos new boss is so rich!” An Beibeis assistant exclaimed.

An Beibei had told her that Fenghua Entertainment was simply a new entertainment company without much influence, but now it seemed that she was wrong.

With Gu Nings support, it would be very easy for Tang Xiaoxiao to achieve a dominant position in the entertainment industry.

Huang Yizhen was a businessman too, and a shareholder of a big entertainment company, but he wasnt comparable to Gu Ning at all.

Huang Yizhens connections were limited in the entertainment industry as well.

Gu Ning, however, had many more powerful connections than him.


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