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Wu Yunguang knew that Zhao Binxu needed to ask for Gu Nings opinions, so he agreed.

Although it was Zhao Binxus personal affair, Gu Ning was already involved in it after all.

In addition, Gu Ning was his boss now, so he should show some respect to her.

Without delay, Zhao Binxu went to Gu Nings office and told her about it.

Gu Ning thought that it wasnt a bad thing that Wu Yunguang was willing to return the money.

Even if they caught Wu Yunguang and Jiang Pingyi, they wouldnt be seriously punished because Zhao Binxu was fine and safe now.

Since they were willing to return the money, it could save Gu Ning much effort.

However, Gu Ning was unwilling to easily forgive Wu Yunguang.

If Wu Yunguang wasnt punished at all, it wouldnt be fair to Zhao Binxu.

“What do you think about it You dont need to worry about my attitude.

Just tell me your thoughts,” Gu Ning asked Zhao Binxu.

He was the victim in this case after all, so Gu Ning thought that she should hear his ideas.

“I dont know, so Im willing to listen to you,” Zhao Binxu said.

He trusted Gu Ning and also relied on her.

“Fine, I think you can accept it.

Because youre fine and safe now, they wouldnt be severely punished by the court, but they cant be easily forgiven just like that.

They still need to pay for what they have done to you,” Gu Ning said.

“Sure.” Zhao Binxu nodded.

After that, Gu Ning told Zhao Binxu to give her his phone and she called Wu Yunguang.

Wu Yunguang was anxiously waiting for Zhao Binxus call, so he picked it up at once.

“Hi, Binxu, whats your decision”

“We can accept it, but you must pay for what youve done to Zhao Binxu,” Gu Ning said.

Wu Yunguang trembled in fear when he heard Gu Nings voice from the phone.

“W-What do you want”

“Zhao Binxu invested twenty million yuan in the project, so you must return him twenty million yuan.

In addition, Zhao Binxu wont pay the six million yuan back to you.

I wont tell you where the six million yuan went, but you cant say no to it.

If you dare to refuse, well see you at the court,” Gu Ning said, threatening Wu Yuanguang.

Wu Yuanguang was annoyed when Gu Ning said that Zhao Binxu wouldnt pay back the money Zhao Binxu owed him.

It wasnt easy for him to be willing to return the twenty million yuan, but Gu Ning wanted more than that.

He totally forgot that it was his fault from the beginning.

If he hadnt cheated Zhao Binxu of the money, Zhao Binxu wouldnt have lost everything.

Zhao Binxu was also surprised when Gu Ning proposed a compensation of six million yuan.

In his eyes, the compensation of six million yuan was too much.

Although Zhao Binxu thought it was too much, he said nothing since it was Gu Nings decision.

Wu Yunguang was mad about it, but he didnt dare to refuse.

He would be put in jail if he didnt agree with Gu Ning on that.

After all, he could make more money in the future, but he would lose everything once he was put in jail.

It would not only be his company, his family would also be destroyed if that really happened.

Therefore, he agreed in the end.

“Fine, I agree,” he said.

“Good, make an arrangement for it, and Zhao Binxu will see you with my people,” Gu Ning said and hung up on Wu Yunguang.

She wouldnt let Zhao Binxu meet Wu Yunguang alone, because it wasnt safe.

What if Wu Yuanguang had any other evil thoughts again

After the call with Gu Ning, Wu Yunguang smashed his teacup on the ground.

He didnt dare to vent his anger on Gu Ning, so that was all he could do now.

Wu Yunguang arranged the meeting at noon, so Gu Ning told Gao Yi to attend it with Zhao Binxu.

When Gao Yi drove Gu Nings car, Wu Shunhua saw it and followed it behind.

However, he soon found out that Gu Ning wasnt in the car, so he had to return to the Shengning Organization.

At this time, Gu Ning received a call from Baili Zongxue who invited her to dine together that afternoon.

Because of what had happened that morning, Gu Ning knew that it couldnt be a simple meal, but she still agreed.

She also went to see Baili Zongxue for a purpose.


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