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If the company really failed, Gu Ning might not care about it, but Zhao Binxu would suffer a great loss.

“I understand, and Ill do my best!” Zhao Binxu was determined to manage the company well.

Since Gu Ning was a very generous boss, he wouldnt miss this chance.

“Very well, just sign your name,” Gu Ning said.

After that, Chen Cangyis secretary took him around to get familiar with the company and the office floor of Shenghua Real Estate.

If Zhao Binxu needed anything else, he could tell Chen Cangyis secretary.

During these days, Zhao Binxu needed to become familiar with the new company and his new job first.

The company would arrange for a secretary, a car, and a chauffeur for Zhao Binxu as soon as possible.

He could also have a house, which was one of the benefits for the management, but not now.

Because Zhao Binxu hadnt helped the company make money yet, he needed to wait for a while.

Actually, once Zhao Binxus case was settled, he could get his money back and buy a house on his own.

Everyone wanted his own house.

As the manager of Shenghua Real Estate, he definitely needed to learn its history.

Therefore, after Zhao Binxu met other members of the senior management, Chen Cangyis secretary handed him the document about Shenghua Real Estate.

Zhao Binxu was amazed by the unbelievable development of Shenghua Real Estate.

Within a year, Shenghua Real Estate grew to have nearly seven billion yuan in assets from five hundred million yuan.

Although most of the assets came from Hongyun when Shenghua Real Estate acquired it, Shenghua Real Estate was still quite profitable.

Shenghua Real Estate also had a loan of two billion yuan, but it was understandable.

Almost every company needed a loan to stay afloat.

When Zhao Binxu ran his own company, he also borrowed a lot of money from the bank.

As long as a company could make more money than its debts, it was profitable.

Zhao Binxu admired Gu Ning more than ever now.

The news of Gu Ning successfully rescuing Zhao Binxu soon went viral on the Internet the next day.

Most Internet users complimented Gu Ning for her bravery and kindness, but some still thought that Gu Ning was too perfect to be true.

However, Gu Nings loyal fans defended her as usual.

“Dont be so jealous!”

“Some people are always jealous of rich people.”

“I know Goddess Gu is extraordinary, but not everyone can be as helpful and outstanding as her.”

“Shes a very kind girl.”


Even though Gu Nings fans defended her whenever haters attacked her, there were always some Internet users who criticized famous people for no reason.

Because the news went viral, Jiang Pingyi saw it as well.

Wu Yunguang couldnt sleep at all at night because of Zhao Binxu.

Jiang Pingyi heard that Zhao Binxu had tried to commit suicide by jumping off the building at 10 am that morning, so he contacted Wu Yunguang.

Wu Yunguang panicked a little when he saw Jiang Pingyis call, because he kept it a secret from him.

Jiang Pingyi wasnt dumb, and knew that Wu Yunguang was scheming against him behind his back.

Without hesitation, he directly told Wu Yunguang that he wouldnt accept the money that Wu Yunguang cheated from Zhao Binxu.

He didnt dare to mess with Gu Ning.

Since Jiang Pingyi gave in, there was no reason for Wu Yunguang to insist on it.

Wu Yunguang thought about it for a long time, then still decided to call Zhao Binxu.

Seeing Wu Yunguangs name, Zhao Binxu frowned, but still picked it up.

“What” Zhao Binxu coldly asked.

“Binxu, um, Jiang Pingyi just contacted me and he said that hes willing to return your money.

Can we let it go now He was actually left with no choice back then,” Wu Yunguang said.

He still blamed Jiang Pingyi for everything.

Zhao Binxu was surprised when Wu Yunguang wanted to return his money.

He thought for a while, then realized that they were afraid of Gu Ning.

“Its not convenient for me to talk about it right now, Ill call you back later,” Zhao Binxu said.

He thought that he should talk about it with Gu Ning first.


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