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“Is there going to be another fight Im looking forward to it.

I havent seen my boss lose a single competition yet.” Hao Ran was excited.

“Indeed!” Qin Zixun and the others agreed.

“What do you mean Do you all want to see me fail” Gu Ning squinted.

There was a hint of danger in her eyes.

Hearing that, Hao Ran and others immediately realized that they had said something wrong.

They denied at once, “Of course not!”

“We simply want to know how excellent you can be.”

“Yes! We never want you to lose.”

“Too late for that,” Gu Ning didnt believe them.

She said seriously, “All of you, download an App to record how far youve run when youre home today.

Well get together at 8 am at Yuntai Mountain tomorrow morning.

Were going to climb the mountain! Except for An Yi, Mixi and Peihan, the rest must finish 10 kilometers ahead of time.

If anyone cant fulfill this task, the punishment will be worse than only 10 kilometers.”


Hearing that, Hao Ran and the boys changed their expressions, groaning.

“No! Boss, please dont be so mean!” Hao Ran said.

“Boss, I know youre not a mean boss, right” Qin Zixun flattered.

“Boss, can I ask for a leave” Mu Ke wore an upset face.

“Boss, can I run six kilometers only” Zhang Tianping bargained.

“Anyone who complains can run two kilometres more,” Gu Ning threatened.

The four boys immediately shut their mouths.

No matter how upset they were in their hearts now, they didnt dare to argue any more.

The only thing they could do now was eat.

Gu Ning actually wasnt being mean.

She didnt attend the evening class these days, and spent less time on training them.

Therefore, she wanted to seize every opportunity to train them.

She would be increasingly busy in the future.

“I think its a good idea to climb the mountain.

Please allow me to join you.

And why dont we have the fight on the Yuntai Mountain” Situ Ye said.

Chu Xuanfeng and Chu Peihan were greatly shocked.

They couldnt believe their ears.

What Situ Ye was going to Yuntai Mountain along with them He, a grown-up man, was going to climb a mountain with a bunch of high school students It was so unbelievable!

“Sure,” Gu Ning didnt reject.

Although she wasnt familiar with him yet, she wasnt afraid that he could be dangerous.

“Ill go with you too,” Chu Xuanfeng said at once.

As Situ Yes important aide, and while they were in City F now, Chu Xuanfeng thought that it was necessary to follow his boss.

During the night snacks, they were all chatting while eating.

However, Chu Peihan always stayed silent, which made Hao Ran feel strange.

He asked, “Peihan, why are you being so quiet all of a sudden Its so strange!”

Hearing that, everyones sight fell on Chu Peihan with doubt.

Chu Peihan felt uneasy, but immediately explained, “Well, the food here is so delicious.

I just keep eating.”

Except for Chu Xuanfeng and Situ Ye, who knew the real reason, the rest around the table all believed it.

Chu Peihan was a foodie after all! However, Gu Ning remained suspicious.

She had noticed Chu Peihans change before and after Situ Yes arrival.

It seemed that Chu Peihan was scared of this man named Situ, probably because of his position.

When it was almost 11 pm, they were about to leave.

Situ Ye wanted to send Gu Ning back, but it wasnt appropriate for him to do that now.

Thus he only drove Chu Xuanfeng and Chu Peihan home.

Gu Ning went back home with Yu Mixi then.

Hao Ran and the boys planned to send Gu Ning and Yu Mixi home, but were rejected.

It was late now and Gu Ning didnt want to bother them.

Ever since Situ Ye had appeared, Chu Peihan had felt anxious along the way.

She didnt feel at ease until she got home.

However, thinking about how Situ Ye was going to climb the mountain with them tomorrow, Chu Peihan was unhappy again.

She just couldnt understand why Situ Ye, the boss of the Qing Gang, wanted to climb the mountain with them, who were merely high school students.

It would be such a weird picture!

She could only hope that tomorrow was a rainy day, and their plan was canceled or that Situ Ye was occupied tomorrow and couldnt come.

When Gu Ning got home, it was almost 12 am.

Gu Man was still awake.

Both Gu Qing and Jiang Xu were with her.

They stayed up late for a reason.

Jiang Xu had something important to tell Gu Ning.

He told Gu Ning that he had gotten the business license and the other required documents this afternoon.

He had also been in contact with the construction materials provider.

The provider was in City D, so he was going to City D tomorrow to sign the contract.

Once the contract was signed, the construction materials could be sent out.

The store was ready to open with enough staff, as long as the construction materials arrived.

Jiang Xu was going to tell Gu Ning more details, but was interrupted by Gu Ning, “Uncle, you dont need to tell me everything.

I trust you, and you can be fully in charge of this business.

If you have any trouble, you can turn to me for help then.”

Gu Ning didnt want to interfere in Jiang Xus business.

Since Gu Ning had said that, Jiang Xu stopped talking.

After Gu Qing and Jiang Xu were gone, Gu Ning told Gu Man that she was going to climb the mountain with her friends tomorrow.

Gu Man agreed.

The next day, Gu Ning got up at 6:30 am.

She put on her casual clothes with her hair in a high ponytail.

With the nourishment of the power, Gu Nings skin became utterly smooth and flawless.

Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi were so jealous of that.

It was almost 7 am when Gu Ning finished her breakfast.

She took her backpack and left afterwards.

It was around seven kilometers from Fenghua Luxury Mansion to Yuntai Mountain, and it took about 40 minutes to run there.

Gu Ning wasnt in a hurry.

It would be alright if she arrived at the Yuntai Mountain at 7:50 am.

It was around 7:40 am when Gu Ning arrived.

Many had arrived there already.

Except for Hao Ran and the other three boys, they all came here by car.

Hao Ran and the other boys had to fulfil the task of running 10 kilometers before 8 am, so they got up very early this morning and ran to the Yuntai Mountain.

However, it wasnt far enough from their homes to Yuntai Mountain.

Thus they kept running at the area around the Yuntai Mountain.

They finally achieved their goal before 7:30 am, but each of them was too exhausted to stand up.

They almost felt like they were dying.

They had rested for nearly 20 minutes when Gu Ning arrived.

However, none of them had recovered yet.

Although Yuntai Mountain was a scenic zone, there werent many visitors because most came here to climb the mountain.

Situ Yes car was parked right under a large tree.

It was cool there.


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