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If he hadnt heard of the strange things that had happened at the haunted land before, he would have believed that it was simply a trick played by Shenghua Real Estate in order to get the piece of land.

“I plan to build two five-star hotels in the capital, and Ive chosen two good places for them.

We can start construction after I buy them.

However, because Shenghua Real Estate is in City F, and there are several ongoing construction sites, we need to hire more people in the capital.”

“You will be the general manager for Shenghua Real Estate in the capital, so youll be in charge of recruitment and business deals.

I will of course arrange for some people to help you and youll take part in some business events with me too, which can help you expand your circle,” Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning understood that Zhao Binxu had his own circle, but he needed to expand it.

Zhao Binxu wasnt the owner of his previous small real estate company anymore, and he would become the general manager of Shenghua Real Estate in the capital.

Since Zhao Binxu was working for her, she would do everything she could to help him grow.

Although the Shengning Organization wasnt established yet, many people in the industry were aware that Gu Ning was the owner of Fenghua Entertainment, Jade Beauty Jewelry, and Colaine.

Once the construction and decoration of the office buildings of the Shengning Organization were done, it would be officially established.

They didnt need to wait for long, so a month was enough.

Zhao Binxu was surprised that Gu Ning would let him be the general manager for Shenghua Real Estate in the capital.

Gu Ning ignored his astonishment and added, “Lets be candid here, although a real estate company with dozens of billions of yuan in assets isnt large, it isnt small either, so you should know its not an easy job.”

Hearing that, Zhao Binxu put on a serious expression at once.

“Miss Gu, I understand, and Ill do my best.” He knew that it would be stressful, but he was willing to accept this challenge.

Gu Ning then gave Zhao Binxu her name card.

“Come to the headquarters of my business group at 10 am tomorrow to sign the contract.

You can call me when you arrive there, and Ill arrange for someone to pick you up.”

“Sure.” Zhao Binxu agreed.

After a while, the dishes were all placed on the table, and they began to enjoy it.

Zhao Binxus life had a new chapter, but Wu Yunguang was in a bad mood now.

He didnt talk about it with Jiang Pingyi, because he already decided to let Jiang Pingyi shoulder the blame.

However, he was still anxious before it was settled.

He had the idea to attack Gu Ning first so that she wouldnt have time to help Zhao Binxu, but he didnt dare to take action after finding out about her achievements.

Gu Ning was much richer and more influential than him!

He also wanted to kill Zhao Binxu, but Gu Ning wouldnt let him get away with it if he really did that.

Zhao Binxu worked for Gu Ning now, so she would protect him.

There was nothing he could do now, so he was quite worried.

He wondered if he should return the money to Zhao Binxu and hope that Zhao Binxu would forgive him, but he was reluctant to do that.

He was unwilling to take money out of his pocket right now.

Besides, Jiang Pingyi had already shared the money with him, so he would suffer a loss if he needed to return Zhao Binxus money.

Thinking of that, Wu Yunguang felt cornered.

He regretted cheating Zhao Binxu now.

Gu Ning drove Zhao Binxus family home after the meal.

Zhao Binxu didnt think it was appropriate because he was only Gu Nings subordinate.

However, Gu Ning insisted on it, so Zhao Binxu agreed.

After that, Gu Ning went back to her own home.

When Gu Ning was gone, Mrs.

Zhao said, “Miss Gu is our familys lifesaver!”

“Youre right, and I must work hard to return her favor,” Zhao Binxu said.

It wasnt easy for him to get a good job now, but Gu Ning offered him a promising job.

“Darling, I know that youll be very busy once you report for duty.

I will take care of our daughter and our family and make sure that you can focus on your job,” Mrs.

Zhao said.

She supported her husband without any conditions.

In fact, Zhao Binxu was always busy during these past few years, but Mrs.

Zhao understood and never complained about it.

She used to have a good job, but quit to take care of their family.


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