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“Yes.” Gu Ning nodded.

Knowing that, Mrs.

Zhao breathed deeply, she was amazed by Gu Nings ability again.

Not only was she so unbelievable, but her people were also incredible.

She was quite grateful to Gu Ning now.

Even though she thought it was just an accident, she simply wanted her husband to be safe.

Zhao Binxu rested for a while in the room, so Wu Yunguang along with his people came.

Wu Yunguang was greatly surprised when he saw that a woman saved Zhao Binxus life, and he was full of anger too.

“Oh, hi, Binxu, how are you now Im so glad that youre fine, but I still need to say that you cant blame me for your own business failure.

You know how risky investment is.” Wu Yunguang pretended to be innocent.

Although Wu Yunguang deceived Zhao Binxu into an investment and cheated him of his money, he didnt have a direct relationship with the investment, so he tried to clear his name.

He was selfish and evil.

Zhao Binxu clenched his teeth in anger.

“Wu Yunguang, I know its a trap set by you and Jiang Pingyi.

Dont try to deny it! Do you think I dont have any evidence Lets go and see.”

In fact, Zhao Binxu indeed had no useful evidence because the contract wasnt real, and Wu Yunguang refused to admit it, while Jiang Pingyi was missing, but he had to stay strong at this moment.

He didnt know why Wu Yunguang would do that to him.

In the past, he had helped Wu Yunguang a lot, but Wu Yunguang returned his kindness with ingratitude.

Zhao Binxu trusted Gu Ning, and believed that it wouldnt be hard for her to put Wu Yunguang in jail.

So since Gu Ning promised to help him, he was willing to be patient.

Wu Yunguang squinted his eyes at Zhao Binxu.

“Dont say that.

You dont have any solid proof to prove that Im guilty.

Its ridiculous!” Wu Yunguang said.

“Well see!” Zhao Binxu felt disgusted and turned his head away, then he thanked Qiao Ya with sincerity.

“Miss, I honestly dont know how to thank you.

If it hadnt been for you, I would have fallen from the roof.” Saying that, Zhao Binxu still felt a little scared.

“You dont need to thank me, thank my boss, Gu Ning,” Qiao Ya said.

She only did that because it was Gu Nings order.

Therefore, without Gu Nings order, Zhao Binxu would be dead now.

“Do you work for Gu Ning” Zhao Binxu was surprised.

“Yes.” Qiao Ya nodded.

Wu Yunguang was also astonished and hated Gu Ning more than ever.

In his eyes, Gu Ning ruined his plan.

“Well.” Zhao Binxu suddenly looked a little embarrassed.

“Miss, can you help me get back to my feet Im out of strength right now.”

Qiao Ya was a woman after all, so Zhao Binxu was afraid that she might be displeased, but he indeed couldnt move now.

He didnt want to stay here any longer, in case Wu Yunguang hurt him again.

“No problem,” Qiao Ya said.

She didnt mind it at all.

“Wait a second!” Right when Qiao Ya was about to leave with Zhao Binxu, Wu Yunguang stopped them.

“What” Qiao Ya gave him an angry glance.

Wu Yunguang felt stressed at once, and didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

He had a feeling that he was no match for this woman.

“N-Nothing.” Wu Yunguang gave up right away.

Qiao Ya sneered and walked away with Zhao Binxu.

Wu Yunguang was unwilling to let them go, but he could do nothing about it now.

Actually, even if they stayed, Wu Yunguang didnt dare to hurt them.

He only tried to stop them because he was furious now, and he wanted to vent his anger on Qiao Ya because she broke into this room without his permission.

The top floor of this office building was owned by Wu Yunguang.

In addition to his company, there were seven other medium-sized enterprises in it.

Wu Yunguang watched Qiao Ya and Zhao Binxu walk out of his sight, then sank down on the sofa behind him.

Wu Yunguangs people in the room were also scared, and didnt dare to make any sounds.

Once Qiao Ya and Zhao Binxu were gone, the manager told the two secretaries to leave and closed the door.


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