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Gufan soon became the hottest topic on Weibo, and most Internet users supported it.

The majority of the Internet users were already used to Gu Nings fame and popularity now, so they werent surprised that her name appeared on the list of the hottest topics once more.

During the past half year, Gu Ning had occupied a place on the list of the hottest topics more often than those famous artists, which caused a lot of jealousy.

However, jealousy wasnt equal to hatred, and now Gu Ning was the well-known “National Heroine”, so most people were respectful of her.

Gu Ning also had the nickname of the “National Heroine” because of her unbelievable skills of martial arts and her bravery.

If she became an artist, her name could appear in all the hottest topics.

After all, an artist was always surrounded by rumors and gossip.

In fact, there were no other businessmen who could be as popular as her.

Among those who had heard of Gu Nings name and her achievements, some truly admired her, some were jealous of her, while some didnt bother to pay much attention to her.

Different people had different interests, and not everyone paid much attention to entertainment news.

There were a lot of people who liked business and politics more than entertainment.

Since Gufan was going to open its first store in City B, it would open a branch in the capital soon.

Gu Ning directly went to the 17th floor to talk with Chen Cangyi about their new stores.

In City B, she had the Tang familys help, so it was very easy and quick for her to settle it.

However, in the capital she needed to deal with it in person, so it progressed slowly.

Anyway, they finally found a suitable store and were about to decorate it.

If it was available to be rented, it could be occupied earlier on.

Nevertheless, they bought instead of renting the store in the capital, because the previous owner needed a lot of money, so he decided to sell it.

However, precisely because he wanted to sell it, the price was much higher and not many people could afford it.

The housing price in the capital was extremely high after all, and a big property of three hundred square-meters cost dozens of million yuan.

Gu Ning also hoped that she could acquire it, because it was more stable for her to run her business.

Therefore, she bought as many stores as she could.

“It should be done in a week,” Chen Cangyi said.

“Great.” Gu Ning nodded.

“Boss, I just collected some information about the hotel, and you can read it if youre free now,” Chen Cangyi said and handed Gu Ning a file folder.

Gu Ning agreed and took it.

She needed to make money with the companies she took over from Hongyun, so she told Chen Cangyi to help her find good land in the capital.

She planned to open her hotel chain to the capital.

The hotel business was quite advanced in a dominant city like the capital city, so it wasnt easy for them to find a good place.

Since they were going to open a five-star hotel, the location mattered a lot, so Chen Cangyi had searched for good locations for a long time.

The best choice would be a hotel which was under transfer and was close to the city center.

It was a little old, but they could rebuild it as long as they had enough money.

However, the hotel was relatively small, and was only about five hundred square-meters, which wasnt enough for a five-star hotel.

Nevertheless, Chen Cangyi thought it was the best choice for a reason.

Although the hotel wasnt large enough, there was an old residential building that would be demolished sooner or later.

Only half of it was occupied, mostly by tenants.

There was a large green belt as well, so it would be large enough to build a five-star hotel if they could get all of those properties.

To make sure of it, Chen Cangyi went to the Ministry of Land and Resources for advice.

The piece of land where the old residential building was on was owned by the government, and they could acquire and develop it, but they needed to talk with the apartment owners in person to buy their property right.

After that, they must change the ownership of the land and apartments in order to get the land.

Normally, a piece of land had 70 years of property right, and this residential building was already 36 years old, so they could only use it for 34 years if they bought it.

If they wanted to add it to 70 years, they should pay more money for the remaining 36 years.

Besides, they also needed to negotiate with the apartment owners.

This residential building was old, but it was still worth a lot of money.

The second place Chen Cangyi found was a newly-developed wasteland, but the construction stopped even before the foundation was finished.

This place was quite large with over four thousand square-meters, and it should have been a big shopping mall.

It might be large enough for a hotel, but wasnt big enough for a shopping mall.

It was located in the eastern district, so it had a good location too.

Unfortunately, it was said to be an unlucky place.

When the construction started, workers dug out a grave with a coffin in it.

When they opened it, they found a dry body in an officials suit from the Qing dynasty inside.

Afterwards, the body was moved to a museum.

However, strange things happened later, and many workers got into accidents one by one at the construction site.

At the beginning, they didnt take it seriously, but someone died in the end, so they began to believe that this place was haunted.

As a result, the construction came to a halt.


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