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“Dont you need to make money if you want to live a good life”

“No one dislikes money, and it isnt a problem if someone is very good at making money.”

“Right, Gu Ning is extraordinary among her peers.

Not every young teen could be as successful as her.”

“I think theyre simply jealous of Goddess Gu.”

“Goddess Gu is my idol, and I wont allow anyone to humiliate her.”

“Haters are disgusting!”

“Even if you dont like Goddess Gu, dont attack her and slander her.”

“Ive learned a lot from her anyway, and Im improving myself as well.”

“Goddess Gu has many fans, so you should mind what you say.”


Facing Gu Nings loyal fans, those who disliked Gu Ning had to remain quiet.

Although they fiercely argued against each other on the Internet, Gu Ning wasnt aware of it at all.

Because Gu Nings fans strongly demanded an apology, many haters kept @(mentioned) Gu Ning and apologized to her on Weibo.

Gu Ning didnt see that at the beginning, until Hao Ran noticed it.

He @(mentioned) Gu Ning in their WeChat group and told her to read it.

Gu Ning seldom showed up in their WeChat group and chatted with them, but she would notice new messages if they @(mentioned) her.

Hao Ran: Boss, your fans are so aggressive, but I like it!

“Come on, it isnt our bosss fault.”

“If they want money, they should try to make it themselves.”

“Theyre simply jealous of the rich!”


Gu Nings friends all defended her.

In fact, they loved seeing that Gu Ning had many loyal fans so that nobody could damage her reputation for no reason on social media.

If they met those haters on the Internet, they wouldnt hesitate to argue against them for Gu Ning as well.

Gu Ning read their messages in the WeChat group before she logged into Weibo again.

Although haters were hateful, she didnt care about their opinions.

Gu Ning didnt think it was a big deal, but she was afraid that her fans would still be annoyed, so she gave them a reply.

“I understand different people have different values, and I wont be mad if the criticisms make sense.

People make mistakes, including me, but Im not afraid of hardships.

Im very proud of myself for what Ive achieved, and I wont stop.”

Gu Ning wasnt warning those who disliked her, but made her attitude quite clear.

She wasnt mean and was willing to accept reasonable criticisms, because they would help her to improve herself.

When everyone saw that Gu Ning didnt mind and accepted the apology, the drama lost attention.

Gu Nings fans seized the chance and asked her whether she would show up at the opening ceremony that Saturday.

Because too many people asked her the same question, Gu Ning gave them a reply.

Gu Ning: Many people ask me whether Ill be attending the opening ceremony, but Im not sure about it right now.

If Im free that day, Ill go.

If Im not, unfortunately I wont show up.

Seeing Gu Nings reply, many Internet users got excited.

“Goddess Gu just replied!”

“If Goddess Gu doesnt show up, Ill be disappointed.”

“Ill go anyway, and maybe I can see Goddess Gu.”

“Goddess Gu is too busy.”

“She has too many companies.”

“Goddess Gu, you must take good care of yourself.”

“Health matters most.”

“Right, take good care of yourself, Goddess Gu!”

“Well support you forever!”


Many Internet users cared about Gu Nings health, so Gu Ning felt touched when she read their comments.

After that, she sent out another post to thank them for their concern.


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