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Qi Ziyue was confused and looked around for the answer.

When he saw the medical equipment in the room, he was scared.

Why was he in a hospital now

“Yunlin!” he called Chen Yunlin who was by his bed.

Qi Ziyues voice was very weak, but luckily Chen Yunlin still heard it.

Chen Yunlin opened her eyes and got excited.

“Ziyue, youre awake!”

“What happened Why am I in a hospital now” Qi Ziyue frowned in annoyance.

She should know that he was in a very dangerous situation now, and Tang Bingsen could find him at any moment.

“A strange woman intruded into my house last night.

She knocked me unconscious.

By the time I woke up the room you slept in was in complete chaos.

You were seriously injured and lying on the ground, so I had to call an ambulance,” Chen Yunlin said.

Hearing Chen Yunlins explanation, Qi Ziyue remembered what he had been through last night and his eyes were full of fear.

“Hows my body now Am I alright” Qi Ziyue asked anxiously.

Chen Yunlin opened her mouth, but didnt know what to say and where to start.

Seeing that, Qi Ziyue had a premonition.

“Tell me, whats wrong with my body!” Qi Ziyue asked in anger.

Chen Yunlin understood that Qi Ziyue would know sooner or later, so she said, “She poured a large amount of drugs into your body.”

“What” Qi Ziyue was struck dumb.

“And” Qi Ziyue asked.

“The injuries on your body werent caused by the woman, it was caused by the hallucinations caused by the drug.

The doctor said that youre already addicted to drugs now, and its not appropriate for you to get rid of it right away, because your injuries must be cured first,” Chen Yunlin said with worry.

She hated drug addicts, but Qi Ziyue was innocent and was forced to take drugs.

In that case, she didnt hate him at all, and had sympathy for him.

Qi Ziyue remained silent and pressed his lips.

He knew how hard and painful it was to get rid of drug addictions.

One of his friends was addicted to drugs before, and tried to get rid of it later.

Although his friend succeeded in the end, his friend honestly told him that it was a great torture and he never wanted to suffer it again.

Every time he suffered withdrawal, he would rather die right away.

Only people who werent deeply addicted to drugs and had strong determination could successfully get rid of drug addictions.

Therefore, drugs were really harmful.

Qi Ziyues addiction to drugs wasnt very serious, and he could recover.

However, it would still be very hard.

Qi Ziyue was very rich and he could afford drugs for many years, but his body undoubtedly would be ruined.

“Ziyue, what do you plan to do” Chen Yunlin asked.

“Get the doctor here.

I need to talk with him,” Qi Ziyue said.

“Sure.” Chen Yunlin nodded and went to call the doctor.

After a short while, the doctor came with Chen Yunlin.

The doctor thought that it was safer for Qi Ziyue to cure his injuries before he got rid of drugs, but it was illegal to take drugs, so it was still up to Qi Ziyue.

He could hide the secret for now, but he wouldnt take responsibility if it was exposed.

As a result, Qi Ziyue chose to cure his injuries first.

However, he had to figure out a way to get drugs.

Gu Ning finished eating breakfast, then went to her company while Wu Shunhua secretly followed her.

He followed her all the way to her destination.

Wu Shunhua stopped his car outside the Shengning Organization, then Dongfang Ziyu got in and sat next to him.

“That car is Gu Nings,” Wu Shunhua said.

It was very normal for Gu Ning, who was the founder of a large business group, to own several cars.

“I sneaked into their factory last night, and I found that there is magical power in every one of their medicines, but I just couldnt find the source of the magical power,” Dongfang Ziyu said with a frown.

She felt disappointed when she failed to find the source.

Actually, Gu Ning had already told Ning Changkai to hide the power crystals well, so Dongfang Ziyu couldnt find them.

Dongfang Ziyu didnt have Gu Nings Jade Eyes, so it was difficult for her to find them within a short time.

In addition, power crystals were stored in porcelain bottles, which could stop the magical power from spreading out.

“What should we do now” Wu Shunhua asked.

They had been following Gu Ning for days, but found nothing useful.

After a second, Wu Shunhua added, “The kung fu competition will be held in half a year, and the patriarch said that you must win the championship to get the magical pill.”

The kung fu competition was held by Tiandaomen every three years in the cultivation world, and the champion could get a magical pill which was something that every cultivator wanted.


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