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“Alright, I wont go over.

You can calm down first.” The nurse stopped at once, then she noticed that Ji Yijing was still sleeping on another bed.

She felt that it was quite strange and frowned with confusion.

Thinking of Tang Yaxins current condition, the nurse sensed that something wrong must have happened, so she ran to test Ji Yijings breath.

Luckily, Ji Yijing was still breathing, so the nurse was relieved.


Tang” The nurse shook Ji Yijings body, but she wouldnt wake up.


Tang Mrs.

Tang” The nurse got nervous.

Without delay, she stood up and went to the doctor who was on duty tonight.

The doctor and his assistant came back with the nurse later.

The male doctor was Tang Yaxins attending physician, and the female doctor was his assistant.

On their way to the ward, the nurse briefly introduced Tang Yaxins and Ji Yijings conditions to him, but he was also confused.

It was obvious that Tang Yaxin was mentally shocked, but they didnt know why it suddenly happened.

Ji Yijing was unconscious now, so no one could tell them the real reason.

When someone entered the ward again, Tang Yaxin shouted, “Leave me alone.

Dont kill me!”

The male doctor was surprised when Tang Yaxin shouted that at him.

He wondered if she might have had a terrible nightmare, or was someone really going to kill her

The male doctor found it quite strange.

“Miss Tang, calm down.

Were here to help you, can you tell us what happened in this room” The male doctor remained patient.

“Tang Aining, its Tang Aining.

She wants to take revenge!” Tang Yaxin shouted again.

Although her mind was in chaos right now, she was still able to answer questions.

Hearing that, the male doctor nodded, because he was aware of what had happened at Tang Yaxins wedding.

However, he didnt think that Tang Aining was a bad person.

If the news about her on the Internet was real, then she had been through a lot and was pitiful.

Tang Yaxin, on the contrary, was quite hateful.

Nevertheless, Tang Yaxin was his patient now, so he had to focus on his job as a doctor.

“Has she been here” the male doctor asked.

“Yes, and she said that she would torture me,” Tang Yaxin said in fear.

“Doctor Zhang, can you go check Mrs.

Tangs body” the male doctor asked the female doctor.

“Sure.” Doctor Zhang agreed and walked to Ji Yijing.

After checking on Ji Yijing, she said, “She is indeed passed out, its probably because of a sudden scare.”

Hearing that, the male doctor frowned.

“No, its Tang Aining.

Tang Aining knocked my mother unconscious,” Tang Yaxin said at once.

“Doctor Zhang, you can stay here to comfort Miss Tang, and Ill go to the monitoring room,” the male doctor said.

“No problem.” Doctor Zhang agreed, so the male doctor left for the monitoring room.

The male doctor watched the surveillance footage for the cameras in the passage first, and he saw a woman dressed in all black pass by just a few minutes ago.

About three minutes later, a nurse ran towards Tang Yaxins ward.

If the woman in all black didnt walk fast, she must still be in the hospital right now.

The male doctor thought for a while, but didnt call the police.

Instead, he called Tang Bingsen.

Tang Yaxin was in a bad mental condition, while Ji Yijing was still unconscious, so he could only talk about it with Tang Bingsen.

Tang Bingsen was displeased when someone interrupted his sleep at midnight, but he calmed down the second he saw the callers name.

The first thought in his mind was that Tang Yaxin could be in trouble, so he picked it up right away.

Although he was mad at Tang Yaxin because of what had happened at her wedding, she was his daughter after all.

After that, the male doctor told Tang Bingsen about what had just happened.

Tang Bingsen was furious and blamed the male doctor for not taking good care of Tang Yaxin and Ji Yijing.

The male doctor knew that it was his fault, so he kept apologizing to Tang Bingsen.

Even though Tang Bingsen was full of anger, he still didnt want to call the police.

The male doctor also told him that this was the first call he made, so Tang Bingsen told him not to call the police or tell anyone else.

He decided to deal with it himself.

Before long, Tang Bingsen arrived at the hospital along with two top bodyguards.

They were much stronger than the bodyguards at Tang Yaxins wedding, because they were mercenaries who were comparable to professional killers.

Tang Bingsen was afraid that “Tang Aining” would attack him again, so he hired two mercenaries to protect him.

To his astonishment, “Tang Aining” went to hurt Tang Yaxin.

He thought that the hospital would be safe, but it turned out that he was wrong.

Tang Bingsen went to see Tang Yaxin and Ji Yijing right after he reached the hospital.

Ji Yijing woke up before Tang Bingsen walked into the ward, and she felt terrified after hearing what had happened when she was unconscious.

“Tang Aining” was a formidable enemy, making it impossible for them to stay calm at this moment.

Ji Yijing comforted Tang Yaxin for a long while before she finally relaxed a little.

Tang Yaxin told Tang Bingsen what “Tang Aining” had done to her, but her voice still trembled in fear when she mentioned the name.


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