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“You also told me that our father understood that he would lose control of me once my mother died, so he arranged for a man to chase me and made me fall in love with the man.

I did everything I could for our father, but you still stole my man away from me.”

Tang Yaxin stared straight at Gu Ning in great shock.

“Tang Yaxin, what a surprise!” Gu Ning smiled at her.

“No, its impossible.” Tang Yaxin almost cried in despair.

“You still dont believe it Well, do you remember what you did to me on the first day you and your mother, whos a mistress, entered my home You treated me as a maid and caused mischief between me and Tang Bingsen,” Gu Ning said.

She remembered everything clearly, and didnt have the courage to forget the terrible things she had been through.

“You never stopped humiliating me when we lived under the same roof.

You looked kind on the surface, but actually you were the evilest girl Ive ever seen…”

“Stop it, stop it now!” Tang Yaxin cried.

People who didnt know her might have sympathy for her, but Gu Ning didnt buy it.

Her tears were cheap, and she was as evil as always.

Gu Ning had no sympathy for her enemy.

“Stop it Why Tang Yaxin, you should admit to your crimes,” Gu Ning said.

“Everyone will pay for what he or she has done before, right”

“No, no.” Tang Yaxin shook her head.

“I know Im not a good person either, because Ive done a lot of bad things for Tang Bingsen.

If Im punished one day, Im willing to accept it,” Gu Ning said.

She had no choice in her previous incarnation, but she had choices in this incarnation and she chose to be a good person.

“No, no, please.” Tang Yaxin began to beg Gu Ning for forgiveness, although it was useless.

She was no match for Gu Ning, and it was impossible for her to escape now.

It was very easy for Gu Ning to kill her at this moment, but Gu Ning didnt do that.

Tang Yaxin was reluctant to die, because she was so young.

“Relax, I wont kill you, Ill only torture you.

Not only you, but Qi Ziyue, Tang Bingsen, Ji Yijing, and whoever has caused me pain before will also be tortured by me,” Gu Ning said.

“You cant run away.

None of you can get away with what youve done to me.”

Gu Nings cold voice echoed in Tang Yaxins ears.

Tang Yaxin was terrified and her body shook harder.

In the following seconds, her body began to become cold and stiff under the effect of Gu Nings magical power.

Although Gu Ning had no intention to directly ruin her body, she could easily damage her body.

Tang Yaxin felt more and more uncomfortable and she was also in a terrible metal condition now.

After a while, Gu Ning stopped.

“Hang on there, Tang Yaxin.

Its not over yet, and Ill come back to you,” Gu Ning said and left.

Once Gu Ning let her go, Tang Yaxin wanted to shout, but didnt dare to do that in case Gu Ning came back and killed her.

She was completely under the control of the fear that Gu Ning caused her.

Tang Yaxin didnt dare to ring the bell calling for a nurse until Gu Ning was gone for a long time.

Ji Yijing was still unconscious, and both of them needed help right away.

Hearing the bell, a nurse ran over in a hurry.

Although the nurse disliked Tang Yaxin after knowing about her sex scandal and STD, it was her job so she had to take care of her.

She was only a nurse, and didnt dare to act against the powerful Tang family.

Because it was a VIP ward, there was a living room at the front.

The nurse turned on the lights once she walked inside, then stepped to the inner room.

“Miss Tang, what happened” The nurse was scared when she saw Tang Yaxin trembling on the bed.

“Stay away from me,” Tang Yaxin screamed.

Her mental state was abnormal now and couldnt distinguish the nurse from “Tang Aining”.


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