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Most importantly, Xiang Yili wasnt skilled at running a business, and she would ruin their family business within a short time.

Therefore, no matter what, they had to stop her from taking over their family business.

Besides, given what Xiang Yili had done to the old woman, their mother and daughter relationship came to an end, so the old woman decided to take back the 10% shares which used to belong to Xiang Yili.

When Gu Ning showed up in the hospital again, she was in all black once more.

It wasnt a very special look, so she didnt attract much attention from other people.

Many people wore masks, especially medical masks in a hospital, and everyone was busy dealing with his or her own things.

No accidents happened this time, and Gu Ning successfully reached Tang Yaxins ward.

She used her Jade Eyes to see inside of the ward before she entered, so she saw that Ji Yijing was staying with Tang Yaxin in the room.

At this time, both of them were fast asleep.

Tang Yaxin woke up shortly after she was admitted to the hospital, but unfortunately she was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.

STDs spread through sexual intercourse, and mainly affected the genitals, so because Tang Yaxin had a sexual relationship with different men, it wasnt strange that she was infected.

STDs were infectious, but Qi Ziyue wasnt infected, so Tang Yaxin might have just gotten infected a short while ago.

K hadnt investigated it, so Gu Ning wasnt aware of it.

The door of the ward wasnt locked, which was for the doctors convenience.

Therefore, Gu Ning pushed the door open and walked inside without waking up Tang Yaxin and Ji Yijing.

She walked to Ji Yijing first and hit the back of her neck so that Ji Yijing would fall unconscious right away.

Gu Nings target was Tang Yaxin tonight, so she had to make sure that Ji Yijing wouldnt make any noises.

After that, Gu Ning walked towards Tang Yaxin who was lying on the hospital bed.

It was super easy for Gu Ning to kill her right now, but Gu Ning had no intention to do that.

If she wanted to kill them, she could have done that a long time ago when she saw them for the first time.

She wanted to torture Tang Yaxin.

Gu Ning woke Tang Yaxin up the next second.

Tang Yaxin was displeased when someone ruined her sweet dreams.

She opened her eyes and wanted to vent her anger on the person who dared to do that to her.

However, she was scared the second she saw Gu Nings face, and Gu Ning pinched her neck at once so that she couldnt make a sound.

Tang Yaxin raised her hands to move Gu Nings hands away, but Gu Ning released her cold magical power.

When the cold magical power affected Tang Yaxin, Tang Yaxin stiffened and couldnt move at all.

“You better stay quiet, or Ill break your neck,” Gu Ning said in a low voice.

Tang Yaxin turned to look at her mother, but Ji Yijing was still lying on the other bed silently.

“She cant help you, because shes unconscious now,” Gu Ning said with a satisfied smile.

Knowing that, Tang Yaxin felt helpless.

“W-Who are you What do you want to do” Tang Yaxin struggled to say a complete sentence.

“Take revenge of course.” Gu Ning sneered.

“You…” Tang Yaxin was scared and thought of Tang Aining.

“Are you the woman who ruined my wedding” Tang Yaxin asked.

“Right, but to be specific, I am Tang Aining,” Gu Ning said.

She didnt bother to hide her real identity now.

“No, No.” Tang Yaxin was frightened and refused to believe it.

Tang Aining was already dead, and she didnt think that Tang Aining could come alive again.

“Well, I can explain it to you.” Gu Ning smiled again.

She didnt care whether Tang Yaxin was willing to hear it or not and continued, “On 6th, August last year, Qi Ziyue invited me to have fun on the ocean, which was part of your scheme…”

Hearing that, Tang Yaxin trembled in fear.

Gu Ning was very satisfied with her reaction and said, “I was shot in the right shoulder and left thigh, and I still remember our conversation at that time.

I asked Qi Ziyue why he did that to me, but you told me that Qi Ziyue never loved me.

I was simply a pawn in his eyes, right”

Tang Yaxin almost had a breakdown, because she still remembered it very clearly.

However, she still couldnt believe that Gu Ning was Tang Aining.

Tang Aining was dead, and that was the only truth that she could accept.


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