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Chen Yunlin instinctively wanted to run away, but she didnt.

However, she didnt dare to move closer either.

After hesitating for a while, she still walked to Qi Ziyue.

Her heart was pounding fast, and her body was shaking.

When she moved near, she saw bruises, abrasions, and cuts all around Qi Ziyues body.

Chen Yunlin was frightened, because she didnt know whether Qi Ziyue was still alive.

She did everything she could to calm herself down and reached her finger out to test his breath.

Luckily, Qi Ziyue was still breathing, although his breathing was quite weak.

Chen Yunlin knew that the Tang family was chasing Qi Ziyue now, but she had to send him to the hospital as soon as possible.

She didnt want him to die.

There were many hospitals in the capital, so she was confident that the Tang family couldnt find him so soon.

Therefore, Chen Yunlin called an ambulance.

About 10 minutes later, an ambulance arrived and Chen Yunlin followed Qi Ziyue to the hospital.

The doctor examined Qi Ziyue, but he didnt tell Chen Yunlin the result right away.

Instead, he asked for her relationship with Qi Ziyue.

Chen Yunlin told the doctor that they were friends, and the doctor asked her how Qi Ziyue was seriously hurt like that.

Chen Yunlin then told the doctor that a strange woman in black intruded into her home at midnight and attacked them.

The doctor, however, still had doubt after hearing her explanation.

It was obvious that there was a large amount of drugs in Qi Ziyues body and Qi Ziyue hurt himself after being affected by the drug.

It was possible that Chen Yunlin was hiding the truth in order to protect Qi Ziyue.

If not, it was also possible that she didnt know that Qi Ziyue had taken a lot of drugs.

“Well, your friend took a lot of drugs, and the excessive amount of drug use caused confusion, judgment disorders, similar delusional schizophrenia, paranoia, auditory hallucinations, persecutory delusions, etc.

Your friend was in a very bad situation, and the injuries around his body were likely caused by himself during the hallucinations,” the doctor said.

“W-What Hes on drugs” Chen Yunlin was shocked.

To her astonishment, Qi Ziyue was using drugs.

“I cant believe it.

Are you sure” It was totally unacceptable in Chen Yunlins eyes.

Seeing Chen Yunlins reaction, the doctor was sure that she didnt know that Qi Ziyue was on drugs.

“Yes, he just took a large amount of drugs.”

After making sure of it, Chen Yunlin still found it was hard for her to accept, because she knew how addictive and poisonous drugs were.

She didnt think that Qi Ziyue took the drugs on his own, and believed that it must have been the strange woman who forced him to do it.

She wanted to call the police, but gave up once she thought of the complicated situation Qi Ziyue was in.

“Hows he now” Chen Yunlin asked.

“The injuries on his body arent serious, but the large amount of drugs badly affect his organs.

Hes already addicted to the drugs and will suffer withdrawal after waking up.

We can only cure his body, but we cant help him get rid of the drugs.

Its complicated,” the doctor said.

Although the doctor hated drug addicts, he had to let Qi Ziyue use drugs if they wanted to treat him.

Otherwise, he would easily lose his temper during the treatment.

“What should we do now” Chen Yunlin felt helpless.

“We must cure his injuries first and we need drugs to help him stay calm during this time,” said the doctor.

“I dont have drugs.

He didnt take the drugs on his own.

Someone forced him to take the drugs!” Chen Yunlin said.

Hearing that, the doctor nodded.

It wasnt very likely for a drug addict to take such a large amount of drugs at a time.

If Qi Ziyue was forced to take a lot of drugs, the person must have been trying to kill him.

In that case, Qi Ziyue was quite lucky that he survived.

“Where is his family” the doctor asked later.

“He doesnt have a family,” Chen Yunlin said.

“Well, then he can make the decision himself after waking up,” the doctor said.

Chen Yunlin wasnt Qi Ziyues family, so she didnt have the right to make decisions for him.

And whenever the patient had the ability to make decisions, he had to do it himself.

“Sure.” Chen Yunlin nodded.

Chen Yunlin asked for a VIP ward for Qi Ziyue, and told the doctor and nurses not to tell other people where Qi Ziyue stayed.

She didnt want anyone to find him.

It was part of doctors and nurses duties to keep patients privacy from other people, so they agreed.

However, if the police came, nobody could stop them.

What Chen Yunlin didnt know was that the Tang family didnt turn to the police for help this time, because Qi Ziyue still had something on the Tang family.


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