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He had many friends who also cared about him, but Xu Qinyin was different in his eyes.

“Is it about the Tang family” Xu Qinyin asked.

She read the big news about the Tang family today as well.

Although Xu Qinyin wasnt clear about Tang Qingyangs grudges against the Tang family, she knew that he hated the Tang family and that Tang Bingsen always acted against Tang Qingyang.

Xu Qinyin was displeased about it, so she also felt happy when the Tang family was in trouble.

“Yeah.” Tang Qingyang nodded.

“Will it affect you or the Tang Organization” Xu Qinyin asked again with concern.

After all, Tang Qingyang was a major shareholder of the Tang Organization.

“Its fine.

Not a big deal, I can handle it well,” Tang Qingyang said.

“Great!” Xu Qinyin was relieved.

“Since youre in a good mood today, lets have a toast!”

Xu Qinyin raised her glass and clinked Tang Qingyangs glass.

After that, they swallowed their drinks.

Before Xu Qinyin came, Tang Qingyang had already drunk a lot, but he was willing to listen to her after she came and told him to drink less.

Jiang Ruiqin was amused by the scene and hoped that they could get together as soon as possible.

Shen Baixiang kept glancing at Xu Qinyin, which annoyed Luo Xueshan, making her lose interest in the gathering.

However, she couldnt say anything about it in case Shen Baixiang was mad at her.

They all drank in an upset atmosphere and felt bored.

Shen Baixiang and Luo Xueshan were in a bad mood, so their friends left them behind and began to play games by themselves.

At 9:30 pm, Gu Ning came and walked to Tang Qingyang.

Luo Xueshan noticed Gu Ning the second she showed up in the bar and was quite shocked.

She recognized Gu Ning because she had read a lot of news about her on the Internet.

To be specific, she was one of Gu Nings fans.

Gu Ning had a lot of great achievements at a very young age, and she also had a bright future ahead.

She also wished that she could be as successful as Gu Ning.

However, it turned out that Xu Qinyin and Gu Ning were friends in real life, which made Luo Xueshan even more jealous of Xu Qinyin now.

Because of Xu Qinyin, Luo Xueshan changed her impression of Gu Ning.

She let her jealousy totally get the better of her.

However, Gu Ning definitely didnt care about her opinions.

“Ningning, did you hear about what happened to the Tang family today” Xu Qinyin asked Gu Ning when she sat down.

“Sure.” Gu Ning smiled.

It wasnt a secret that she and Tang Yaxin were enemies.

Xu Qinyin didnt understand Gu Nings smile, but Tang Qingyang did, because it was just a part of Gu Nings revenge.

“Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyue are gross!” Xu Qinyin said with a frown.

“There are all kinds of fish in the sea,” Gu Ning said and shrugged.

Shortly after Gu Ning seated herself by the table, she sensed an unkind gaze on them.

She gave a simple glance and figured out who it was.

Although Gu Ning didnt know whether Xu Qinyin was aware of Shen Baixiangs presence, she had no intention to mention it in case Xu Qinyin became unhappy.

Shen Baixiang came with his friends today after all, so it could be a coincidence.

Gu Ning didnt bother to pay more attention to Shen Baixiang, and they began to enjoy drinks and games.

When Xu Qinyin lost the game, Tang Qingyang proposed to drink for her, but Xu Qinyin rejected it and said that he should be more careful about his injury.

Although Xu Qinyin turned him down, he wasnt disappointed at all.

From their interaction, Gu Ning saw the chemistry between them, but seeing as neither of them wanted to make it public now, Gu Ning smiled and said nothing.

A while later, Gu Ning went to the ladies room with Xu Qinyin and asked her whether she saw Shen Baixiang in the bar.

Xu Qinyin didnt know that Shen Baixiang was also in the bar, but she told Gu Ning about what had happened outside the bar.

Qi Ziyue suffered the torture caused by the drugs for nearly an hour, then became quiet.

Chen Yunlin also woke up about an hour later.

The moment she got her consciousness back, she remembered the person in black and stood up in fear at once.

Because Gu Ning already removed the ropes from Chen Yunlins body, she was able to move freely now.

She checked her surroundings, and found that she was still in her study, which meant that the persons target wasnt her.

If she wasnt the target, it must be Qi Ziyue!

Chen Yunlin was scared and ran to the master bedroom anxiously.

She was stunned once she saw the situation in the master bedroom.

In the master bedroom, everything was broken and scattered around, while Qi Ziyue was lying on the ground without clear vital signs.

Chen Yunlin panicked and trembled in fear.


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