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Chapter 1488: Were Not Friends

Shen Baixiang knew that Xu Qinyin was avoiding him.

Maybe it was because he had hurt her before and she hated him now, or because she disdained him now, but either way, he was unwilling to give up.

As long as he could marry into the Xu family, he would have a bright future.

“Im sorry, I dont think that were close at all.

Weve only met each other several times,” Xu Qinyin said after losing her patience.

It was true that they seldom saw each other during these years.

When they were back in the school, Xu Qinyin had only met him three times, and she quietly admired him from afar most of the time.

After their graduation, they barely saw one another.

However, Shen Baixiang had the idea to coincidentally meet Xu Qinyin once he found out about her real family background.

Although Xu Qinyin didnt have evidence to prove that Shen Baixiang approached her on purpose recently, she was very sure that he was calculating.

He had rejected her before, but suddenly acted so kind towards her, which was quite abnormal.

They didnt keep in touch after all.

“Xu Qinyin, stop acting! We all know that you confessed your love to Baixiang before.

Dont you think that youre hypocritical” Luo Xueshan was mad.

Even though Luo Xueshan hated it when Shen Baixiang stood near to Xu Qinyin, she disliked it when Xu Qinyin embarrassed Shen Baixiang too.

In Luo Xueshans eyes, Shen Baixiang was her prince, and she wouldnt allow anyone to humiliate him.

However, Xu Qinyin had a totally different opinion about Shen Baixiang and she thought that he always despised the poor and curried favor with the rich.

If Shen Baixiang didnt know that her family was the Xu family in the capital, he wouldnt be eager to please her.

“Xueshan, dont say that!” Shen Baixiang stopped Luo Xueshan right away and turned to explain it to Xu Qinyin.

“Qinyin, please dont mind.

Xueshan didnt mean it.”

Luo Xueshan was furious when she saw Shen Baixiang explaining it to Xu Qinyin with a smile.

“Baixiang, I…” Luo Xueshan tried to defend herself, but Shen Baixiang gave her a glance of warning.

“Well.” Xu Qinyin felt it was quite ironic.

“Xueshan, I think its necessary for me to explain it to you right now.

I admit that Ive confessed my affection towards Baixiang before, but it doesnt mean that Im familiar with him.

I have only met him several times till now, and I believe that many girls in our school have admired him from afar.

After my graduation, I barely saw Baixiang, and gradually forgot about him.

To be honest with you, were not even friends.”

“You…” Luo Xueshan felt embarrassed and didnt know what to say now.

Shen Baixiang was angry too, but didnt dare to vent his anger on Xu Qinyin.

“Baixiang, were simply alumni at the most, so please dont tell other people that were familiar with each other, because it may cause misunderstandings.

If you dont mind, we can regard each other as strangers,” Xu Qinyin said.

Xu Qinyin understood that Luo Xueshan admired Shen Baixiang and that she was attacking her because of him.

Actually, she always wanted to find a good reason to get rid of Shen Baixiang.

She was a member of the Xu family anyway, and she had to take her familys reputation into consideration when she did anything.

Now she got a good chance and didnt want to miss it.

“Qinyin, its not like that.

Xueshan and I…” Shen Baixiang was anxious.

He couldnt wait to prove that there was nothing special between Luo Xuehan and him.

Unfortunately, he only made the situation more complicated.

The more eager he was to try to clear his relationship with Luo Xueshan, the more misunderstandings he caused.

“Enough, I dont want to hear it.

Im an adult, not a kid and I know whats happening.

Alright, I should go now,” Xu Qinyin said and was unwilling to let Shen Baixiang finish.

After that, she walked into Song Nans bar.

“Qinyin!” Shen Baixiang wanted to stop her, but was afraid that he might annoy her, so he gave up.

However, he was full of anger now.

He felt embarrassed because Xu Qinyin didnt care about his dignity.

Even though Shen Baixiang still wanted to chase Xu Qinyin, it didnt mean that he was tolerant and would respect her.

He was only hiding his true colors.


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