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There were surveillance cameras everywhere in the village, so K easily found Qi Ziyue.

Qi Ziyue went to a clothing store and immediately changed his clothes.

He also put on a baseball cap to hide his face before he left.

Afterwards, he took a taxi to his destination.

The house that Qi Ziyue went to wasnt owned by him; it was under another persons name, but K still successfully found Qi Ziyue in the end.

It was 6:30 pm when Qi Ziyue walked into the house, and there was no one else inside.

He took out bottles of alcohol to drink, which was the only thing he could do now.

What had happened earlier today totally ruined his current plan, so he didnt know what to do next.

A woman entered the house at 7:30 pm.

She was precisely the girl who had sex with Qi Ziyue last night, and her name was Chen Yunlin.

Chen Yunlin was about 25 this year, and she was even prettier than Tang Yaxin.

Actually, Qi Ziyue and Chen Yunlin knew each other from a very young age, and were childhood sweethearts to some extent.

Their fathers were close friends, and they were each others first love.

When they became boyfriend and girlfriend, Qi Ziyue was 20, while Chen Yunlin was only 16.

At that time, Qi Ziyues family was still very rich.

However, his father accidentally offended Tang Bingsen so Tang Bingsen made his familys company go bankrupt later.

His father couldnt accept it and committed suicide by jumping from a tall building.

His mother got sick as well and passed away afterwards.

When Qi Ziyue was 23, he lost his parents.

Even though his family lost their wealth and influence, Chen Yunlin didnt abandon him, but Qi Ziyue was determined to take revenge and he didnt want Chen Yunlin to be involved in it, so he still broke up with her.

After breaking up with each other, they didnt meet again.

When they saw one another again, it was six years later and about a year ago.

They took each other as old friends and simply wanted to share a meal, but unexpectedly they fell in love once more.

Maybe it was because Chen Yunlin was his first girl, but Qi Ziyue couldnt forget her and always missed their happy past.

If his family hadnt been ruined by Tang Bingsen, they could have been married a long time ago.

Although Chen Yunlin was aware that Qi Ziyue was going to marry Tang Yaxin in order to take his revenge, she was still willing to wait for him.

She waited for him till now.

When Chen Yunlin saw a man in the living room, she was scared and thought that he must be a thief and wanted to run away at once.

Qi Ziyue noticed her and said, “Yunlin”

Chen Yunlin recognized his voice and stopped in surprise.

After that, she walked towards him.

“Ziyue Whatre you doing here Isnt today your wedding day”

Chen Yunlin didnt think that Qi Ziyue would give up marrying Tang Yaxin for her, so something terrible must have happened.

“My wedding day” Qi Ziyue snorted with laughter and felt sad.

“Its ruined.

Everything is ruined.” He filled his mouth and throat with alcohol again.

“What Its ruined Ziyue, tell me what happened” Chen Yunlin got anxious.

She cared about Qi Ziyue very much.

Qi Ziyue didnt have patience at this moment, but still told Chen Yunlin about the terrible wedding.

Chen Yunlin felt bad after hearing the story, because it meant that Qi Ziyue couldnt take his revenge now.

“What should we do now” she asked again with concern.

“I dont know,” Qi Ziyue said, feeling helpless.

“I need to stay here for a while before I decide what to do next.”

“Sure, no problem,” Chen Yunlin said at once.

She truly loved Qi Ziyue and was more than willing to help him out.

Though she might not be able to help him a lot, she would stay by his side.

Even if he lost everything one day, she still wanted to live with him.

In fact, given her share of her familys wealth, it was super easy for her to support Qi Ziyue.

The Chen family had a little influence in the capital, but wasnt comparable to the Tang family, so her family couldnt do much when Qi Ziyue decided to take revenge.

Besides, her family didnt know that she kept a secret relationship with Qi Ziyue, which was unacceptable in her parents eyes.

It was known to everyone that Qi Ziyue was Tang Yaxins husband, so she was only a mistress.

If Qi Ziyue didnt marry Tang Yaxin and he was still a deputy manager in the Tang Organization, her family would approve of their relationship.

Unfortunately, the reality was quite the opposite.

Qi Ziyue was in serious trouble now, and it was impossible for him to marry into the Tang family.

What was worse, he became the Tang familys biggest enemy, so her family wouldnt allow her to keep in touch with Qi Ziyue anymore.

She took a great risk to meet Qi Ziyue, which proved that she really loved him.

Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua stayed outside Gu Nings home and company for another day, but they still failed to see her, so they left for dinner at 7 pm.

“Ziyu, does Gu Ning stay home the entire time these days” Wu Shunhua asked.

“Im sure that she didnt go to her company today, but I dont know whether shes still back in Century City,” Dongfang Ziyu said with a frown.

Actually, Gu Ning didnt go to Century City at all yesterday.

They couldnt figure out where Gu Ning was right now, so it was super easy for Gu Ning to avoid them.


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