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Hearing that, Qi Ziyue trembled in fear, because he knew it was what he had said last night.

Gu Ning had a voice recording of his conversation with another girl!

In addition to Qi Ziyue himself, Tang Bingsen, Tang Yaxin, and Ji Yijing were most familiar with him at the wedding, so they recognized his voice at the first second.

It was obvious that he was talking with another woman before his wedding with Tang Yaxin.

All the guests stopped as well.

“Dont worry, I already told you that I dont like Tang Yaxin at all and Im only marrying her to steal the Tang familys property and take my revenge…”

At this moment, everyone turned to look at Qi Ziyue in shock.

Qi Ziyue only married Tang Yaxin to steal the Tang familys property and take his revenge.

He didnt love Tang Yaxin at all.

Knowing that, even Tang Bingsen and Tang Yaxin were stunned.

Qi Ziyue got his mind back and ran towards Gu Ning, trying to grab the loudspeaker away, but Gu Ning easily avoided him.

Qi Ziyue failed to stop her and the voice recording continued to be played out loud.

“Once I finish that, Ill divorce her and marry you.”

Gu Ning smiled at Qi Ziyue, and enjoyed it when he almost had a mental breakdown.

“You…” Qi Ziyue glared at Gu Ning and ached to tear her to pieces.

He almost lost control of himself, but his reason told him that he was no match for Gu Ning.

“Qi Ziyue, good for you…” Tang Bingsen pointed at Qi Ziyue with a finger, which was trembling in anger.

In fact, Tang Bingsen wanted to know what the Tang family had done to Qi Ziyue that made him want to take revenge, but he couldnt ask right now.

Tang Bingsen clearly knew that he had countless enemies, so he wasnt very surprised that Qi Ziyue was one of them.

Tang Yaxin was struck dumb after hearing the voice recording.

She couldnt believe that Qi ZIyue married her in order to divorce her one day in the future.

It was fine if he only cheated on her, because she did the same thing.

Actually, if he promised that he would never do it again, she would forgive him and still happily marry him.

They already had the legal marriage certificate and she really loved him, but now everything was ruined.

“Qi Ziyue, youre a jerk! How could you do that to Yaxin” Ji Yijing went crazy and hit Qi Ziyue with full force.

Qi Ziyue wasnt in the mood to argue with Ji Yijing and he didnt avoid her on time.

Ji Yijings sharp nails scratched his face and he took a breath in pain.

He didnt fight back, but simply moved away.

Tang Yaxin couldnt accept it any longer, and suddenly collapsed to the ground.

“Yaxin!” Ji Yijing turned to check Tang Yaxin at once, and left Qi Ziyue behind.

Tang Bingsen was full of anger, but he had to take care of his daughter, so he called the ambulance right away.

At the same time, he also gave an order.

“Catch Qi Ziyue right now and take him away!” If Qi Ziyue stayed here, he would say something to humiliate his family in public.

Given what had happened, it was impossible for him to let Qi Ziyue get away with it.

No matter what, he couldnt trust Qi Ziyue now.

Although he was confident that Qi Ziyue didnt have anything on him or his company, he still needed to be careful.

He wouldnt kill Qi Ziyue, because it would only cause him more trouble.

However, he could do something else to punish Qi Ziyue as long as Qi Ziyue stayed alive.

Two bodyguards stood out without delay, and went to catch Qi Ziyue.

Qi Ziyue was reluctant to be caught by them.

He wouldnt be safe if Tang Bingsen caught him after his scheme was exposed.

Therefore, he ran away without hesitation.

As long as he was able to run away, he could have a second chance.

Compared with ordinary people, Qi Ziyue had learned some fighting skills, so he hid himself in the crowd and successfully got rid of those bodyguards.

Even though there were many guests at the place, nobody was willing to be involved in this drama, so no one helped Tang Bingsen catch him.

And those bodyguards were afraid to hurt innocent guests, so they had to move gently.

Tang Bingsen was displeased about it, but he couldnt criticize other people.

Gu Ning also had the intention to let Qi Ziyue run away, so she didnt bother to stop him.

She had already achieved her goal today, so she should leave too.

When Tang Bingsen lost sight of Qi Ziyue, he turned around and found that Gu Ning was also gone.

He was furious the second he realized that.

“Get the woman back, now!” he shouted, but he had a feeling that it was meaningless.

Gu Ning appeared and disappeared out of blue, and nobody could catch her.

However, even though Tang Bingsen was aware that it was hard to find them, he had to catch them as soon as he could.

If he couldnt catch them, they could do more things to hurt his familys reputation and interests.

As for Qi Ziyue, Tang Bingsen had confidence to find him, because Qi Ziyue wasnt as troublesome as Gu Ning.


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