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However, each client could only reserve one piece of jewelry.

This Kings Green was big enough to make four bracelets, two wide jade rings, several pendants and several pairs of earrings.

If the size of the jewelry was smaller, the amount of it could increase a little bit.

Actually, Gu Ning wasnt very hopeful that there would be many clients to reserve the Kings Green.

Its price was too high after all.

Not many could afford it, or were willing to pay a fortune for it, but it was still a good promotional plan.

In the afternoon, Gu Qinyang told Gu Qinxiang that he had settled the school.

It was a normal high school, No.

2 High School, in City G.

Gu Xiaoxiao could go and register on Monday.

Even though, Gu Qinxiang was satisfied already.

Gu Qinyang asked Gu Qinxiang whether Gu Xiaoxiao would live in the dormitory or outside the school.

If she lived outside, she needed to rent a house first.

In fact, Gu Qinyang turned to the No.

2 High School on purpose.

It was far away from his home, so that Gu Xiaoxiao couldnt stay in his place.

Gu Qinxiang wasnt in the mood to deal with this mess now.

He understood his daughters character, thus he let Gu Qinyang find an apartment for Gu Xiaoxiao near the school.

He planned to buy Gu Xiaoxiao a house when she went to university.

When the afternoon classes were over, Chu Peihan and her friends took a taxi heading straight to the hotel where Chu Xuanfeng had booked a room.

It was a five-star hotel in the downtown.

When they arrived there, Chu Xuanfeng was waiting for them.

Seeing Gu Ning, Chu Xuanfeng was a little uneasy.

He wasnt confident enough that he could beat Gu Ning.

It would be super embarrassing if he lost, but he couldnt behave like a coward.

Therefore, he wore a calm and relaxed face even though he wasnt confident.

“Nice to meet you all! Come on and have a seat,” Chu Xuanfeng said to them, like he was their older brother next door.

No one would believe that such a gentleman was the vice-chairman of the Qing Gang.

Chu Xuanfengs appearance lied.

“Nice to meet you too, brother Chu!”

Everyone knew that he was Chu Peihans older brother, so they all called him “Brother Chu”.

After they were all seated, they started to order one by one.

When the waiter was gone, Hao Ran said, “Brother Chu, Peihan told us youre going to have a fight with our boss.

I assume you must be very good at fighting! Ive never seen our boss lose a competition yet!”

Hearing that, Chu Xuanfeng felt cornered.

He also knew that Gu Ning was powerful, and he wasnt sure of himself at all.

“Im not going to have a competition with Gu Ning, but learn from her,” Chu Xuanfeng explained.

It seemed as if he was being modest, but it was also a great way to save his face if he lost.

“Dont flatter me.

I could easily beat you down because you all are too weak.

Brother Chu is different,” Gu Ning said.

Although she was confident, she couldnt be arrogant.

In addition, it was too early to know the result.

Hao Ran and others felt awkward when Gu Ning said they were all too weak, but they werent mad at Gu Ning, because she told the truth.

After that, they chatted for a while longer.

When they finished the meal, they went to an empty place with few people around.

Gu Ning and Chu Xuanfeng were about to have a fight.

However, just as they walked out of the hotel, Hao Ran received a call from the manager of V5 bar.

Some people were causing trouble in the bar.

Therefore, they decided to postpone the competition, getting into a car heading to V5 bar instead.

The bar was located in downtown too, so it only took them several minutes to get there.

In V5 bar, the consumers were all gone.

The music was stopped while the lights were on bright.

There were two groups of people standing against each other with broken chairs, desks and bottles scattered around.

Those who caused trouble in V5 bar were around 20 hoodlums, all with steel sticks in their hands.

They couldnt be common consumers.

At their opposite side were around 20 normal bar workers too, but they were apparently terrified facing the hoodlums.

The manager of V5 bar was a 30-year-old man.

Although he was afraid of those hoodlums, he still questioned in anger, “Who are you Why do you want to damage our bar”

“You dont need to know who we are.

Were merely doing our job for money.

Your bar is too popular, so someone wants it to close,” the head of those hoodlums said.

Hearing that, all the workers of V5 bar were annoyed.

This was insane! Why should they close the bar just because it was too popular The person who hired those hoodlums was so shameless!

“What if we dont” the manager clenched his teeth and said.

“Well, then well keep coming to cause trouble and a mess.

I dont think your bar can continue opening after that,” the leading hoodlum said with disdain.

“You…” The manager was mad.

“Arent you afraid well call the police”

“The police Ha-ha, if we were afraid of the police, we would not be here today.

Let me tell you something.

Were from the Flying-eagle Gang.

Even the police keep a distance away from us, and we have our people in the police station too,” the leading hoodlum said with pride.

The Flying-eagle Gang was a small gang with two hundred people.

Although it was hardly comparable with the Qing Gang, not many dared to mess with them.

Once they heard that those hoodlums were from the Flying-eagle Gang, the staff of V5 bar lost their courage.

“So, if you dont want to be in bigger trouble, close the bar as soon as possible.

Lets go,” the leading hoodlum warned before they started walking out.

They only damaged stuff in the bar, and had no intention to hurt people.

“Do you want to leave V5 bar isnt some place you can come and go as you like,”

Right at that moment, a cold male voice sounded outside.

Hao Ran and the others walked inside.

“How did you get in” Seeing them stepping towards him, the leading hoodlum was surprised.

There were two hoodlums guarding the door outside.

How come no one informed him that Hao Ran and others were coming inside.

“The two outside are merely waste,” Hao Ran said with obvious disdain.

The leading hoodlum was displeased, but it was understandable that the two werent able to stop the group of them.

In addition, Hao Ran and others were mostly in school uniform.

The leading hoodlum believed that they must be ordinary students, so he raised his voice, “So what We just come and go as we like!”


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