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Tang, I dont think you should have a double standard at this moment.

Look at what your daughter has done with other men in these pictures.” A rich woman showed Ji Yijing a nude picture of Tang Yaxin having sex with two men.

Ji Yijing actually wasnt in the position to judge other people given her own daughters amoral behavior.

In fact, Ji Yijing had no idea what Tang Yaxin was doing behind her back.

Even though she knew her daughter very well as a mother, she couldnt believe that her daughter would have such a sex life.

As a result, she was totally shocked.


Some people who didnt see the nude pictures of Tang Yaxin having sex with two men at the same time were also greatly surprised.

In their eyes, Tang Yaxin always looked gentle and well-behaved.

None of them could believe that a beautiful girl from a super-rich family would do something like that.

“What” Ji Yijing refused to accept it and even argued in anger.

“Bull**! My daughter will never do something like that!” She didnt realize that the photos were the most solid evidence.

Tang Yaxin was struck dumb at this moment, and didnt know how to defend herself.

Tang Bingsen turned to look at his daughter with great surprise in his eyes.

The way Tang Yaxin lived her sex life was completely unacceptable in his eyes.

Unfortunately, it was the undeniable truth, and he had to face it.

Qi Ziyue was furious as well.

He knew that she didnt have loyalty towards him either, and he turned a blind eye on it in order to marry into the Tang family.

However, to his astonishment, Tang Yaxin behaved in a much more uncontrolled way than him.

“Look at this picture yourself!” The woman gave Ji Yijing the nude picture.

Ji Yijing didnt want to believe it, but she still took the photo.

Now, she couldnt deny it at all, because she was very familiar with Tang Yaxins face.

However, even though Ji Yijing saw the picture with her own eyes, it was still very hard for her to accept it.

It would be fine if nobody found out, but the nude pictures were exposed now.


Tang, you have agood daughter.

Does your daughter learn it from you” The woman disliked Ji Yijing so purposely said that.

She definitely didnt know what Ji Yijing would do behind their backs, so she said that to humiliate her.


“How dare you!” Ji Yijing was ablaze with fury.

She knew that the woman purposely said that to annoy her, but she lost her temper; not because she felt innocent, on the contrary, she felt a little guilty.

“Why are you so mad at me I was just kidding,” the woman said with a smile.

The next second, reporters surrounded Tang Yaxin and asked her, “Miss Tang, if both you and Mr.

Qi are playing around with other men and women, why do you want to be married”

Nobody believed that they loved each other now, because they had no respect or loyalty towards one another.

Before Tang Yaxin said anything, Tang Bingsen ran ahead and slapped her across the face heavily.

Tang Bingsen felt quite humiliated and also wanted to shut Tang Yaxins mouth.

If she said anything inappropriate right now, it would be more tricky for them to handle the situation.

Both the reporters and Ji Yijing were scared by his heavy slap.

The reporters understood that he was very angry and also wanted to stop them from asking Tang Yaxin questions.

Actually, given the Tang familys influence, they didnt dare to expose many of its dirty secrets.

Therefore, they remained quiet after Tang Bingsens slap.

Ji Yijing, however, snapped at Tang Bingsen, “What are you doing” She ran to Tang Yaxin and protected her with her arms.

Although Tang Yaxins behavior was unacceptable, Tang Yaxin was her daughter after all.

Besides, she wasnt loyal to her husband either, so she didnt think it was a big deal.

In fact, if Tang Bingsen found out that Ji Yijing had a sexual relationship with other men, he would probably kill her.

No matter how he indulged himself in sex, he couldnt tolerate it when his wife betrayed him as well.

He was selfish and had double standards.

“Look at yourgood daughter, and look at what she has done!” Tang Bingsen shouted at Ji Yijing.

Actually, he didnt care much about his daughters life, and he only cared about the Tang familys reputation.

Ji Yijing wanted to defend her daughter, but still said nothing.

She felt heart-broken when Tang Yaxin was humiliated in public, but she knew that she had to stay quiet at this moment or her own dirty secret might be exposed.

“Why How is it possible” Tang Yaxin couldnt believe there would be nude pictures of she having sex with other men.

They had sex in a room with tight security, and she had never agreed to take such photos before.


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