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No matter what, Gu Ning was determined to take action today.

After the bridegrooms confession, the bride slowly walked towards the stage holding her fathers arm.

Everyone was stunned again when the bride appeared.

“Wow, shes so beautiful.”

“The bride is the most beautiful woman at the wedding.”

“Well, I dont think every bride could be as beautiful as her.”


When Tang Yaxin walked towards Qi Ziyue with her hand in her fathers elbow, she beamed with happiness.

This was the happiest moment in her life! She really loved Qi Ziyue and couldnt wait to marry him.

Qi Ziyue, on the contrary, didnt feel happy at all at this moment.

He was simply excited because he finally married Tang Yaxin, which was a big step forward according to his plan.

However, what he didnt know was that his wedding with Tang Yaxin was soon going to be ruined.

Right when the host was about to say something again as Tang Bingsen and Tang Yaxin reached the stage, Gu Ning walked out from among the guests.

She quickly walked to the stage without hesitation.

Everyone was confused and didnt understand what she was doing.

“Whats she doing”

“No idea.”

“I think something unpleasant is going to happen.”


Gu Ning indeed came to ruin Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxins wedding.

Although she didnt look like Tang Aining now, Tang Ainings soul was in her body.

Once those reporters sensed that something unusual was going to happen, they turned their cameras to point at Gu Ning.

Tang Qingyangs sight fell on Gu Ning with a calm expression, because he knew that this woman must have been arranged by Gu Ning.

He sat still on his seat, and waited to see the unfolding drama.

Jiang Ruiqin and Song Nan were aware of it as well, so they got excited.

“Qingyang, are you sure its fine” Jiang Ruiqin asked Tang Qingyang in a low voice.

“Of course,” Tang Qingyang said with certainty.

Tang Qingyang didnt tell them many details, but they chose to believe him.

They were Tang Qingyangs good friends after all, so they supported him.

As Gu Ning walked to the stage, Qi Ziyue saw her and rounded his eyes in shock.

He recognized “Tang Aining”, but didnt know what she was going to do at his wedding.

Nevertheless, it was quite obvious that she came for nothing good.

Qi Ziyue remembered that she kept some of Tang Ainings stuff in her hands and began to be worried about it.

He had searched for her for a long time in vain, but now she appeared again out of blue.

Seeing Qi Ziyues reaction and the other guests discussion, Tang Bingsen and Tang Yaxin were annoyed.

Ji Yijing also noticed Gu Nings abnormal behavior and frowned worriedly.

Tang Yaxin had the same reaction as Qi Ziyue.

She was nervous and terrified.

“What are you doing here”

Hearing that, the other guests were sure that they werent strangers.

“To attend your wedding.” There was an evil smile on Gu Nings lips.

“I think you simply want to ruin my wedding! Where are the security guards Get her out now!” Tang Yaxin shouted.

Security guards who stood around them ran over at once.

“Wait a second!” Gu Ning stopped them.

“Who are you What do you want to do” Ji Yijing glared at Gu Ning.

Ji Yijing thought that Gu Ning must be Qi Ziyues woman, and she felt angry for her daughter.

She knew that it was hard for men, especially rich men, to stay loyal to their partner, but it was unacceptable in her eyes when it happened to her own daughter.

Qi Ziyue was struck dumb by the scene, and didnt know what to do now.

He wanted to explain it, but Gu Ning interrupted him.


Ji, dont be nervous.

Were a family, and please allow me to introduce myself now.

My names Tang Aining, the older daughter of the Tang family.

Yaxin is my half sister, and I came back home simply to give her my best wishes at her wedding.

Why do you want to catch me” Gu Ning said and looked innocent.

“What” Everyone was shocked when they heard it.

Not many of them knew that Tang Bingsen had another daughter.

At the same time, they felt it was very strange.

Since this woman was the older daughter of the Tang family, why couldnt members of the Tang family recognize her

Tang Bingsen and Ji Yijing, however, were in a sheer panic now.

They absolutely didnt believe that this woman standing in front of them was really Tang Aining, because Tang Aining was already dead.

In that case, this woman must have disguised herself as Tang Aining.

Anyway, it was a sign of great danger that she showed up out of blue.

Tang Bingsen slightly clenched his fists.


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