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When Tang Bingsen argued with Chairman Lu, he gave Tang Qingyang a glance to tell him not to talk about it again.

Chairman Lu had indeed married twice as well.

His first wife divorced him when his family business was in a big crisis, but his family business recovered in a few years.

His first wife tried to get him back, but he had already married his current wife.

Besides, his first wife abandoned him when he was out of money and came back when he was rich again.

It was impossible for him to accept her.

In fact, Chairman Lu hated his first wife.

“Chairman Tang, you dont need to be so aggressive.

I asked that question out of curiosity, because we only know that Yaxin is your daughter and weve always believed that shes your only daughter for so many years.

Why did you keep your other daughter a secret” Chairman Lu said.

“You…” Tang Bingsen was struck dumb for a second.

“Chairman Lu, its my family affair, but I can tell you the reason now since youre curious about it.

I have two daughters, but my older daughter has been staying abroad these years for her own business.

She seldom comes back home, so not many people know about it.”

In that case, Chairman Lu had to close his mouth, but he didnt feel embarrassed at all.

Tang Qingyang also dropped this topic, because it wasnt time for him to expose his grudge against Tang Bingsen now.

He excused himself and left to chat with other guests.

Tang Bingsen didnt think that Tang Qingyang could find out about Tang Ainings death, so he didnt think further about it.

After that, Tang Qingyang walked towards his third uncle with Jiang Ruiqin and Song Nan.

Tang Bingjiang didnt have many skills, and never worked in the Tang Organization.

He held 15% shares and received a dividend every year, which was enough for him to live a luxurious life.

He had no idea what Tang Bingsen had done to Tang Bingchao, so Tang Qingyang maintained a good relationship with his family.

Tang Bingsen had schemed against Tang Bingchao instead of Tang Bingjiang because Tang Bingchao was too outstanding and he was afraid that he might be replaced by his brother.

Tang Bingjiang, however, was merely a chicken so Tang Bingsen didnt bother to pay much attention to him.

In order to get as much money as possible, Tang Bingsen didnt hesitate to make full use of his own daughter and murder his younger brother.

He was really ruthless!

Because Tang Qingyang and his friends were always talking with other businessmen at the party, those rich ladies didnt have chances to strike up a conversation with them and felt disappointed.

When such good-looking and outstanding young men like Tang Qingyang and his friends showed up, those good-for-nothing rich second-generation heirs were overshadowed.

People of the same interests gathered together, so they could only attract other useless young men who were just like them.

Beautiful and smart rich ladies obviously disliked them.

In fact, only naive young girls preferred the good-for-nothing, rich second-generation heirs, because they had tons of free time to do romantic things with them.

After all, playboys knew nothing better than entertainment and spending money.

Most girls couldnt reject romance, and they enjoyed it when their boyfriends stayed beside them all the time.

However, when it came to a serious relationship, romance wasnt everything nor was it the most important factor.

Even though they were super-rich when they were very young, they still needed to consider their future.

Nobody could take care of them forever, and they had to learn to be independent.

In addition, their family business faced fierce competition, so they would be left behind if they didnt work hard.

Unfortunately, playboys only lived day to day.

Tang Bingsen was displeased when he saw Tang Qingyang pleasantly talking with other successful businessmen.

He didnt want Tang Qingyang to be as successful as him.

He didnt want Tang Qingyang to have powerful connections like him either.

Even though Tang Qingyang was very young, he was very outstanding and left a deep impression on many other influential figures.

And although people of great power or wealth might not be willing to help Tang Qingyang climb up the social ladder, he still had potential to join their circle.

Anyway, Tang Qingyang was a great threat in Tang Bingsens eyes.

Actually, compared with Tang Bingsen, who was a wily old fox, the present guests were more willing to get along with Tang Qingyang who was a modest and energetic young man.

A persons appearance told a lot about his personality, and Tang Bingsen had the face of an evil man.

No matter how nice he pretended to be, his guests still could see through him.

In another place, Gu Ning was well-prepared and was about to set off.

She put on some make-up to disguise herself so that no one could recognize her at the Tang familys party.

The Tang family wouldnt let her get away with it after she ruined the party, so she had to be careful.


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