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It was undeniable that Qi Ziyue was outstanding, but he couldnt be promoted to deputy executive without Tang Yaxins help.

At the beginning, Tang Bingsen didnt think that Qi Ziyue could be successful and his daughter should marry into another super-rich family, so he reminded Tang Yaxin not to take her relationship with Qi Ziyue seriously.

However, Qi Ziyue was involved in Tang Ainings death later, and Tang Bingsen was worried that Qi Ziyue might expose his dirty secrets if he kicked him out of his family, which was the reason why he allowed Tang Yaxin to marry Qi Ziyue.

Qi Ziyue noticed those negative comments on him as well.

He was furious, but fury was useless.

Anyway, he had already achieved his goal, and that was all he wanted.

In the Tang familys manor.

The event location was decorated very well and it looked extremely luxurious and romantic.

At 2 pm, Qi Ziyue and Tang Yaxin were ready but they stayed in different lounges for the time being.

Qi Ziyue was in a white suite today, which accentuated his handsome appearance.

While Tang Yaxin was in a wedding gown customized by Jason from Paris, and she looked more elegant than usual, because although Tang Yaxin was born in a super-rich family, she normally behaved like a foxy woman.

Nevertheless, she was totally different at her wedding today.

Tang Yaxins female friends were her bridesmaids.

“My daughter is so gorgeous.

Ive never seen a bride whos more beautiful than her!” Ji Yijing kept complimenting her daughter.

At the same time, she couldnt help but think of Tang Aining and felt displeased.

Although she was unwilling to admit it, it was a fact that Tang Aining was prettier than Tang Yaxin.

Fortunately, Tang Aining was dead.

The existence of Tang Ainings mother was a humiliation in Tang Bingsens eyes, because Tang Bingsen relied on Tang Ainings mother to become successful.

Tang Ainings mother was too outstanding and admired, so almost everyone thought that he was a kept man.

In that situation, Ji Yijing seized the chance and became Tang Bingsens mistress.

And because of Tang Ainings mother, Tang Bingsen hated Tang Aining too and never treated her as his daughter.

“I agree, Yaxin is always stunning!”

“Not every girl can look as attractive in a wedding gown as Yaxin does.”


Many people began to flatter Tang Yaxin, even though Tang Yaxin wasnt actually the prettiest girl at the scene.

Anyway, Tang Yaxin had great confidence in her appearance.

She never thought that other people were flattering her, because she believed that she was more beautiful than any other girls around her.

Ji Yijing didnt stay in the brides lounge for long, and soon left to welcome the guests.

At this time, many influential figures in politics, business, entertainment, and media were all present.

It was Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyues wedding, but it was also an important event for people in high society to gather together.

So many guests came for a purpose.

All of the invited people were either rich or powerful, so it was a great chance for them to socialize.

Therefore, guests of the same purpose always stood in a circle and chatted with each other.

Some super-rich young girls or boys were also busy striking up a conversation with their targets.

Normally, the younger generation from families of the same social status could easily become friends with one another.

Actually, they didnt have many choices as to their marriage because of their family background, so they had to choose from within their friend circle.

“Look, thats Lord Liu.

His father is a senior official in the government and his mother was born in the Feng family.”

“Although a senior official isnt as rich as a successful businessman, the Feng family relies on Lord Lius father to expand its business.”

“Oh, thats Lord Wang.

Hes 28 this year, and his family has over a billion yuan in wealth.

Most importantly, hes single.”

“Lord Ming is there! Hes unmarried, but hes already 30.

I heard that he has a girlfriend from an ordinary family, but his family is reluctant to accept the girl.”

“I dont think the poor girl can marry into his family.”

“I see Lord Fu there.

Although his family isnt very rich, hes a relative of the Tang family.”


“Look, Lady Zhou is back home after studying abroad for years.

Shes working in her familys business now, but unfortunately she has an older brother, or she can take over.”

“Lady Chen also came today.

Both of her parents are senior officials in the government.

Countless businessmen want her to be their daughter-in-law.”

“Lady Yu is 22 this year, and shes interested in acting.

The Yu family has an entertainment company in the industry, so nobody dares to harass her.”


Most people in high society were unwilling to lose their influence or wealth, so they only paid attention to other people in the same circle as them.


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