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Gu Ning also clearly knew that Gu Qingyun didnt dare to punish his schoolmate.

“Well, I can let you go this time, but you should stop harassing my older cousin and his girlfriend, or youll learn a lesson from me,” Gu Ning said in a serious tone.

Gu Qingyun was struck dumb for a second when Gu Ning was still willing to admit that they were relatives.

All of a sudden, he had mixed emotions.

His schoolmates, at the same time, were shocked.

To their astonishment, Gu Ning was Gu Qingyuns younger cousin.

“Sure, sure.” They nodded at once.

“Oh, there is another thing.” Gu Ning opened her mouth again.

“If you see my older cousin being bullied by anyone else in the future, help him whenever you can, understand” Gu Ning said.

Since Gu Qingyuns girlfriend was quite popular, he might end up in trouble again.

In addition, these boys seemed to be influential, so Gu Qingyun could be safer with their help.

“No problem!” They didnt think that it was a big deal, and even agreed with honor.

At this time, Gu Qingyuns schoolmate guessed that Gu Ning might have a special relationship with Leng Shaoting.

He had heard about Leng Shaoting before, and it was said that he always kept a distance from girls, but Gu Ning stood quite close to him.

If Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings girlfriend, Gu Qingyun would become his relative.

No matter what, they shouldnt be stupid and find fault with Gu Qingyun again.

Gu Qingyun felt touched when Gu Ning showed her willingness to protect him.

She was indeed kind and tolerant.

Gu Qingyun didnt want Gu Ning to regard him or his family as an enemy.

Even though they didnt get along with each other, they could simply be strangers.

If Gu Ning took him as her enemy, she could easily ruin his life as long as she wanted.

Gu Ning then ignored Gu Qingyuns schoolmates and gave him her name card.

“Remember my number and call me if you need my help.”

Her attitude was still a little cold towards Gu Qingyun, but it was obvious that she already forgave him.

“Thanks, Ningning, and I should apologize to you for what Ive done before,” Gu Qingyun said, feeling guilty.

“Its fine, I can forgive you,” Gu Ning said, then left.

Leng Shaoting held her hand and opened the car door for her before he drove away.

His behavior shocked Gu Qingyuns schoolmates, because it meant that Gu Ning was really his girlfriend.

Actually, Leng Shaoting purposefully did that to show them his real relationship with Gu Ning.

So that they would know that it was serious.

Those boys didnt relax until Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting disappeared from their sight.

Gu Qingyun didnt bother to talk with them either, and just turned around and walked away.

Even though they wouldnt hurt him anymore because of Gu Ning, he was still unwilling to stay with them.

And they didnt stop him, because they honestly had no idea how to face him right now.

“Hey, who is this Lord Leng” They began to talk about Leng Shaoting afterwards.

“His full name is Leng Shaoting, and he was born in the Leng family in the capital.”


The boys who didnt recognize Leng Shaoting earlier now felt scared.

No wonder he looked so powerful!

Luckily, Gu Qingyun was fine.

If Gu Qingyun was injured, they would be in big trouble.

Thinking of that, they felt quite lucky.

“Well, Im surprised that Gu Qingyuns younger cousin is Lord Lengs girlfriend.”

“Luckily hes fine, or wed be doomed.”

“We better stay away from him in the future.”

“Idiot! Since his younger cousin is Lord Lengs girlfriend, we should figure out a way to form a good relationship with him.”

“Right, didnt you hear what the girl just said She wants us to protect Gu Qingyun if anyone else dares to bully him.”

“Im curious about Gu Qingyuns younger cousin now.”

“Me too.

Who is she”

“Shes very pretty and looks smart as well.”

“I think she and Lord Leng are a perfect match.”

“Alright, we should go back now.”

After that, they went back to their school.

Dongfang Ziyu soon learned a lot about Gu Ning on the Internet, which wasnt difficult because Gu Ning was famous.


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