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However, Qin Haozhi was an honest official.

He hadnt prepared a very expensive gift, but sent his older brother his blessing calligraphy.

Qin Haozhi was famous for his excellent handwriting in City F so it was actually a good gift.

They were family, and valued sincerity the most.

The second one was Qin Haozhengs eldest daughter, Qin Yiqing.

Qin Yiqing was a clothing designer, so she designed a Chinese tunic suit for her father.

She used the best materials she could afford.

Qin Yiqings husband sent his father-in-law a pair of decorations made of medium-high-level jade.

They were in the shape of lion heads with Qilin patterns, and worth a lot.

Because the jade was valuable, Qin Haozheng liked the gift very much.

Qin Yifan was the next one.

He sent his father a wide jade ring made of the Kings Green.

Although the Kings Green was only as big as a quails egg, it was enough for a wide jade ring.

Knowing that it was made of the Kings Green, the crowd erupted into discussion.

Qin Haozheng was also stunned.

He couldnt believe that it was real.

He took the wide jade ring, and checked it.

It proved to be the real Kings Green.

Qin Haozhengs face was aglow with happiness.

“Yifan, where did you get the Kings Green” Qin Haozheng asked.

“My friend happened to have a small Kings Green to sell, so I bought it.

I got the carver from Yicui Jade-store to carve it,” Qin Yifan explained.

Gu Ning had told him not to tell others that this Kings Green was from her, because she didnt want to attract unnecessary attention.

Therefore, Qin Yifan didnt say her name.

Other than the wide jade ring, Qin Yifan had used the rest of the jade to make a necklace, and kept it himself.

“Oh,” Qin Yifan said taking out another box, “Ive prepared a gift for mother too.”

“Really I can receive a gift as well What is it” Mrs.

Qin was surprised.

“Have a look yourself, please.” Qin Yifan didnt directly tell his mother what it was, but let her open it herself.

Qi Yifans mother had been married to his father for so many years that she was very familiar with different kinds of jade.

“Do you still want to keep it a secret” His mother wore a smile and opened the gift.

There was a pendant with three colors in a wings shape as wide as a thumb, and a pair of round earrings.

Seeing that it was jade again, Qin Haozheng immediately took it, having a closer look.

After a while, Qin Haozhengs eyes went bright with excitement.

“This-this is Fulushou jade!”

It caused a sensation once more.

Qin Yifan was being really generous with his money today!

“Did you buy this from your friend too” Qin Haozheng asked.

“Yes,” Qin Yifan answered.

And Qin Haozheng stopped asking.

Then, it was the time for those guests to show their presents.

The gifts were naturally all valuable.

The price ranged from hundreds of thousands to several million yuan.

Only a minority of the guests sent a gift at the price of several million yuan.

It wasnt appropriate if the gift was too expensive after all.

And there could be a rumor that the sender of the gift wanted to ride on the Qin Familys coattails.

Everyone knew Qin Haozheng liked Jade, but it wasnt easy to get jade of high quality.

Besides, the price of good jade was too high.

Like the gifts from Qin Yiqings husband and Qin Yifan, even the cheapest one was worth seven million yuan.

Not only Li Zhenyu and his younger sister, but also their father, Li Shengming, was here in person.

Li Shengming and Qin Haozheng were close friends, and Li Shengming couldnt miss his good brothers birthday party.

The gift from the Li Family was certainly extraordinary.

It was a brave troops 1 made of a medium-high-level jade.

Because the jade wasnt big, the size of the brave troops was limited, but it was still worth over ten million yuan.

When it was An Guangyaos turn, he took out the The Pond and The People handed to him by Gu Ning.

Once the landscape painting was shown, the crowd became excited again.

Wu Guanzhong was a famous modern artist, so most people had heard of his name.

They werent shocked by the price of this painting, but its value.

There were many things without a price tag after all.

“What Is it really Wu Guanzhongs landscape painting, The Pond and The People  Let me have a look!” An old man in his seventies was thrilled.

He stood up walking over at once.

This man was the curator of the museum and the head of the Antiques Association, Gu Changjiang.

Gu Changjiang wasnt questioning the authenticity of this The Pond and The People in An Guangyaos hands.

He merely couldnt wait to see it.

Qin Haozheng was also excited, because he had a great interest in antiques and paintings too.

An Guangyao knew that Gu Changjiang was an important figure, so he gave the painting to him without delay.

Qin Haozheng came near immediately, followed by other art lovers.

In the beginning, some didnt believe that it was real, because the authentic one was rare, but after a while, Gu Changjiang proved it was real.

He said, “A few years ago, The Snow of Peking was sold at the price of five million yuan.

This The Pond and The People must be more expensive than it!”

Knowing that, everyone took a long breath.

The price of this painting was higher than five million yuan.

At the same time, everyone believed An Guangyao sent this very valuable gift for an aim.

He must be fawning on the Qin Family.

Therefore, many people gave him an unkind look.

An Guangyao didnt mind though, but explained, “Master Qin, I assume you must already know that Ive sold my company.

Actually, this painting is from the real boss of Shenghua Real Estate.

My boss coincidentally bought it with only a thousand yuan in the antique market.

Please take it if you like it.”

What A thousand yuan

Hearing that, everyone rounded their eyes in shock.

A thousand yuan to buy a valuable painting at the price of five million yuan It was unbelievable!

If it was true, the real boss who had bought Shenghua Real Estate must be an outstanding person!

“Ha-ha, I of course like it very much!” Qin Haozheng laughed.

This gift was right up his alley! He didnt even want to disguise his happiness.

Although he was curious about who the real boss of Shenghua Real Estate was, he didnt ask the question.

Since the real boss wanted to keep it a secret, he didnt bother to find out the answer.

The guests continued to show their gifts.

Some also sent antiques at the price from hundreds of thousand yuan to several million yuan.

Although the price wasnt low, no other gift was more valuable than The Pond and The People .

Gu Changjiang might have taken a look at the other gifts, but he wasnt as excited.


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