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Gu Ning didnt pay attention to them the entire time, and withdrew her sight when they stopped arguing.

“I hate being fooled, so I wont do business with your older brother again.

The goods are already here, and I dont want to bring them back.

Miss Tian, if you want, I can give you a discount.

Thats the best I can do, because the price of musk is very high everywhere this year,” Pu Bada said.

“In addition, Ill only do business with you in the future, unless your family doesnt want my products.”

Tian Baihuis older brother had fooled him, and he needed to teach him a lesson.

He was sure that Tian Baihui wasnt an evil person, so he knew that it must have been her older brothers idea.

Besides, even if the Tian family wouldnt cooperate with him anymore, he could make deals with other buyers.

“Thatll be great!” Tian Baihuis eyes lit up at once.

The price of musk was higher every year, and she was curious why the price stayed the same this year when her older brother told her the price Pu Bada offered them.

To her surprise, it was her older brothers stupid trick.

She always thought that her older brother wouldnt use their familys business against her, even though their relationship wasnt good.

However, her older brother did everything he could to compete against her.

Since Pu Bada was willing to give her a discount, she didnt hesitate to agree.

After stopping for a second, Tian Baihui said, “Mr.

Pu, I have a request, and I hope that you can agree to it.”

“What is it” Pu Bada asked.

“As for the extra money, I can pay you from my own bank account, but I hope that you can write the same price as last year on the contract.

My older brother told me the number, and I should bring the contract back with it so that my father will be satisfied with my performance,” Tian Baihui said.

“No problem,” Pu Bada said.

After all, he only wanted the money he deserved.

After that, they signed the contract and finished the deal.

However, right when they were about to enjoy the meal, someone knocked on the door of the private room.

Pu Bada told the person to come in, and someone pushed the door open.

They thought the person must be the waiter, but Tian Baihuis older brother, Tian Wentao, showed up instead.

He came with his two secretaries.

Both Pu Bada and Tian Baihui were surprised when they saw Tian Wentaos face.

They soon realized that this was also a part of Tian Wentaos scheme.

However, even though they were aware of it, they stayed calm and pretended that nothing had happened.

“Baihui, what are you doing here” Tian Wentao looked surprised too when he saw Tian Baihui.

He said that to pretend that he had no idea that Tian Baihui would be here.

Pu Bada and Tian Baihui werent dumb, and they easily saw through him.

Tian Baihui wore a wry smile.

It seemed that her older brother indeed took her as a great competitor.

“Didnt you tell me to come here” Tian Baihui said and showed confusion on her face.

“What Ridiculous!” Tian Wentao raised his voice.

“Baihui, even though youre my younger sister, this is business, and you shouldnt steal my client behind my back,” Tian Wentao said.

“I dont understand.

It was you who told me to come.

Why do you deny it now” Tian Baihui felt hurt.

“I didnt tell you to come here at all! I didnt tell Mr.

Pu that you would come either,” Tian Wentao shouted in anger.

Pu Bada sipped his tea, and stayed calm.

Tian Wentao indeed didnt tell him that Tian Baihui would come to talk to him about this deal.

Instead, Tian Wentao told him that he would arrange for someone else to come if he wasnt free, but he didnt say who the person would be.

Tian Wentao did it on purpose, so that he could have a good excuse to blame Tian Baihui.

“Well, why are you late if you didnt tell Miss Tian to come here” Pu Bada asked.

Tian Wentao apologized at once.


Pu, Im so sorry.

I was caught in a heavy traffic jam on the road, and my phone was running out of power, so I couldnt call you.”

Although he was late, he was only late by 20 minutes, which was enough for Tian Baihui to damage the deal with Pu Bada.

“Oh, then how did Miss Tian get to know the number of this private room” Pu Bada asked again.


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