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A touch of dislike flashed in Tang Bingsens eyes when he saw Tang Qingyang.

Although it disappeared almost immediately, Tang Qingyang still caught it, but he didnt mind it at all.

They were enemies, and hated each other deeply.

He knew that Tang Bingsen already regarded him as a competitor, but Tang Bingsen thought that he was no match for him.

Actually, Tang Qingyang was aware of the fact that Tang Bingsen had caused his fathers death, but Tang Bingsen thought that it was still a secret.

Tang Qingyang never showed his real feelings on his face, so nobody knew what he was really thinking.

He was protecting himself in that way.

Only when he was with his close friends could he relax.

Even though Tang Bingsen disliked Tang Qingyang, he had to pretend to be kind to him for the time being.

“Hi, Nice to see you, Chairman Tang, President Feng, and President Yu!” Tang Qingyang walked towards them.

“Hi,” Tang Bingsen said and stood still.

President Feng, on the other hand, smiled at Tang Qingyang.

“Nice to see you, Director Tang! I heard that you went to City B, so I thought that you wouldnt be back within a short time.”

The full name of President Feng was Feng Mingda.

He was about 40 this year, and was the president of the Shengming Organization.

The Shengming Organization was involved in the machinery industry, and just reached a cooperation with the Tang Organization not too long ago.

The Tang Organization had a different business partner in that industry before, but something unpleasant happened later, so it changed its business partner.

When the Tang Organization was talking about the cooperation with the Shengming Organization, Tang Qingyang played an important role in it, so Feng Mingda had a deep impression of him.

Feng Mingda called Tang Qingyang, Director Tang, because he believed that Tang Qingyang held an important position in the Tang Organization.

Tang Bingsen, however, was displeased, but even though he was annoyed, he couldnt do anything about it, because Tang Qingyang was indeed a director in the company.

Nevertheless, Tang Bingsen did everything to make Tang Qingyang a mere figurehead, so Tang Qingyang actually didnt have much power.

He disliked that before he met Gu Ning, but now he thought that it wasnt a big deal, because everything would be different with Gu Nings help.

“Ive been back for a few days,” Tang Qingyang said.

“I shouldnt be wasting your time.

Please!” He made a gesture and let them go through before him.

“Thanks, see you!” Feng Mingda said.

Tang Bingsen squinted at Tang Qingyang, because he disliked it when Tang Qingyang had a close relationship with other important businessmen.

However, he wouldnt say anything right now, because they were in a public place.

“See you,” Tang Qingyang said with a smile.

He didnt want to take the same elevator as them, so he went to have a seat in the hall with Ba Tianyang.

Although there were six elevators in the Huangdeng Hotel, he preferred to wait for a while.

At this moment, three people walked inside.

A woman who was about 30 walked at the front.

She was dressed like a professional white-collar worker.

There were two men in their thirties behind her and one of them caught Ba Tianyangs attention.

The man noticed Ba Tianyangs reaction, but they walked by quickly, so he didnt see Ba Tianyangs face clearly, but he noticed that Ba Tianyang moved his gaze away on purpose, so he frowned.

Nevertheless, he was doing his job as a bodyguard now, so he couldnt walk away.

Tang Qingyang also saw something different from Ba Tianyangs reaction, so he asked him when the group of people walked into an elevator, “Whats wrong”

“Oh, I just saw a familiar face,” Ba Tianyang said.

In fact, Ba Tianyang didnt know how to describe their relationship.

They used to serve in the same killer organization, but Ba Tianyang already left it, and didnt know whether the man would attack him once he saw him.

He wasnt afraid, but didnt want to cause Gu Ning trouble.

However, he knew that the man had already seen him, and it wouldnt be easy for him to avoid the man again.

Tang Qingyang nodded and didnt ask further about it.

After a while, they went to take an elevator.

About 20 minutes later, Gu Ning, Gao Yi, and Qiao Ya finally arrived.

They were caught by a traffic jam on the road, so they were late.

“Hi, boss!”

Ba Tianyang stood up at once and greeted Gu Ning with respect.

“Have a seat,” Gu Ning said, but Ba Tianyang didnt sit down until Gu Ning was seated.

After that, they began to order.


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