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Gao Weichao was in charge of all of these things, so he needed to report their progress to Gu Ning.

As for promoting Gufan, they would make full use of Gu Nings influence.

It was Gu Nings company after all.

Gu Ning had many loyal fans, who could be their potential customers.

They couldnt be sure that everyone would like Gufan, but they believed that it could become popular because of its high quality and attractive designs.

Although Gufan was set to be a high-end brand, it needed sales and fame at the beginning.

Therefore, they didnt set very high prices for the clothes of Gufan.

Before the flagship store was open, they needed to hold a release conference that Gu Ning had to appear at.

Gu Ning told Gao Weichao to send her a message after Gufans official website and Weibo account were done.

Because both Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi were very famous brands now, they could use them as prizes for the activities at the opening ceremony.

Gao Weichao agreed.

He actually had the same idea, because a lot of people were familiar with Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi, which could help them gain more attention for Gufan.

However, Jade Beauty Jewelry and Kouzi were very expensive, so he needed Gu Nings permission.

Now that Gu Ning proposed it herself, he agreed at once.

The amount of prizes was limited, and only those who had spent over a thousand yuan in the store could join in the lucky draw.

It totally depended on ones luck to get a prize.

Gu Ning went to the airport at 1 pm; she would take a plane to the capital at 2:50 pm.

Tang Haifeng and Gu Man were unwilling to see Gu Ning leaving, but they understood that she needed to deal with her own business.

Gu Ning was too outstanding among her peers after all, and there were a lot of things she needed to deal with.

They felt proud of Gu Ning, but also cared about her health.

She was still very young, but worked almost every day.

Before Gu Ning left, she gave Gu Man a bottle with 10 power crystals.

Once Gu Man felt uncomfortable, she could take a pill.

Gu Ning called Gao Yi when she walked into the lounge and asked him to pick her up when she arrived.

When Gu Ning arrived at the airport of the capital, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were already waiting for her.

And because it was time for dinner, they went to dine together.

Gu Ning thought of Tang Qingyang and invited him to share a meal, because Tang Yaxin and Qi Ziyues wedding was the day after tomorrow and she needed to talk about it with him.

Tang Qingyang agreed once Gu Ning told him that she had something important to talk about with him.

He was in the southern district now, so Gu Ning booked a private room at the Huangdeng Hotel, but because the capital was very large, it took her some time to arrive at its southern district.

After Gu Ning called Tang Qingyang, Qiao Ya said, “Boss, I have some news to tell you.

The man stays by Tang Bingsens sides normally.

When hes absent, hes either at home or in Power Fitness Club.

He often has a private talk with the manager of Power Fitness Club, so I think the club might be where they exchange information.

Power Fitness Club probably isnt under Tang Bingsens name, because he doesnt want to attract unnecessary attention.

Gu Ning had told Gao Yi and Qio Ya to stay in the capital to conduct an investigation.

She wanted to know about the illegal force behind Tang Bingsen.

If she wanted to unseat Tang Bingsen, she had to deal with the illegal force first, because it would be a lot of trouble if it remained.

“Great, I understand,” Gu Ning said.

In the Huangdeng Hotel, Tang Qingyang showed up with Ba Tianyang about 20 minutes after he received Gu Nings call.Although nobody attacked him again, he could still feel that some people were spying on him.

Gu Ning sent Tang Qingyang a message and told him the number of the private room she booked.

When Tang Qingyang reached the door of the hotel, he ran into Tang Bingsen and several other people who were Tang Bingsens business partners.

Tang Qingyang was surprised when he saw Tang Bingsen, but he soon hid his hatred towards him


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