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However, some beauty salons still used their favorite skincare products instead of Kouzi.

Although the sales of many skincare brands were affected by Kouzi, they still had a lot of loyal customers.

Kamei Beauty Salon was as popular as always, and its membership was growing rapidly, but sometimes, that wasnt an advantage, because some customers had to wait for a long time to get a reservation.

Therefore, some of them might give up Kamei Beauty Salon and join the membership of another beauty salon.

“Good afternoon, President Gu, Miss Gu!”

Once Gu Man and Gu Ning walked inside, the receptionists at the front desk greeted them.

Kamei Beauty Salon was registered as a company, so the staff didnt call Gu Man their boss, but President Gu now.

However, the office building of Kamei Beauty Co., Ltd.

was still under construction, so it wasnt officially established yet.

Although Gu Man wanted to be independent, Tang Yunfan didnt want her to work too hard during her pregnancy, so he did many things for her.

The construction and recruitment of Gu Mans company were settled by Tang Yunfans people.

Kamei Beauty Salon was also opening branches in many other major cities, which Manager Ding and Tang Yunfans people were in charge of.

It wasnt easy for Manager Ding to deal with such an important project alone, so she needed help.

For now, Manager Ding was the most skillful senior staffer in Gu Mans company.

So as long as Manager Ding stayed loyal to Gu Man, she would be placed in an important position in the company with a much higher salary.

In fact, Manager Dings salary had already been raised several times since Gu Man took over Kamei Beauty Salon.

“Hows the business these days” Gu Man asked.

“Very good,” the receptionist said.

At this moment, a rich lady walked inside and saw Gu Man in the hall.

Her face lit up at once and she greeted Gu Man.

“Oh, hi, Mrs.

Tang, been a while!”

“Oh, been a while, Mrs.


How are you recently” Gu Man smiled at her.

“Im good.

How about you” Mrs.

Fang asked with concern.

“Thank you so much for asking.

Im good,” Gu Man said.

“Glad to know.” Mrs.

Fang beamed, then her sight fell on Gu Ning.

“Is this your daughter”


Fang knew Gu Man, but didnt know Gu Ning, and had only heard a little about Gu Ning from Gu Man before.

“Yeah, this is my daughter, Gu Ning,” Gu Man said.

“Nice to meet you, Mrs.

Fang,” Gu Ning said to Mrs.


“Nice to meet you, Miss Gu.

Hows your result for this years exam Which university did you apply for” Mrs.

Fang asked.

“I scored a full score this year, and Ive already been accepted by the Capital University,” Gu Ning said calmly.

“What Full score You must be the top scorer!” Mrs.

Fang was shocked.

Since Gu Ning could achieve a full score, many prestigious universities must have competed to get her.

Several rich ladies walked over at this time, and heard Mrs.

Fangs shocked exclamation.

They turned to look at her, then saw Gu Man so they walked over to greet her.

Before Gu Mans pregnancy, she came to the beauty salon almost every day, so she was familiar with most of the frequent customers.

After greeting Gu Man, those rich ladies asked Mrs.

Fang why she looked so shocked.


Fang then told them the shocking news, astonishing them as well.

“Wow, Mrs.

Tang, you have a good daughter!”

“This has never happened before!”

“Well, I wish my kids could be as half outstanding as your daughter.”


They didnt know about Gu Nings other achievements and thought that she was already unbelievable.

Gu Ning and Gu Man left Kamei Beauty Salon after staying there for about 10 minutes.

Although Gu Man had the protection of Gu Nings magical power, it wouldnt do her any good if she stayed in a populated place for too long.

They went back home at 4:30 pm.

So Gu Man went to have a rest in her room before dinner began.

During this time, Qiu Yuxin called Gu Ning and asked her whether she was free tonight and if they could dine together with Cao Wenxin.

Qiu Yuxin and Cao Wenxin werent very familiar with each other in the past, but they became close because of their boyfriends.

Their boyfriends were close brothers, so they had many chances to gather together.

Unfortunately, Gu Ning wanted to spend more time with her family, so she said that they could see each other next time.

Qiu Yuxin didnt insist, because Cao Wenxin just told her that Gu Nings mother was pregnant now.

Gu Ning needed to stay by her mothers side.

Qiu Yuxin understood that, so she wasnt disappointed.


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