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The man looked greedy and wanted to grab the magical pill away from Chen Meng.

Although the power crystal wasnt comparable to the night-luminescent pearl, it was very useful.

Members of the Evil Practice wouldnt miss anything that was useful to them.

Luckily, Xu Jinchen and Ai Weishun noticed his expression and stopped him at once.

Although it was very difficult for them to stop him, they gained enough time for Chen Meng to take the pill.

Because Chen Meng was seriously injured, it took time for his wound to heal, but he still got back to his feet and joined in the fight again.

Once Leng Shaoting felt better, he tried to stand up.

All of a sudden, he touched the night-luminescent pearl and felt something cold flowing into his body.

It felt the same when Gu Ning was putting her magical power into his body.

He was surprised and didnt know what was happening.

Before Leng Shaoting could figure it out, the man answered his question in his mind.

“How could you absorb the magical power” The man rounded his eyes in shock when he saw the magical power flowing into Leng Shaotings body.

In his eyes, Leng Shaoting was a mortal, and it was impossible for a mortal to absorb magical power!

The others didnt understand what the man was talking about, and they didnt see anything strange.

They were mortals, so they naturally couldnt see anything.

Even Leng Shaoting could only feel it, but couldnt see what the magical power looked like, and he was greatly surprised too, because he wasnt a cultivator.

Either way, he didnt have time to figure it out now.

As the magical power flowed into his body, Leng Shaoting soon felt that his body changed.

The man was anxious when the magical power of the night-luminescent pearl was being absorbed by Leng Shaoting.

He ignored Xu Jinchen and Ai Weishun, then turned to attack Leng Shaoting.

He needed to get the night-luminescent pearl back as soon as possible.

Xu Jinchen, Chen Meng, and Ai Weishun were all injured, so they werent able to stop the man now.

“Shaoting!” They wanted to help Leng Shaoting at any cost, because Leng Shaoting had saved them many times before when they were fulfilling dangerous missions.

However, to their astonishment, Leng Shaoting regained a lot of strength within a few seconds, and quickly jumped up to fight against the man.

The night-luminescent pearl was clenched in Leng Shaotings hand, its light escaping through the gaps between his fingers.

Xu Jinchen and the others felt relieved when they saw that Leng Shaoting was fine.

Without delay, they seized the chance and took a pill to help them recover.

They soon felt much better, but it was impossible for their wounds to heal right away.

Even though they wanted to stand up to help Leng Shaoting, they had to rest for a while.

At the beginning, it wasnt easy for Leng Shaoting to fight against the man and he kept withdrawing, but he gradually became stronger and stronger with the help of the night-luminescent pearl.

As time went by, he was equally as strong as the man.

The man felt it too, and became angrier.

“Who are you Why can you absorb the magical power so fast” the man shouted.

Leng Shaoting absorbed magical power at a fast speed, and took no time to transform it into strength, which the man had never seen before.

“I cant tell you,” Leng Shaoting coldly said.

“No matter who you are, youre doomed to die today!” The man used greater force to attack Leng Shaoting.

However, Leng Shaoting was becoming increasingly strong as well, so he was still able to fight against the man.

Besides, it seemed that he would be stronger than the man in minutes.

The man couldnt believe his eyes, because Leng Shaoting was only a mortal!

Xu Jinchen and the others stayed calm when they saw that it wasnt difficult for Leng Shaoting to deal with the man now.

Nevertheless, the man wasnt weak at all, so both he and Leng Shaoting were injured in the fierce fight.

The man wasnt seriously injured by Leng Shaoting, but left terrible injuries on Leng Shaoting.

The next second, an accident happened when the man hit Leng Shaoting once more.

This time, the man hit Leng Shaotings stomach, which made Leng Shaoting feel great pain.

His stomach shrank, then swelled and gave an impact.

The man was pushed away by the force and hit the wall of the cavern before he collapsed to the ground.

This scene shocked everyone, and they turned to stare at Leng Shaoting in great surprise.

Even Leng Shaoting couldnt believe it.

This strange situation happened again, but he still couldnt figure it out.

“Y-You…” The man glared at Leng Shaoting.

He was a mortal, but he was able to use the magical power that only cultivators knew how to use.

However, Leng Shaoting looked surprised too, so it was obvious that he didnt understand why it happened.


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