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“He should learn a lesson to be a real man!” Mu Ke said.

He loved his girlfriend deeply, but here was another man who treated his girlfriend so badly.

They knew that there were all kinds of people in this world and clearly birds of a feather flock together.


Gu Ning didnt stop them, because she agreed with them on that.

“I-Im scared of those men from the Qing Gang.” The woman was still trembling in fear.

She was grateful for what Gu Ning had done, but she didnt want Gu Ning to be hurt because of her.

“Its fine.

They cant hurt us,” Gu Ning said to comfort the woman.

Given Chu Peihans and Gu Nings relationship with the Qing Gang, nobody in the Qing Gang was willing to act against them.

Hao Ran and the others were also aware of that, so they werent worried at all.

After that, they went into the building with the woman.

The woman was still terrified, but it was out of her control now.

This building was a hotel, and the receptionist tried to stop them but failed, so she called her manager at once.

She had no idea what had happened earlier.

Without delay, they took an elevator to the sixth floor.

Once the door of the elevator was open, the womans boyfriend showed up.

He was about to go downstairs to find her, but unexpectedly she returned by herself.

“Xiaolin You scared me! Are you alright” The man was mad at the woman, because the woman almost ruined his plans, but he had to pretend to care about her in front of other people.

Although the man was shocked that the woman could still be alive and fine, he now needed to pay his debt with Xiaolin first.

The woman, whose name was Xiaolin, instead, was shaking in fear and hid herself behind Gu Nings back.

“Relax, we can protect you.” Gu Ning comforted her and walked out of the elevator with her friends.

Hao Ran and the other boys wanted to beat the man the moment they saw him, but it wasnt the right time and they needed to wait for a while longer to learn more about the truth.

“Do you plan to send Xiaolin to a man in the Qing Gang” Gu Ning directly asked the man.

The man was struck dumb for a second, then realized that Xiaolin had told them everything, so he gave Xiaolin a glare.

Since it wasnt a secret now, the man didnt bother to hide his real intention, because Gu Ning and her friends were simply a bunch of students.

However, he totally forgot that Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl since she was able to catch Xiaolin with her arms.

Therefore, he said, “Its Xiaolins honor that Ping Ge likes her.

She can live a good life after becoming Ping Ges woman.

Whats wrong with that”

In other words, he admitted it.

With a loud sound, Chu Peihan punched him and said in anger, “Ridiculous! You dont have the right to send a woman to another man!”

The man felt great pain and was ablaze with fury.

He didnt think that he had done anything wrong and shouted, “Whats your problem It has nothing to do with you!”

The next second, Hao Ran punched him too.

“Damn it! Dont you know its illegal”


The man was furious, but Qin Zixun and Zhang Tianping went to beat him before he could struggle.

He was only an ordinary man, so it was impossible for him to fight them back.

Xiaolin felt a little terrible when her boyfriend was beaten by them, because she really liked him before, but she told herself to get over it.

Their argument attracted a lot of attention from passers-by, but nobody dared to stop them because it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

“Alright, lets go to the room now.” Gu Ning stopped Hao Ran and the other boys after a while.

Hao Ran and Qin Zixun then dragged the man walking into the room.

Xiaolin had told them the room number when they went upstairs.

Gu Ning knocked on the door and Ping Ge came to open it.

He thought that Xiaolin was brought back by the man, but was astonished to see Gu Nings and Chu Peihans faces.

“M-Miss Gu, Miss Chu.” Ping Ge greeted them with respect.

Almost every member of the Qing Gang in City F was familiar with Gu Nings and Chu Peihans faces.

Ping Ge was a junior leader after all, so he recognized them at first glance.

Both the man and Xiaolin were shocked when they saw Ping Ges attitude towards Gu Ning and Chu Peihan.

At the same time, Xiaolin felt relieved.

Since Ping Ge showed great respect towards them, it meant that they werent simple and she could be safe.

The man, on the other hand, was scared.

“He told us that you want Xiaolin, but Xiaolin is unwilling to be your woman.

What should we do now” Gu Ning asked Ping Ge.

“Miss Gu, the thing is that he owes me a lot of money and he proposed to send his girlfriend to me to pay me back.

I didnt force him to do that.

Since Xiaolin isnt willing to listen to him, I have no problem with that,” Ping Ge said at once.

In fact, Xiaolin was still a virgin because she stayed in her hometown for a long time while the man worked in City F.

Ping Ge had asked the man for Xiaolins photo and was satisfied with her appearance.

Although Xiaolin wasnt very attractive, she was still a pretty girl.

Therefore, Ping Ge agreed.

Xiaolin, however, refused to do it.

Before he could force Xiaolin to be his girl, she jumped from the building.

To his surprise, Xiaolin was caught by Gu Ning and survived.

Ping Ge felt that he had bad luck these days.


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