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“Theyre so evil, and Zhao Hongwen should be punished too!” Qin Zixun said with hatred.

He was aware of what had happened three years ago, and he began to hate Zhao Hongwen since then.

However, he was too young to pay Zhao Hongwen back at that time.

K also got the evidence of a crime that Zhao Hongwen had committed.

Zhao Hongwen had hit a man with a car at this years New Year festival, but he escaped and his chauffeur was made a scapegoat.

The surveillance video was deleted afterwards.

K was able to find out about it because he saw a couple dashing towards Zhao Hongwen outside the government several times from the surveillance cameras.

The couple disappeared after a short time, but it attracted Ks attention.

K was very smart, and he sensed the couples deep hatred towards Zhao Hongwen.

Therefore, he investigated the couple, and it turned out that Zhao Hongwens chauffeur was the couples son.

Their son was made a scapegoat and put in jail, which was totally unacceptable in their eyes.

Zhao Hongwen absolutely wouldnt allow them to damage his career, so he hired a bunch of people to beat them.

The couple was scared and didnt dare to cause Zhao Hongwen trouble anymore.

Although the surveillance video of the accident scene was deleted, K still found the surveillance videos before and after the accident.

It was clearly shown in the videos that Zhao Hongwen was alone in the car that day.

At the same time, K also had evidence to prove that Zhao Hongwens chauffeur was absent that day.

Zhao Hongwens chauffeur had gone to go for a meal with him, but he told his chauffeur to leave before him, then he went to meet Shen Guangli in a clubhouse.

“Zhao Hongwen should spend the rest of his life in jail!” Qin Zixun was angry.

The others were also mad, but they knew that it wasnt an uncommon phenomenon in todays society.

“Boss, please unseat Zhao Hongwen and punish him severely.

Im begging you,” Qin Zixun said to Gu Ning.

He now had the deepest hatred towards Zhao Hongwen.

If Zhao Hongwens scheme really succeeded, Qin Haozhi could be sentenced to over 10 years in jail.

And that might not be the worst result, because anything could happen when Qin Haozhi was behind bars.

“Sure, as you wish,” Gu Ning said.

Since Gu Ning agreed to help them, she would fulfill her promise.

Moreover, Zhao Hongwen was indeed very evil and guilty, so it wasnt wrong for her to interfere in it.

Qin Haozheng and the others hated Zhao Hongwen very much as well, and they all hoped that he could be seriously punished.

Therefore, they had no disagreement when Qin Zixun begged Gu Ning for help.

K also found out that Zhao Hongwens wife and his brother-in-law had many houses under their names too.

His brother-in-law only had a small business, so it was impossible for his brother-in-law to buy so many houses.

It was very obvious that it had to be a bribe as well.

However, K didnt have enough evidence, so he couldnt make sure of it.

Nevertheless, it wasnt a big problem, because there was other important evidence to prove that Zhao Hongwen was guilty.

When Zhao Hongwen went to socialize with other people, he walked out with a 12-inch black suitcase after the meal, which appeared in another mans hand at the beginning.

Zhao Hongwen went back home later, but he didnt get out of his car and walk into his house at once.

Instead, he directly opened the suitcase in his car and bundles of cash were exposed to the surveillance cameras.

With that clue, K began to investigate the man who gave Zhao Hongwen the black suitcase and his connection with this case.

The man was the owner of a real estate company, and he bribed Zhao Hongwen, trying to get a piece of land from the local government and Zhao Hongwen helped him.

Although there was no direct evidence to show the connection between the two things, it was quite obvious given their abnormal relationship.

Since K had the evidence from the surveillance cameras, it wouldnt be hard to find more evidence in real life.

Once it was exposed, people from the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection would conduct an official investigation as well.

In that case, Zhao Hongwen was sure to be put in jail this time.

“Great, I think Zhao Hongwen is doomed this time,” Qin Zixun said with satisfaction.

Nevertheless, Qin Haozheng looked worried.

Seeing his expression, Gu Ning asked, “Master Qin, is there anything wrong with it”

“Not at all, Im just worried there might be a more powerful figure behind Zhao Hongwens back.

It wasnt easy to help him out of what happened three years ago,” Qin Haozheng said.

Hearing that, the others also felt concerned.

Gu Ning, instead, simply smiled and said with confidence, “Master Qin, you dont need to be worried.

If you trust me, I promise that I can put Zhao Hongwen in jail without any accidents.

Besides, nobody will dare to rescue him.”

“No matter how powerful the figure behind him is, Zhao Hongwen is doomed to be severely punished according to the law this time.

I dont think his supporter is willing to be connected to this trouble.”

“Here is another thing I need to tell you.

Chang Bingjian, the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau in the southern district of the capital, was put in jail last week.

My people helped me collect evidence about his crimes too.

Do you know Chang Bingjians family background Hes a member of the Chang family in the capital, but even that is useless when he has committed serious crimes.”


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